Waiting for you Jiang Wei said with a slightly mysterious smile okay I will be there on time at noon tomorrow Jiang Xia made a

Mr. Dongdong tapped the chalk on the blackboard twice, then turned around with a satisfied smile and turned to those young and green faces. Now, please write your dreams for the future on a piece of paper. You are young and dressed The pretty but immature girl in the blue and white school uniform slightly raised her eyebrows and looked out of the open classroom door at the verdant green shade and a blue sky.
Write two lines of beautiful characters in italics on her neat notebook, that is her dream, looking into the future. After about three to five minutes, the young teacher glanced over the whole class and finally landed on the first row near the door of the classroom. The young girl smiled and said Jiang Weiyu, can you tell everyone about your dream? My girl stood up in embarrassment, with a little shyness on her immature face, she blushed and said, I hope I can go and see it after graduation The whole class couldn’t help being stunned, the boy sitting next to the girl couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth and couldn’t help laughing, but the head teacher and the girl gave him a hard look.
The boy wrote what he had written earlier. The content is erased with one stroke, and then written again with extremely scribbled notes on the dirty paper that seems to have been stepped on by a cat.
Change the style to imagine the simple and beautiful time enjoyed by those young lives. Fingers can no longer continue to write. The soft life recovered from the two pieces of pale green sunlight has just begun.
The years are invalid. The letter fell to the ground with a bang.
A traffic safety accident happened. At the same time, in a certain time and space parallel to the earth, two lives are slowly waking up. This is Dream Town, the place where dreams set sail. The vast Yangtze River miraculously recovers here in Dream Town after experiencing turbidity and pollution. It is clean and clear like a mirror. Even at the bottom 30 meters away from the water surface, you can clearly see the pebbles at the bottom. On the busy river bank, there is a landmark building in Dream Town called the Gate of the World. Legend has it that standing on the top of the building can Seeing the space that communicates the two worlds, Shuttle Gate Dream Town is one of the most concentrated places in China’s art and culture.
Here is the most famous animation film and television company in the country.
The best-selling youth literature publishing house in the country has many star performing arts companies here.
The stars are shining brightly, but anyone who has a dream can create a world here. Jiang Xia was a little excited.
She was able to travel through rebirth, and even passed through the body of a handsome man in his thirties. This is great, because this handsome man not only He is handsome and very rich. He has his own luxury car and mansion. If you remember correctly, this handsome man has hundreds of thousands of dollars in his bank card.
This is the kindness of the Guanyin Bodhisattva who saved the suffering. Did he get rid of the bitter sea of ​​study in one step and become an upper class person in this society? Very good haha ​​at this time should go to a certain place Go to a nightclub and invite two beautiful girls to have a good time.
Oh, how can my thoughts be so dirty? Obviously, I want to go to a place where the upper class often go and enjoy the life of the upper class. After taking out the keys of the LaCrosse from his pocket, Jiang Xia It is better to get addicted to drag racing first.
In the previous life, Jiang Xia was born in a very ordinary working family.
His father drove an old-fashioned Santana, and occasionally only let Jiang Xia get addicted to cars on roads with few people, even though Jiang Xia is very good at this aspect. Talented, only sixteen years old, able to drive Santana very well, it’s a pity that such opportunities are rare after all, although I feel a little sorry for my parents, but the tragedy of the car accident has already happened, and I have indeed traveled through rebirth, so I should put it here Live a better life and throw the car keys in a perfect arc.
Jiang Xia is about to leave, but what is going on with the cute girl who is pulling the corner of her clothes in front of her? Looking carefully at the cute girl in front of her, Jiang Xia still feels a little familiar This cute girl looks a lot like his deskmate Jiang Weiyu from his previous life.
Thinking of Jiang Weiyu, Jiang Xia couldn’t help being annoyed. It turned out that he accidentally knocked over Jiang Weiyu’s milk in the morning and soiled her newborn.
In the end, this guy lost his temper with him and made him lose face in the class. Why did Jiang Xia frowned? The coincidence degree is 120/100. The little girl asked coyly, aren’t you my father? Hey, Jiang Xia just remembered that she was really dizzy. That’s right, Jiang Xia in this world already has a twelve-year-old lovely daughter with the name It’s also called Jiang Weiyu, etc.
Jiang Xia is not a fool, on the contrary, his brain is still very flexible The cute girl herself is not sure if he is her father and a little girl in her teens doesn’t even know her father? Obviously, unless she has Parkinson’s syndrome or concussion and amnesia, normal people will not speak like this In addition, the girl in front of me is so similar to Jiang Weiyu, and the name is even more strange, it is also called Jiang Weiyu, which makes Jiang Xia start to think about whether Jiang Weiyu in front of her is also reborn. I didn’t say that I am not your father. Just asking why you are pulling the corner of my clothes Jiang Xia was secretly startled If Jiang Weiyu’s body in front of her was the soul of her deskmate, wouldn’t she have to take over the responsibility of her parents to support the guy who offended her this morning? I’m afraid Dad, let’s go home