Undoing the state of Zulong’s real body Yao Xuan reformed into a human form with a thought slowly fell back to the ground and then

A sharp and hasty female voice awakened Yao Xuan in his sleep Awakening Day Pass Spirit Pagoda Soul Master Martial Soul Soul Power These are all the contents of the novel? Could it be that someone is playing a prank on me? I opened my eyes reluctantly Yao Xuan also shook his head in a dazed manner, then looked around, his eyes suddenly revealed a look of surprise, where is this and how did my body become like this? Could it be that I actually traveled through and looked at the strange environment around me? This place is no longer a spacious and bright bedroom, but a slightly dark and crowded dormitory. There are ten double beds in a space of less than 30 square meters.
There is also a faint musty smell in the air.
Looking at all this The astonishment in Yao Xuan’s eyes grew stronger, and he thought to himself, then his gaze casually turned over his body, and an incredible expression suddenly appeared on his face, yes, compared to the 1.8 meter figure in his memory, Yao Xuan found out His current body has shrunk a lot, and he has become similar to a six or seven-year-old boy.
Combined with the weird words he heard just now, there seems to be no second reason to explain all of this, just when Yao Xuan was extremely surprised and suspicious. Memories poured into his mind continuously like a tide, and the expression on his face became more and more exciting as these memories flooded in Looking at the memories he had just obtained, Yao Xuan also gradually understood his situation. That’s right, this is no longer Earth, but the legendary Douluo Continent, which has no magic, no battle qi, no martial skills, and belongs to the magical martial soul, soul power and soul skills. However, this is not The Douluo Dalu during the Wuhundian period According to the memories he obtained, 20,000 years have passed since Tang San became a god and ascended.
The original Heaven Dou Empire, the Star Luo Empire was defeated and expelled from the Douluo Dalu.
The federation occupies a dominant position.
In this era, man-made soul fighting armor and soul-guided technology shine brilliantly. Human strength has reached its peak. Soul beasts are in danger, but the silver dragon king Gu Yuena is born and transforms into the human world.
The Abyssal Sage Monarch wakes up in the plane channel and the Abyssal plane is about to fully invade. Yes, this is the Douluo Continent, which belongs to the legendary period of the Dragon King. In addition, he also knows the identity of this body. Coincidentally, the original body of this body His name is also Yao Xuan. Both his parents died in a car accident, and he spent five years in the Red Mountain Orphanage in Aolai City.
Until Yao Xuan from Earth crossed over, it was amazing. I never thought I would have such an opportunity.
It’s too unbelievable. Now that I’ve traveled here, I must do my own business.
When Yao Xuan was still immersed in the shock of time travel, a magical voice suddenly sounded in his ear, “Chaoshen system activated successfully.” Is it bound? Super God system listened to the prompt sound that suddenly appeared in the ear, Yao Xuan also showed a hint of surprise in his eyes, but then he turned into relief.
They all said that the traveler will get a golden finger It seems that he, Yao Xuan, is no exception. Of course, binding Yao Xuan is not a conspiracy theory believer.
Since he has the chance, he has no reason not to.
Therefore, he also silently chooses to bind in his heart.
The binding begins and the binding succeeds. Yao Xuan’s thoughts sounded in Yao Xuan’s ears again, and at the same time, a stream of mysterious air flowed into Yao Xuan’s sea of ​​consciousness and body, and began to transform his body and bind the super-spiritual system.
The process of setting is completed, the binding of Chaoshen system is completed, and now you can sign in to receive a gift package for beginners.
Whether you sign in or not, thirty seconds is fleeting, and the binding is over.
The system’s notification tone sounded again, sign in and listen to the system’s notification tone, Yao Xuan also said without hesitation, “Ding, sign in successfully, congratulations, you have won a novice gift package and a reward as follows: system ability Detective Eye, this is a powerful ability that can help you detect targets attributes and feedback in the form of data, the stronger your mental power is, the stronger the detection power is, the stronger the enemy is In addition, your temperament and aura have also been improved. Seeing your intelligent creatures will involuntarily have a good impression on you, and they are more likely to help you and even become your friends. The system ability strengthens your understanding. Your understanding has been greatly strengthened. Even those Limit Douluo’s comprehension in their childhood was nothing more than this, whether it is the cultivation of soul power, the control of soul skills or the comprehension of knowledge, you have reached the level of understanding, and you can draw inferences from one instance to the other. The opportunity to draw a good fortune-level martial soul can be bound immediately after the draw.
It will greatly change your talent and physique and help you walk on the road of being a strong man.
Following Yao Xuan’s words, the notification sound of successful sign-in sounded in his sea of ​​consciousness.
At the same time A transparent reminder box engraved with countless gorgeous patterns also appeared in front of Yao Xuan’s eyes, showing the rewards given to him by the novice gift pack. Such a generous reward is indeed a super god system.
The martial soul is much stronger than any god-level martial soul when you hear it. It’s really great. Looking at the reward in front of you, Yao Xuan’s eyes can’t help but flicker with surprise, and he feels a little parched, Yao Xuan, are you still there? What are you doing in a daze on the bed? Hurry up and get out of bed and wash up. The other children are waiting for you. Just when Yao Xuan was immersed in joy, the female voice came again.
I understand. Aunt Li Mei quickly agreed. The rules of the orphanage folded the quilt, changed into clothes, rinsed his mouth and washed his face, then walked out