Untie his pants in no mess and if you talk about it take it off by yourself break off your buttocks and lie down Gu

Chapter No, I want a divorce, I beg you Yan Lin lowered his head and looked at the woman who begged him, her beautiful and dignified face was muddy with tears at the moment, to be honest, he was a little sad, he didn’t speak, the woman’s fingers holding his trouser legs were getting tighter and tighter Look closely, Su Xiaowu and Gu You are divorced, are you going to find her? Su Xiaowu is his wife, Su Xiaochu’s younger sister is the only woman Yan Lin has ever liked, and she has already married someone else’s wife. She thought she saw her sister divorced him I also want to dump her immediately to live with Su Xiaowu, plus he knows the truth.
Both parents feel guilty about the forced marriage back then. Now no one can stop him from being with the person he wants. Yan Lin sneered in his heart. Fuck love, fuck women, he thinks he will never be able to understand their feelings for the rest of his life, would he die without love? Yan Lin I love you, no one loves you more than me Su Xiaowu also cried in front of him like this when he got married, saying that she loved him more than anything and committed suicide, but didn’t she just turn around and marry someone else? Everyone thought Su Xiaowu was taking revenge on him. Regret is not like a man, regret that he didn’t hold on, but how did they force him? Can’t think about what he has cultivated all these years, it doesn’t matter, and he will be burned to nothing.
The past cannot be pursued. Regret is something only weak people do.
Slowly squatting down and breaking Su Xiaochu’s fingers apart one by one, it might hurt, but she gritted her teeth and said nothing.
The daughter of the ship king’s family will never learn to show weakness. Whether this marriage is right or wrong, I just know that I want to end it. If you don’t have children, you can’t talk about any property disputes.
Divorce is also convenient.
That’s it.
He paused for a while. He felt that he would never see her again, so he added a sentence in the future when he meets someone he likes. Don’t be like this. Su Xiaochu seemed crazy, you said So easy, you just let me accept my fate, then why don’t you recognize me as your wife, you think of someone else He strode out and left this castle-like mansion her mother gave them Su Xiaochu said behind He couldn’t hear what he was saying, but at the moment when he completely stepped out of the house, there was a heart-piercing cry Yan Lin Yan Lin didn’t expect that something happened as soon as he got on the viaduct, a huge unknown object flew diagonally from above Cut off the roof of the car in front and almost instantly he watched a metal pipe pierce the windshield of his car and finally passed his heart and nailed into the leather seat behind him.
He always hates blood and feels very Dirty, but at this moment, I reached out and touched the warm liquid flowing out of my body. Looking at my pampered and well-maintained hands, they were dyed bright red, and I felt so rare and happy. Even now, the driver, who even hurts to breathe, was almost frightened. He took out his cell phone and made several calls in one breath, saying in a trembling voice Understand the situation of the accident, then take a breath and force yourself to calm down, young master, soon the emergency team will arrive, you have to hold on Yan Lin died on the helicopter going to the hospital, he seemed to hear the sound of the soul being stripped from the body, mixed with the doctors’ powerless announcement Regret at the time of death Sigh at the time of death At 20:04 there was a stomach agitation His head seemed to be resting on something hard Yan Lin opened his eyes uncomfortably Don’t drink it Someone took away the wine bottle he was holding in his hand Sighing softly, a group of demons danced wildly in the private room. The pungent smell of lights, music, and alcohol made him unable to tell what was today and what was.
Alas, Lin’er didn’t bring you this kind of drink. Come and feed me a sip.
A voice that made the skin crawl It was Qiao Mingming who rushed into his ear, Qiao Mingming, you die, stay away, the person was quickly pulled away, but then another person rushed forward, it was Fan Dongli, Yan Lin felt a little numb all over his body, Song Fanjian who was being pulled Yan Lin’s eyes were dull, those two dead boys made such a fuss, he didn’t lift his foot and kicked him, he suddenly felt something wrong, reached out and touched his stomach lightly, it hurts, unexpectedly, Yan Lin slowly moved his head away from his shoulder Sitting and looking around, spit out a small mouthful of blood Qiao Mingming’s scream pierced the whole private room into silence Song Fan shook his fingers holding a cigarette and called the hospital Yan Lin lay on Song Fan’s back and watched all the way They quickly passed through the luxuriously decorated aisles and corridors, and when they arrived at the entrance of the clubhouse, a car drove up and got into the car. He lay on Song Fan’s lap, didn’t listen to his babble of comfort, didn’t look at his frightened pale face, and confirmed something. He’s back again, back to him because he had to be with Su Xiaochu, back to when he drank until his stomach bleeds because he knew that Su Xiaowu was really going to get engaged to Gu You This fucking fate time is the night when the nightlife is abundant The road is full of traffic and bustling, but the pedestrians on the road are in a bad mood because there is a convoy on the road. Every car is staggeringly expensive just by looking at it, but the point is not here. What makes them angry is that they can flash energy all over their bodies. All the screaming things are flashing, screaming, and driving so fast that they almost scare the shit out of everyone around.
Even the traffic police pretend they can’t see this rotten world.
A bunch of pretenders.
This is the urban area, the urban area.
Dongli couldn’t take it anymore and covered Qiao Mingming’s mouth that was still screaming, you fucking calm down, please calm down Laozi can’t calm down, can’t calm down Fan Dongli slapped him on the head, the world was quiet and silent for a while Qiao Mingming took it down and covered it The hand on his head stared gloomyly at the car roaring and running on the road.
The light and shadow quickly changed everything seemed to be off the normal track.
Yan Lin didn’t treat them like Song Fan, he and Fan Dongli both knew