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According to the master’s research, everyone’s martial soul is inherited from the blood, which means that children will inherit the martial soul from their parents through blood relationship, and in most cases, they will give priority to inheriting the stronger martial soul from the parents.
Of course, it does not rule out the martial soul.
The existence of soul mutation, like Fatty Ma Hongjun’s phoenix is ​​the innate soul power mutated from the grass chicken. Only when the martial soul is awakened, there is a companion soul power. Such a person can practice and have the possibility of becoming a soul master.
The quality of the awakened soul is related to the quality of the martial soul, and the strength of the innate soul power is mostly proportional to the quality of the martial soul.
The acquired hard work is a bit controversial.
At least I think so. The master said that there are no waste souls, only waste soul masters. He himself is a good example However, in general terms, those who can become Titled Douluo may not all have top-level spirits, and those who possess the Clear Sky Hammer will not all become Titled Douluo.
Soul rings and plant-type spirits can absorb animal spirits and beasts, and vice versa. It is also possible. Before the master put forward this theory, the soul master world was basically plant-type soul masters cutting plants, animal-type soul masters and killing animals. Even after this theory was published, it was not recognized because everyone was afraid that their soul rings and martial souls would have something.
It conflicts, but the facts prove that this theory is correct.
Tang San’s first ring of Blue Silver Grass is the Mandala Snake, which is an extremely successful soul ring. The bottleneck of additional actions and the practice of soul masters are not as good as hunting souls when they reach the peak of a large realm.
The ring can still be cultivated normally.
The soul power cultivated during this period will show up after obtaining the soul ring.
The age of the soul ring is suitable. When the master is in the realm of a soul master, he has researched a range for the tolerance of the soul ring. This theory is too important for it. For soul masters, the martial soul is inherently unchangeable, but if the soul ring is acquired well, it can also qualitatively improve one’s strength. With this theory, everyone can naturally choose the soul beast with a high age as the soul ring.
How to explode the soul bone The soul bone is the treasure of the soul master world, it is absolutely fatal to the temptation of every soul master, but this thing is extremely precious Becoming the soul ring of a soul master, no matter what the cultivation level of the soul beast will bring a soul bone to the soul master, this is a must It will greatly increase the chance of dropping spirit bones.
Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances appeared under such circumstances.
For this reason, the Seven Monsters have done a lot of things torturing spirit beasts. Reprinted from the Internet, who knows what the other three are, which can be added Chapter 1 Tang Sect Disciple Mo Bai Mo Bai Male Tang Sect Disciple Professional Assassin Activities Overseas There is no way to monitor too many killers in their own country What’s the danger? This time I came back to rest.
Mo Bai heard that there is an anime Douluo Dalu that is popular all over the Internet in China. From the very beginning of the anime, the hero Tang San appeared The figure looks at each other’s footwork eyes and Xuanyu hand Mobai mutters the praise of Ziji Demon Pupil on his mouth, it’s a pity that I, Tang Sect, don’t have cunning shadow fans, but I have a similar flower-piercing butterfly step Xuanyu hand is like me My Jade Hand is similar in function, but my Jade Hand is highly poisonous. It seems that my Jade Hand is stronger.
I don’t see anything, but this is of course. After all, the person who made the animation is not I understand, but it seems that the action is quite handsome. Mo Bai is gradually attracted by the unfolding plot while making complaints. Maybe he is also a member of the Tang family, so Mo Bai looks very substituting because he saw Tang San choose to jump off the cliff. At that time, Mobai accepted that he couldn’t be too foolish and loyal, but he still had to force it.
Continue to look at the number one hidden weapon ranking, Buddha’s Fury Tang Lian.
Pistols have long been eliminated from my Tang Sect’s hidden weapons, and the Tang Sect’s inner strength is the strongest and the most difficult to practice is not Xuantian Kungfu, but the Frightening Feather Jue I practiced, which is the same as seeing that flower When the Buddha was angry with Tang Lian, Mo Bai complained again. Mo Bai himself is a disciple of Tang Sect, so seeing something different from what he knew must be defined as a fake fiction, and he was reincarnated in another world. Sure enough. It’s still my Frightening Feather Jue that is the genuine one, with a total of twelve layers.
Tang San’s cultivation of Xuan Tian Kung only has nine layers.
There is nothing to complain about.
The protagonist Tang San’s father is not simple.
He can see that it was not until the awakening of the martial spirit that Mobai’s eyes lit up again.
This martial spirit is handsome! What is Tang San’s martial spirit with special effects? Well, the blue silver grass is a good martial spirit, the highest level of martial arts, flying flowers and picking leaves can hurt people, plants, trees, bamboo and stones can pick leaves for flying flowers in the sword, it is a hidden weapon, the blue silver grass is a martial spirit, it is tailor-made for Tang San. When fighting, Tang San has as many hidden weapons as he wants.
When he saw that Tang San’s awakened martial spirit was Blue Silver Grass, and it was defined as a waste soul, Mo Bai could foresee the future of this anime.
The development must be the protagonist Tang San’s use of the blue silver grass, which is regarded as a waste soul, using the hidden weapon technique of the previous life to a superb level, hanging and beating geniuses from all walks of life. When I came to Notting College, I wanted to worship him as my teacher because the master’s guess was correct. Mo Bai was speechless.
Didn’t your innate full soul power come from practicing Xuantian Kungfu? What does it have to do with twin martial souls? Fooled and everyone said that there is no need to kneel down