Waiting for the officer outside is to remember not to run around and everyone saw clearly the scene just now even without Duan Wenjings order

Hehehe, there was a burst of suppressed laughter from the upper berth, and she was trembling while laughing, and even Shen Qiao, who was in the lower berth, was also shaking. Eyes full of excitement, are you chasing Gu Heng’s new drama? Shen Qiao shook her head, Zhou Jiao smiled and narrowed her eyes, come, come, let’s watch together, after finishing talking, I wanted to follow down.
Suddenly, a white light flashed outside the window, followed by a few bangs. Zhou Jiao was taken aback by the loud noise. Before she could stop, she had already crawled back the same way.
Ding Manguo, who was on the upper bunk, covered herself with a quilt, and her voice was low.
She didn’t know if she was asleep or on the phone. Zhong Ru in the lower bunk took out her glasses, put them on, and looked outside to see if it was going to rain, Shen Qiao, I went to see, then put on her slippers and walked towards the balcony. Zhou Jiao poked her head out of the quilt and stared at Shen Qiao’s.
The back view murmurs that she is tall, long and beautiful, even if she is not dancing, I would be happy to just stand there and say that she blinked her eyes and asked Zhong Ru, do you think I can change if I work hard to lose weight? Zhong Ru pushed down her glasses and replied tactfully that her appearance can be processed into fat and thin, she looks hard, but what about Zhou Jiao with long legs? Zhong Ru has nothing difficult in the world as long as she is willing to give up Whispering, she has already pushed open the balcony door, because the balcony of the school dormitory is not fully enclosed.
If it really rains, everything from the clothes hanging to the air to the flowers and plants will be wet, and Shen Qiao has just stepped out. When she saw a white light, she subconsciously raised her hand holding the mobile phone to block the bang in front of her eyes, and there was another thunder in her ear. Shen Qiao didn’t bother to take a closer look, and pulled off her clothes to hug her together. Going back and at this moment her phone vibrated, Shen Qiao picked it up and saw a text message from an unfamiliar number Hello, I am from a system in another world Due to uncontrollable factors, you and your companions have already traveled through and will soon Embarking on a new journey, I am willing to help you as much as I can, just tell me your name and the binding can be completed Your name is ready to complete the binding Shen Qiao casually replied to me Qin Shihuang paid the name to confirm the binding is completed Shen Qiao didn’t take it seriously, deleted the conversation without hesitation, blocked a dragon, opened the door and prepared to go back But at this moment, she suddenly felt a blackness in front of her eyes. Literally, all the lights in the dormitory buildings were extinguished, and the street lights also lost their brightness. Instead, the sky was full of moonlight and stars, and Shen Qiao hadn’t seen such a beautiful starry sky for a long time.
It was the last time.
I saw that after the college entrance examination, I went to climb the mountain to watch the meteor shower, so I sat outside the tent all night, but the meteor shower did not wait, and the cold came, and suddenly another noise brought Shen Qiao back to his sanity. This time, it was not lightning and thunder, but In the dormitory building opposite, someone was screaming, and someone was knocking on a plastic basin, and the howling was faintly audible. It can be roughly divided into my game is gone, my drama is gone, and my person is gone, and Zhou Jiao is also starting to groan, there is no internet, I only saw half of it, I am about to crack, Zhong Ru turned down the desk lamp, and found no response, the sidewalk just now thundered again. Maybe there is something wrong with the flickering? Zhou Jiao rolled around and got stuck in the confession. Shen Qiao listened funny, put down the clothes in her hands, walked over and pinched her fleshy cheeks, then go to bed early and watch the clock tomorrow.
In Ru’s dream, maybe she just confessed to you Zhou Jiao was immediately coaxed, she turned off her tablet and quickly lay down to prepare to meet her idol in her dream, but Ding Manguo, who had been silent all this time, also sat up and sobbed a few times, then whispered “I believe” The signal is gone, although it’s pitch black and you can’t see clearly, but you can still hear her crying.
Zhou Jiao quickly sits up. You just called, did someone bully you? Tell me, I’ll cheer for Sister Qiao and ask her to help Your revenge Shen Qiao reached out and rubbed Zhou Jiao’s face a few times Ding Manguo wiped away the tears, the sound was probably soaked in tears, it was a little soft, it was my boyfriend, but he didn’t bully me, I just thought he was working too hard and I felt sorry for him Zhong Ru was surprised, Guozi, which college did you have a new boyfriend? Ding Manguo, who studied software at the School of Computer Science, introduced it to you guys. I guarantee that you will know at a glance that it is Shen Qiao, a master student. You can tell that Ding Manguo is right. He has very little hair. Shen Qiao is indeed his biological girlfriend. The night life of contemporary college students will automatically end after the network is cut off. Soon the dormitory will return to calm.
Shen Qiao also went to bed and soon fell asleep. There were a few dings, but she didn’t pay attention to it, and the next day dawn seemed extraordinarily early. Shen Qiao still had to rehearse the first one. She could vaguely hear the noise outside, but it was not real because the windows were closed.
Jiao vaguely grunted, why are they still tossing, they are so energetic, Zhong Rubi made a shushing sound, Guozi was still sleeping, Zhou Jiao rubbed her eyes, hummed obediently, then went to touch her clothes and muttered about who The spam text message you sent to me is still bound.
I just want to bind with my brother. Shen Qiao was slightly taken aback.
Did you also receive Zhou Jiao’s spam text message? Deleted, but she still remembered exactly the same keywords, and it was still a group post, it was really unreliable, and this little episode did not cause any disturbance In the state of no signal, Zhong Ru took a power bank and handed it over to make do with it. Shen Qiao, let me use it.
How do you charge it? Zhong Ru, sister Qiao, charge me a power bank first, and bring me some breakfast.