Up to now the energy in the body has not been allowed to swim so it is a bit strange that such a situation occurs

The first chapter of the main text was born, how is it, what is going on inside, the person speaking is a middle-aged man, he is now very anxious to say to those around him, Lao Wu, don’t worry, my sister-in-law will be fine, a middle-aged man came there The man who spoke just now asked why there was no sound inside? The middle-aged man who was called Lao Wu heard that there was no sound in the room, so he looked around worriedly and asked, “Don’t worry, Mrs.
Li, go and have a look.
” What’s the matter? The man who spoke just now said to a middle-aged woman standing next to him. Just when the person called Mrs.
A Li wanted to go in to see why there was no sound in the room, the door of the room was blocked by someone.
Open it, congratulations, it’s a boy. Everyone looked at it. It was an older old man who came out, holding a newborn baby in her hands.
The baby was just born, because you can still see the baby’s body now. I saw a little bit of blood on my body. This is a very backward village.
There are only about 1,000 people in this village. It is still very difficult to find a midwife in such a small village.
The child of this old Wu family is about to be born, and it seems that it is difficult for the child to come out, so the people in the village found this old midwife who has delivered babies for decades. Sure enough, Jiang is still old and hot. It seems that our village is Little you, after hearing what the midwife said, a middle-aged man immediately went up and said to the midwife, I still want to be safe and stable for a few days. The midwife smiled and said thank you Mrs.
Zhao, Lao Wu came up and hugged the child, thanked the midwife and said, “You don’t thank me for anything, I didn’t do anything.
It’s your daughter-in-law who suffers so much. You have to take good care of your daughter-in-law, midwife look.
” Looking at Lao Wu, he smiled and said, can I go in and see my wife now? Lao Wu looked at the child he was holding and closed his eyes, so he said to the midwife that you should talk to her as little as possible, and now she needs more rest.
The midwife looked at Lao Wu’s expression and didn’t stop him, she just told him to say thank you, Lao Wu walked into the house after thanking him for the first time, and now the house is very simple and there are only some household items and other things in it. None, and those items are very ordinary. There is a relatively large bed in this room, and now there is a person sleeping on that bed.
It is a woman. When you get closer, you will find that the face of this woman is a little bloody now. She is closing her eyes now, my daughter-in-law has worked hard.
Old Wu slowly came to the woman and said to the sleeping woman, hehe, child, I see the sleeping woman wants to sit up and look at the child that the man is holding now Slow down, Lao Wu gave the child to the woman, then helped the woman to sit up and sit, Lao Wu, you see, this child is really like you. After sitting up, he looked at the baby and smiled and said, “Look at his nose.” The same man as yours looked at the baby the woman was holding with a smile and said promise me one thing, okay? The woman looked at the man and said seriously, say anything, I will promise you.
The man looked at the woman’s expression and said, promise me not to let the child go your way and let him live an ordinary life. Although the woman heard it hehe, you are good Rest, let me get some food. The man turned to leave after talking to the woman. The old Wu woman looked at the man who left. She wanted to stop him and ask him to agree to what she said just now, child. I hope you will be a good woman in the future.
Seeing her husband leave like this means that he will not agree to her, so the woman hugged the child in her arms and said, and in the next time, Lao Wu also named his child.
The name Wu Dao is so ordinary to everyone. When the child’s mother heard this name, her expression changed. If she still didn’t stop her husband, the child was born on this continent. Why is the Continent of Gods and Demons called this name? Then I don’t know how long it will take to search for it.
Now there are three powerful countries on this continent. The most powerful of these three countries is the Wujin Country.
This country produces a kind of The rare metal on the land of gods and demons is an essential material for making good weapons, so this country uses this metal to buy those countries and forces that need it, making this country very powerful, and the population is also growing rapidly. I can’t stand the test of time.
With the passage of time, the ruler of this country gradually has problems.
Although under such circumstances, there are many people who want to attack this country. When everyone knows that this is a big piece of land.
Fat sheep is also a sheep that can bite people, so everyone knows that if anyone eats this sheep first, it will be a bedding for the people behind, and everyone will not want to be the front bird, and Xincun is on the remote border of this country. A small village.
There is nothing in this village.
The people live a very simple life.
Everyone can only eat the food they find every day. Everyone has no other income. Even so, everyone feels that this kind of life is enough, not for other things.
It is because this is the place where they were born, the place where they grew up, and the place where they were born and raised, so they all know the situation in this rural area, and of course they have tried to change it, but they failed, so they know that they can’t change it, so they can only accept it. And Wu Dao was born in this place.
His father was a hunter in the village, so the food he ate was not bad compared to other families. This old Wu is also a very good person. He often said that he brought back a lot of food.
Share it with everyone, so everyone is very grateful to this old Wu and his family. This time, the wife of the old Wu’s family is going to have a baby.