Undying so I accidentally told you Tian Yi smiled awkwardly Tianchen looked embarrassed the golden list is immortal the Supreme Undying the main text Chapter

He just throws out a piece of rubbish and it can drive the heavens and the world crazy.
You ask him why he is so awesome. I don’t know.
Hearing the exclamation behind him, Tianchen smiles lightly.
Stepping on the stars and the world, I am the only one in ten thousand domains. This book has been completed.
This new book is the Supreme God Tomb System. The work label is hot blood system.
Staring at the clouds and mists dancing in the wind in front of him, he traveled through a year. Tianchen, dressed in a coarse cloth shirt, muttered to himself, playing with a palm-sized jade card in his hand.
Ten thousand years took me across ten thousand years. What are you? Staring at the jade document, Tianchen shook his head helplessly.
This jade document was obtained by his father in a remote ancient ruins. After studying it for several years, he still didn’t find its usefulness.
After his father disappeared, Tianchen disappeared. Carrying it on my body is like thinking about my father, but I didn’t expect that at the moment when I was pierced by a maidservant’s sword, this thing would take me to ten thousand years, and after ten thousand years, I don’t know if my parents are still safe I don’t know if there is still a chance to suppress that evil slave who bullied the master’s servant for ten thousand years! That damned evil slave has grown into an existence admired by hundreds of millions of living beings. How can I fight her? I’m already sixteen years old, but my cultivation base has disappeared for half a year. Where should I go? When I crossed over, Tianchen’s cultivation base was completely wiped out. It only took half a year to break through to the ninth level of spiritual refinement, and after that, he became a strong man in the realm of spirit disciples. But I don’t know why. Just when he was about to break through, his cultivation base disappeared.
He broke through to the ninth level of spirit refining in half a year. What a genius, he was selected as the young leader by the mad spirit tribe that took him in, but it was at that time that his cultivation base suddenly disappeared. Without the genius that everyone in the Mad Spirit Tribe envied and envied, he became a waste that everyone despise The young people who have always flattered and flattered him are now only left with Huzi and Houzi who will never leave.
This made Tianchen understand the power of human nature and understand what brothers are. Behind Tianchen, put away the jade document.
Turning his head, he saw that Huzi and Houzi were walking quickly. Tianchen smiled.
What is a brother? When he was in a low point, he never left him.
When he was bullied, he stood up. When he was in danger, he was desperate. This is why the brothers looked at the two people standing beside him with emotion, and the smile on Tianchen’s face became stronger. The scenery here is very beautiful. Let the three brothers take a good look. His eyes are flickering, he is obviously a very smart person staring at Tianchen Daotian, brother, are you worried about tomorrow’s coming-of-age ceremony? Everyone who comes of age has to kill a monster, Brother Tian, ​​your cultivation level is perfect! Impossible to kill the monster beast Alas, the monkey sighed bitterly. The tiger looks like an honest and honest person at first glance, but at this moment, he is also shaking his head helplessly.
At the adult ceremony, Brother Tian will definitely die in the mouth of the monster beast.
When the time comes, the young leader will take the position. It must be taken away by Wu Xiong Hearing what Huzi said, the monkey hastily glared at Huzi, blaming Huzi for his unscrupulous words, but Tianchen didn’t care, smiled and shook his head, saying Wu Xiong is the first day of the Mad Spirit Tribe. To break through to the realm of spirit disciples, he should become a young leader. Tianchen then said that he didn’t care at all that his status as a young leader was about to be taken away, but the monkey was not happy about it. The ninth floor is dozens of times stronger than Wu Xiong. The position of the young leader should be Brother Tian.
Tian Chen dumbfounded and then shook his head helplessly. That’s what he said, but his cultivation has disappeared for half a year. If you let yourself work hard, you won’t be able to cultivate at all in the past six months.
Linglihuzi, do you think the monkey was a little angry, his eyes moved to Huzi, Huzi smiled mysteriously, he suddenly kicked out in the middle of the monkey’s belly, and immediately kicked the monkey out of here, but one step forward from the edge of the cliff is the abyss suddenly Tianchen was startled by the sudden change, and jumped out without hesitation to catch him, but it was too late, only to see the monkey’s figure fall down, and then disappeared into the clouds in an instant.
A raised stone still stares at the place where the monkey disappeared