Vent like a dead person I cant tell her that there is such a thing as disguise in this world and I cant tell him

Chapter 1 The Legend of Light and Shadow Beijing Dajue Temple Date Beijing Dajue Temple is a thousand-year-old temple in the Jin Dynasty. It was one of the eight water temples in the West Mountain of Jinzhangzong. It embodies the architectural pattern of the Khitan people in the Liao Dynasty.
The morning sun shines on Dajue Temple. Through the mottled tree shadows, there is a sense of desolation and mystery. The thousand-year-old pines are swaying and telling endless thoughts. Indistinguishable, this kind of intimate relationship looks so heavy in my eyes.
On Valentine’s Day this year, I wore a ponytail and wore an early spring sportswear, a white top, and black pants, walking in this quiet temple with a serious expression. This year’s Beijing Spring is long overdue. I don’t know if the legendary doomsday is really coming.
A gust of wind blows through my heart. I walk forward slowly and aimlessly, even a little tired.
Suddenly, someone behind me calls the girl.
The girl is an old lady who is about the same age.
The appearance of the temple in the early morning surprised me so early that the place is sparsely populated and older people have to struggle a bit to come here, not to mention the many old and rare old ladies whose faces are full of fine wrinkles carved by the years and drooping eyelids. It didn’t cover up the light of those twinkling little eyes, they were deep eyes full of understanding of the accumulation of time, those eyes were so sharp that they wanted to absorb the depths of my soul, the old lady was dressed in a very special way, and she looked like a Taoist in this morning. It looked like I was dreaming in the Dajue Temple, but it wasn’t a dream. Are you calling me? I walked up to her in a trance, she was half shorter than me, her head raised her head and locked my face tightly.
There was no reason at all.
The difference in size creates the slightest lack of aura to call you. She shows an elusive smile The wrinkles around the corners of her mouth start to ripple like a small boat sneaking out of the harbor to the mysterious sea I shrug my shoulders I don’t know what you have I’m not working today and I’m not in the mood to work.
This Valentine’s Day is white for me. The main color of the funeral home. I see you are very thoughtful. You have someone in your heart that you can’t let go of. It’s not easy anymore, and I have to wear the appearance of becoming a Taoist and come out to make money. I turned around and wanted to leave for two months.
This person’s departure will hurt you and the blow to you is fatal, right? My heart skipped a beat and I didn’t slow down to stay away from her But the vigilant cells all over her body are burning rapidly. Does she know what happened on the day of last year? Or did she just accidentally say that she was an ordinary fortune teller? Or is there some other background? All the existing information and communications are completely disintegrated. The last piece of information is the grotesque and ridiculous announcement that Fatty was appointed as the company’s newest executive president.
Even Li Qiang himself finds it inexplicable and doesn’t believe it at all. Who would believe it? Deputy Wang and Jingjing Huang Zixi and Li Xiaoshen Xu Fei We are special The members of the mission team lost contact with each other during this period, and Yang Chuan thought of Yang Chuan My legs were suddenly as heavy as a thousand pieces of gold. Why was it two months? She said that there was someone in my heart that I couldn’t let go of, and then two months. It seemed that all the coincidences could no longer be explained simply by coincidence. Did she know about Yang Chuan? I don’t want to give up any chance because of everything everyone tells me, there is only one news that makes me desperate and I don’t want to believe. I haven’t put it down for a day, so let me help you resolve this relationship, grandma, I know that I turned around and smiled at her, it must be uglier than crying.
You accidentally said that you were in the middle of the month and saw that I had a reaction, so you started to follow up and dig deeper. What happened in the past two months, this is one of the methods of fortune-telling, right? A strange boat appeared from the corner of the old lady’s mouth again. How do you know that I am telling fortunes and not changing your destiny? Is there a way to change it, little girl, do you know what the essence of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching is? The company’s Tao Te Ching is the core of our special mission team’s unearthed secrets, even if she has been fooled for two months, how can she be fooled again? There are two things I observed secretly. She carefully said that the first is the return of the soul, that is, self-control and contentment, and the second should be the imitation of wisdom, that is, learning from the law.
It is natural to speak well. No wonder some people have been full of praise for you, old lady. Fluttered the ashes on her body with her hand, slowly turned around the stool, turned her back on me, and looked up at the big steel pine tree behind her just now, obviously signaling that she wanted to end the communication with me, isn’t it strange that the old lady It stopped abruptly like this, I stared blankly at her resolute back, not knowing what to do, I recalled what Yang Chuan said to me twice in my ears In the Dajue Temple in Beijing, there are two old pine trees standing opposite each other for a thousand years on the left The tree on my right is you. They have experienced wind, rain, scorching sun, and haze. They stay together and know each other. As long as one tree does not die, it will transport nutrients from the roots to the other tree. You must remember these words of mine, Zhao Ke, I love you, look back and look at the big pine tree that the old lady is looking at, there is really another old pine tree very close at hand It seems that there are a lot of things to tell and ask, and it seems that because of staying together in silence for a long time, they have become a tacit understanding.
There is no need for any explanation.
What does all this have to do with the hints Yang Chuan once gave me?