Until her slightly cool palms gradually became hot lets walk around Lin Yao frowned slightly and didnt look at her speaking in a very flat

Shen Ziyan stood at the window of the balcony and looked out from a distance in the late spring of the new year, when the temperature was 100 degrees Celsius.
In the clear morning light, a large group of gray and loose clouds spread out in the sky, and the air was filled with an unpredictable atmosphere, just like this sudden SARS.
Above the whole city, this is the sixth day of quarantine In the future, we can’t wait for the long quarantine like hope, except for the sound of roommates holding the phone and whispering to their boyfriend, there are almost no other sounds in the room The happy girl was acting coquettishly at the other end of the microphone while lowering her voice. Miss me? Ziyan’s face was a little hot, and he turned around to get a thermometer.
Behind him, he was reluctant to part with the microphone. The girl who was about to say goodbye suddenly giggled. Say it aloud, do you love me or not? My whole body is stiff.
Her fingers seem to be convulsed.
She slowly turns her head, as if she saw two years ago, under the dark blue night, a large flower of bright fireworks bloomed. There is a cruel smile on the corner of the lips at the far other end. That voice has been lingering in time.
I don’t love you, I don’t love you. Those are the last words he left her.
The scene that I thought had long been forgotten turned out to be howling.
In my memory, I will never forget, squat down slowly, pick up the thermometer that fell on the ground, hold the thermometer in my hand, and let go of Muge. I like to think of Mu Weimu’s life. At this time, all the stories have been formed and the end has not yet come. I smiled Let’s look back once again to search for my wandering and desolate heart Xi Murongjuan I remember when I was young when I was young In spring, the warm wind blowing in from the open window of the classroom for no reason made people feel a bit hot When Teacher Tao led a boy into the classroom Yan Zheng was reciting a Tang poem in her Chinese textbook with her heart.
Her slender fingers were gently rubbing her fair face on the page. Her upper lip was slightly curved, revealing a cute dimple that was partly visible.
In the fourth grade team of Aihua Elementary School, Yan was the teacher’s. Beloved can be seen from the teacher’s comments in the student handbook. Respect teachers and teachers, unite with classmates, be smart, studious and excellent grades.
Children like this are proud and outstanding, and they all have the problem of not loving to participate in group activities.
Ziyan is no exception. Her circle of friends is very small. That is to say, Li Yanbing and Pei Bei at the front and back desks can get along well with her, and no one else can come into her sight. Pei Bei is a beautiful girl with long hair and loves to smile. He and Ziyan are inseparable almost every day.
Both of them are on-duty cadres. I can’t finish talking about my parents and teachers who dote on my friends and are caring and outstanding in my studies. Ziyan feels that my life is perfect. If I have to say, there are any shortcomings. It’s nothing more than that Pei Bei is the class monitor and she is only a small labor committee member. Ziyan has been thinking about the position of deputy squad leader for a long time in his heart, and it is his turn to talk about grades and qualifications. She is gone, but Teacher Tao loves her, but she doesn’t notice her little thoughts at all.
Every time she thinks about it, she can’t help frowning and sighing sadly. She looks at the bright sunlight shining on the glass outside the window.
The verdant green leaves are as thick as leaves that are about to drip juice, eyebrows are slightly frowned, and she doesn’t listen very carefully to the resumes of the new students introduced by Teacher Tao.
When she feels a little impatient, a word suddenly comes into her ears. He raised his head suddenly, like a clear sky, and suddenly there was a thunderbolt. Lin Yao was the class monitor in his previous school, and he has ready-made experience.
From today on, he will be the deputy monitor of our fourth class. From now on, students should support his work a lot. Pei Bei stood up very politely and went to the podium and stretched out her hand. Afterwards, everyone helped and learned from each other. Lin Yao smiled and stretched out his hand in response, but the expression on his face was very calm, as if he had expected it, but there was a kind of calm and general wind. Biting her lower lip, she turned her face away and did not look at this scene.
A strong sour feeling surged in her heart. The taste continued to rise and evaporate, and finally permeated into her eyes, forming a thin layer of mist that obscured her vision.
The heart and the infinite scenery she has longed for for a long time can stand side by side with Pei Bei in the world. After class, the classroom is like a jubilant ant nest. Only Ziyan lies weakly on the desk. The classroom of the fourth grade is located on the first floor of the stairs.
The view outside the window at the corner is a large playground with a sweeping view.
Two tall southern deciduous trees are planted on the edge of the playground. The leaves are lush and dense, and the branches are connected with twists and turns, as if two good friends are holding hands and playing games.
Shu imagined that she and Pei Bei imagined that one is the class monitor and the other is the deputy class monitor standing together holding hands, proud and proud.
Others are only envious, jealous, and salivating to pay attention to them. However, everyone All of this turned into bubbles in an instant. The ripe apples on the tree were destined to fall on her head, but out of nowhere, a guy popped up out of nowhere and picked a cheap one. She turned her head and said viciously and coldly. Looking in the direction of Lin Yao’s desk, the person who has caused trouble is talking and laughing with his deskmate without knowing it, as if he felt her gaze, turned around and glanced at her, with a faint smile on his mouth The smile is like a ray of sunlight shining in through the dust. The classroom seems to be suddenly quiet, and there are many noisy voices that can hardly be heard.
Ziyan can only see this boy with a clear face sitting not far away. His eyes are clear and light. The arc of the smile at the corner of her mouth reminded her of a beautiful Tang poem. The green mountains are faint and the water is far away. I can’t remember who taught it.