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But this is not what attracted Darren’s attention the most, because there is a more striking mark on the boy’s forehead.
Under the half-hidden hair is a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt, but in Darren’s eyes, this scar is bigger than the real one. The thunder was even more shocking because it was the last missing piece of the puzzle since his rebirth.
It was so shocking that Darren didn’t respond for a while until he saw the boy turn his head and prepare to leave.
No one is coming in, Darren said as he stood up and helped the other party put their luggage. This boy has a lot of things.
A birdcage with a snow-white owl in it is obviously taller than the other party. Darren raised his hand to put it on.
On the luggage rack was a large suitcase and it was so heavy that the boy tried twice and it hit him hard on his feet at which point Darren, who had settled the owl, turned around and joined him in pulling the suitcase. The box pushed it to the corner, thank you, waited for everything to be done, both of them were out of breath, the boy’s hair was wet with sweat and curled up in locks and floating in front of his eyes, while the other party raised his hand to brush his hair because his vision was blocked Hi, my name is Darren Sean Lee is this year’s freshman Darren returned to his seat and looked at the lightning-shaped scar again, and the other party obviously hasn’t recovered from the previous one. After recovering from physical activity, I didn’t notice Darren’s appearance at all, just gasped slightly and said hello, my name is Harry Potter, and I’m also a freshman, thank you, this box is really heavy, I don’t know what to do without you, in fact, in Ha Before Leigh introduced himself, Darren had already confirmed the identity of the other party, not only because of the scar, but also because the boy looked exactly like Daniel Radcliffe, and he was a replica of Harry Potter in the movie. Of course, the correct statement should be said to be yes.
Darren crossed into the world of Harry Potter and after seeing Harry Potter’s face, a certain expectation appeared in Darren’s heart.
Of course, Harry would not know what Darren was thinking at this time, but after resting I looked around and couldn’t find Darren’s luggage, what about your suitcase, don’t you need to bring what’s on the acceptance letter? My suitcase is full of what’s listed on the offer letter.
Heard Harry’s question.
Ren curled his lips. My situation is a little bit special. Before I received the notice from Hogwarts, I lived in a missionary school and watched Harry, but I still didn’t understand. Accompanied by an inaudible breathing sound, I’m sorry, I don’t know, it’s okay, I think it’s because it’s a bit too difficult for someone like me who has never dealt with wizards to prepare the items on the notice alone, so Hogwarts The notice told me that the academy would provide me with some second-hand items to complete my studies, of course, except for the wand. After all, according to what the old man who sold the wand said, it is the wand that chooses the wizard.
Harry immediately picked up and said that he and Darren looked at each other and laughed.
Obviously, being with Darren made him happy easily. Many times, human suffering is caused by different contrasting coordinates. Just adjust it a little and you will find out. It turns out that happiness is all around him, and Harry has obviously just started the process.
He is an orphan. This is Darren Lee’s status in this world. He finds himself inexplicably turned into a toddler who can’t walk steadily.
Not surprisingly, he uses the last Behavior in line with his current status let out a lot of crying. After finally getting through the psychological shock period of suddenly leaving his original world, he faced a series of troubles. First, Darren’s time travel did not have a beam of light shining on his body, and then in his mind. When the transfer target is locked to the world and the voice started to be transmitted, the same language translation function is gone. After a painful language repair, he found that he actually arrived in the UK. There is no way to let the domestically educated English and the British speak it.
There is basically nothing in common between English except that the spelling is roughly the same It took a while to consolidate his listening skills before Darren was sure that he was in an orphanage and not in a hospital, or met a pair of extremely unreliable parents. Mind of an adult, Darren has always been favored by the director and teachers of the orphanage.
He solves personal life problems quietly and never troubles them.
The adults have no doubt that if all the children in the orphanage were like Darren. Like Lun, the whole orphanage can run on its own as long as there is only one person in charge of watching the gate, so as not to lose things or embarrass people.
Darren can even change the water pipes. With this kind of mind, every time a family comes to adopt a child, he is always ranked behind. No one likes to deal with thorns. It can be sent out early, and the life of the dean will be easier.
The result is that Darren is in the orphanage unknowingly.
It is also the age of primary school in the UK.
Maybe the headmaster also felt a little sorry for Darren’s performance over the years. After consulting Darren’s opinion, he contacted a boarding church school for him to attend school. Of course. It’s free. Speaking of which, it’s a good deal for Darren to be able to go to a missionary school, because although the management of a missionary school is relatively strict, and there are a lot of religious content that has nothing to do with daily life, and the learning content is also limited, at least Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is not necessary. thought