Unexpectedly he just stood up a hoarse voice sounded from behind put the things down the man trembled all over and slowly turned around three

Chapter 1 The Big Evil System Seeking Collections Seeking Recommendations In a high-rise apartment in New York, Jason came out of the bathroom wet, wrapped in a gray bathrobe, holding a glass of whiskey, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, condescendingly admiring the night view of Manhattan, the towering lights of office buildings The road is crowded with bright and dense cars, and the laughter of pedestrians can be heard endlessly. It is a bustling scene. A big screen in the square.
A news anchor wearing a blue and white striped suit is holding a press release and spitting everywhere. According to an insider, the military He wants to purchase the latest cutting-edge weapon developed by Stark Industries, the Jericho Missile.
Jericho Missile Jason drank his whiskey and desperately searched for the memories of the past.
There is a high-level executive from Stark Industries who seems to be in the movie What’s the name of the villain? It’s been too long since I’ve almost forgotten the memories of my previous life. Jason Walter was born on the date of date, month, day, in a slum in West Midtown, Manhattan, New York.
West Midtown also has an alias called Hell’s Kitchen, and his father is from Hell’s Kitchen. His mother is a salesperson of a nearby convenience store. He is the only child in the family. Because of his father, Jason’s childhood memories are full of things like gangster gun violence, which also makes his personality very strange and out of tune with the children around him. Life is very poor.
In order to fill his stomach, he took to the streets to steal at the age of eight.
At the age of ten, he began to blackmail his classmates.
At the age of twelve, he took a pistol to rob passers-by.
After that, he let himself go completely free, and soon entered juvenile detention for intentional injury.
After being released from prison at the age of seventeen, Jason joined a small gang in Hell’s Kitchen. With the skills he learned in prison, he quickly made his mark in the gang.
Not long after, the fledgling Jin Bing offered him an olive branch, and Jason readily accepted and became Jin Bing’s ace fighter.
In the next ten years, Jason stepped on the enemy’s corpse with his daring and hard work to climb up step by step, and finally became Jin Bing.
Jin Bing’s right and left hand has a car, a house, a deposit, a face, a flesh, a woman, and hundreds of younger brothers who can fight and kill. At the age of only 27, Jason has finally become a winner in life.
However, Jason sees Tony Stark, who grew a mustache on the big screen in the square, made the female reporter who interviewed him suspicious of life, suddenly felt powerless and tired.
In another year, the era of heroes flying everywhere and villains everywhere will come to this planet. It will become the main battlefield of the cosmic war. All the great gods will come to the earth if they have nothing to do.
Let alone Jason is just the second in command of the gang. The ants are still ants Thinking of this, Jason feels that his future is gloomy.
You fell asleep. Jin Bing’s girlfriend gained some villain value.
The transparent light curtain that suddenly appeared in front of him made Jason’s brows furrowed. Nian’s dog system was dazed for a few seconds, then he turned around and looked at the big solid wood bed five steps away.
An elegant woman was sleeping on the duvet quilt. With a contented smile her name is Vanessa and it’s Kimpin’s girlfriend Kimpin who is Jason’s boss a super strong man who can smash through concrete walls with a single punch a gangster with hundreds of desperadoes who controls all of New York Vanessa, the underground king of illegal business, is Kim Bin’s favorite and only woman Who dares to whistle at her His body will appear in the dumpster the next morning Jason understands Vanessa’s place in Kim Bin’s heart So until now he still thinks this is crazy Little brother, so he asked his confidant Jason to protect Vanessa.
Although Jason wanted to fly to Los Angeles to kill the gang of beeps, but Jin had already spoken, no matter how dissatisfied he was, he could only do it honestly, so Jie Sen is like Vanessa’s personal bodyguard, following her in and out all day long, doing his best to protect her safety, because of a resentment in his heart, Jason never gave her any good looks, but the strange thing is that Jason’s indifference attracted her. With Vanessa’s attention, she started to chat with Jason actively to enhance their relationship, and then developed into going to a restaurant to eat together, go shopping on Fifth Avenue, and go to an art gallery to see an art exhibition together. After the task is completed, the big villain system officially opens the transparent light curtain.
Sen pulls back the reality host Jason Walter level. Completing tasks or doing evil gains villain value.
The ability to lift and bear heavy objects is for ordinary adults. The ability for agility, movement and neural response is for ordinary adults.
Intelligence, spirit and ability to process information.
Ordinary adults are the remaining attribute points. Every time you increase the level, you will get attribute points. Prestige. But not limited to film, animation, novels, game points, points can be used to buy items in the mall, exchange ratio is US dollars, points ability, fighting proficiency, driving proficiency, firearms proficiency, cold weapon proficiency, shopping mall click here Four-dimensional attributes, prestige, party points, ability shopping mall Jason to see item by item In the past, I clicked on the shopping mall interface after I understood every piece of content. I opened the mall interface.
I was proficient in cold weapons in the mall.
I was proficient in fighting. I was proficient in driving. I was proficient in flying. I was proficient in special warfare. There are all kinds of items in the mall. Jason only looked at a small part. The Nokia in his pocket suddenly rang, and the phone display was gold, and for a moment