Waiting with gusto for the willows on the moon Cai Yan covered her mouth and yawned let’s all go back to rest when it’s late

At the beginning of the game, a piece of Lu Bu’s legendary skin, Dazzling Demon, will be obtained after fusion.
All the skills of Lu Bu and the skills of the summoner will flash. Gaowu version Three Kingdoms Awakening king skin system As long as you have enough coupons, you can buy King Glory skin Minion skin Super Soldier skin Hero normal skin Brave skin Epic skin Legendary skin has everything you need Chapter Heavenly Demon Dazzling Lu Bu Legendary skin College student Liu Feng is playing King Glory in the dormitory The hero he uses is Lu Bu, who has a limited legendary skin, Dazzling Demon. He has played King of Glory for many years, but this is the first time Liu Feng bought a skin with krypton gold. This skin is so cool. He was playing hard and suddenly the phone screen A black hole appeared and sucked him in. What the hell? When Liu Feng opened his eyes again, he found himself in a strange place.
The mountains were tall, the trees were big, the sky was blue, the air was fresh, and there was a bit of bloody smell mixed in. Liu Feng looked around and found nothing abnormal. I don’t know where the bloody smell is coming from.
Ding King’s skin system has been activated to reward the host for free, whether to use it or not.
At this moment, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in his mind. Liu Feng was arrested. I was taken aback, but with the brain and reaction that he had trained for many years as a bookworm, he immediately understood that this is the legendary golden finger.
I don’t know what I can get if I use it, but since it’s a free gift, don’t use it for nothing.
As soon as it fell, an illusory turntable appeared in front of Liu Feng’s eyes. Dozens of preparatory prizes were densely written on it. As long as the pointer stops there, you can get that kind of prize.
In addition to the skins, there are super soldier skins.
These prizes were directly skipped by Liu Feng. His attention was focused on the few hero skins.
It would be great if Dazzling Tianmo could get Lu Bu’s legendary skin.
Liu Feng’s eyes are shining. Although he doesn’t know what these skins can do, it’s cool to just take a look.
After Liu Feng started, the pointer on the turntable began to rotate slowly.
Get up, and the speed is getting faster and faster, until finally the pointer can’t even be seen, stop Liu Feng shouted in his heart, the speed of the pointer’s rotation began to slow down rapidly, must be drawn to dazzle the demon, his eyes have been staring at Lu Bu’s legendary skin demon Dazzling’s other skins have been automatically filtered by him. The pointer turns round and round, and Liu Feng’s heart also beats rapidly. The speed of the pointer becomes extremely slow, and finally stops on Lu Bu’s legendary skin.
Liu Feng stared at it stupidly. Looking at the pointer, he still didn’t realize it. Although this skin was what he was looking forward to the most, but after it was realized, he couldn’t believe it. Congratulations to the host for obtaining Lu Bu’s legendary skin.
The sound of the machine sounded again, pulling Liu Feng who was in a daze back to reality. Fusion Fusion, Liu Feng was stunned for a moment before reacting, and hurriedly shouted “Ding Skin Fusion”. At the moment when the sound of the machine sounded in the system, something unbelievable happened to Liu Feng. The legendary skin, Dazzling Demon, which originally only existed in the illusory world of the game, was gradually revealed from Liu Feng’s body.
After the skin fusion was completed, as the sound of the system machine sounded, Liu Feng’s whole body was shrouded in a golden layer. In the blue and white armor, the armor is full of purple light. There are two sharp angles on the helmet, which looks domineering, cool, noble and mysterious.
Liu Feng looked at his hands, even his ten fingers were wrapped in blue metal fingertips.
Among them, this set of armor looks very heavy, but in fact it is extremely light, especially the finger gloves are very soft, so it is convenient to hold the golden Fangtian painted halberd. Liu Feng was filled with endless shock. He wore the legend of Lu Bu Congratulations to the host for gaining a point of force passive skill Gluttonous Bloodline Summoner skill flash The current host level level can choose a skill at will from the active skills Fang Tian Painting Slash and Greedy Wolf’s Grip At this time the mechanical voice of the system rang again Once again, Liu Feng fell into endless shock.
Aren’t these skills the same as Lu Bu’s passive and active skills in the glory of the king? A good summoner skill for escaping or chasing and killing enemies is absolutely terrifying and practical if it can be used in the real world. Isn’t flashing a teleportation skill? It’s a skill that can only be used by gods. Lu Bu’s skill is Lu Bu’s main skill.
Among the two small skills, this skill undoubtedly has the highest damage.
Congratulations to the host for getting the main skill Fang Tian Painting Slash. The sound of the system’s machinery sounded again.
Take a look at your own attributes. Liu Feng-level commander, military intelligence, internal affairs, charm, physical strength, and energy coupon skills. Gluttonous bloodlines, no consumption, no interval, passive, normal attacks restore points of stamina every second, rest recover points of stamina every second, eating can speed up the recovery of stamina and injuries Fang Tianhua Level-cutting consumes stamina and the interval is seconds.
The active skill chops Fang Tian’s painted halberd forward, causing force damage and enchanting the weapon. The next time you use this skill to attack, it will cause additional force value damage and remove the enchanted state.
If you use the enchanted weapon to kill the enemy Every time a person kills a person, the stamina flash that consumes stamina can be instantly recovered. Actively, it can appear in an instant at a distance of three feet.