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Wedge Spring Festival was very dull, without any childhood joy and happiness.
Ma Chao sighed, thinking about what to do part-time this year to earn more money to make life more nourishing. There are many ideas, but the reality is cruel and has no clue.
Ma Chao is helpless. Forget it. Tomorrow, I want to play games first.
Ma Chao usually likes to play all kinds of Three Kingdoms-themed games, and he never uses cheating devices.
When he was playing, his phone rang.
The work has to be completed because two colleagues from other places have not yet come in the beginning of the year, so let Ma Chao work hard.
The completion award is a one-month salary. When Ma Chao hears that there is a bonus, he saves it quickly and exits the game. This year, I was born and raised in the mountainous area of ​​Hubei Province.
My parents are both farmers.
I have been facing the loess all my life.
I have worked so hard to drag Ma Chao to the big. Parents worked harder and said that even if they were exhausted, Ma Chao had to graduate from college. Maybe it was because he was not well nourished when he was a child.
Therefore, he does not appear to be so outstanding, and his family’s economic conditions are poor, so other than his academic performance, he has become the object of contempt.
People are often bullied and made fun of. This is in stark contrast to Ma Chao’s powerless struggle, but people have to live. Walking unhurriedly will not stop anyone. The four years of hard life in college have changed Ma Chao’s temperament. Cowardly, with tenacity and humility, hidden pride.
Self-abased, full of self-confidence. On the day of graduation, Ma Chao got drunk in the empty dormitory and yelled that he must work hard and trample all those who bullied him and looked down on him. More than ten years later, Ma Chao is still Shanghai City A programmer of a small software company, the previous ambitions have long since evaporated and disappeared in the tedious life. Ma Chao met a woman who was willing to marry him when he was thirty years old.
I have a child and my family can feed and clothe me even though they are not rich. The most annoying thing about Ma Chao is that my colleagues like to make jokes about my name.
First, I make gestures with my hands and say that your height is called Ma Chao.
It’s a bit of a loss. Is there any way for my colleagues to be happy? Your father is also looking forward to his son Jackie Chan. Ma Chao, what an exciting name Jin Ma Chao, tall, rich and handsome.
It’s a pity that you don’t grow taller and handsomer, so you deserve this name. Ma Chao is angry. You think I want to be called this name, this name. Is it very exciting? No matter how awesome you are, you are also a premature death ghost. Although I feel very upset, Ma Chao still admires the young man in history. It’s a pity that in the end, he was depressed and died young. Work is boring and life is helpless.
There are many things that I can’t achieve. There are many ideals that cannot be realized.
More self-suffering is not Ma Chao’s character. Self-satisfaction is Ma Chao’s way to pass the time in his spare time other than playing Three Kingdoms games It’s just daydreaming about my successful career, suits, leather shoes, luxury cars, Guangsha, winning the lottery, fishing, leisurely cloud and wild cranes, thinking about becoming a super horse, gold and iron horse, and scolding Fang Qiu, thinking about all the dreams that I can’t realize, but I have been working for more than ten years. After an hour, Ma Chao was sleepy and tired and wanted to take a rest for a while before working again, but thinking about the bonus, he was full of energy all of a sudden, he must persist and get the bonus. On the third morning, Ma Chao finally got it done and tested it.
It was perfect and gave it immediately. The boss made a phone call, then climbed onto the table and fell asleep.
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Seeing that the sky was dark, I raised my hand to touch my glasses, but I felt nothing, then I went to touch the phone next to the pillow, but it was gone When I was about to find something to eat and put on my shoes, I was stunned.
Where am I? The bed is so short. The shoes are not boots.
Why are they so big? I broke out in a cold sweat. I put on the clothes I don’t know what material they are made of.
I put on the boots and found that they fit well.
I really want to look around carefully and find myself in a place similar to a tent. I boldly go to the door and lift the curtain. Major General, you wake up and shout loudly.
He slapped himself casually, slapped hiss, what’s going on? It’s not a dream.
Ma Chao was stunned for a while, and there was a sound of footsteps outside, someone shouted to ask Major General Pound to see Pound.
As a modern person, Ma Chao has never missed time-traveling. After a little bit of memory, he felt a little bit of fear, and then a wave of fear struck him. What should he do now? He felt a little excited, and was about to answer. Suddenly, he thought it couldn’t be his colleagues.
Let’s play a prank Ma Chao decided to wait a while to see what the people outside would do Someone called Major General Pang De to see him, his voice was as thick as a bell, and Ma Chao was in a hurry. I couldn’t see him all the time, right? I’m still hungry.
Forget it, I’ll see you later.