Under the excitement I may not have heard Li Dongzes words But the miserable Wang Ergou heard me sue you I will sue you for domestic

The devil system trillion prompts that one year’s natural lifespan is equal to a point of energy value. Ma Zhong did the math and found that the lifespan of a billion people in the world is not enough to exchange for energy value.
So he uses the devil system to trade with people while striving to develop technology. The average life span of all human beings I’m really not a devil, I’m just helping you increase your lifespan to earn a little difference Myself, the fool Ma Zhong had a dream in which he had a love affair with a demon The demon said it was his first love, it felt so good, so it would fulfill Ma Zhong’s wish Ma Zhong really fell in love with the demon in the dream, so He hoped that the devil would stop being a devil and grow old together with him.
The devil laughed. Ma Zhong woke up and made Mad. Is the devil a man or a woman? Or what is a devil? Anomaly, Ma Zhong breathed a sigh of relief, stupid, the devil said he wanted to grant me a wish, why don’t I want money and superpowers, and let the devil grow old with me? Will the devil’s hair turn gray? Wait, does the devil in the dream have hair? Is that hair? Thinking about the dream that I still remember clearly after waking up, Ma Zhong laughed and said that he is really stupid.
It’s just a dream. Even if the wish in the dream is really made, how can it possibly come true? Really poor and crazy, turned over on the bed Ma Zhong stared at the ceiling and felt melancholy as always Dilemma In the early years, when he had no money, he had the nerve to open his mouth to his family, but as he grew older, he could no longer open his mouth, and his family’s conditions were not very good. My son can have a better life and he has worked so hard, why didn’t he hold back? Ma Zhong regretted that although his original job didn’t earn much, but fortunately, he had a stable future and there was room for promotion, but he succeeded on a whim.
Fired the boss, although he never even saw the boss in front of him when he fired the boss Going back to my hometown to stay for a while, this idea just came into being, Ma Zhong kept it in the back of my mind.
Home is a safe haven, but why should I bring the wind and rain home? As an adult, Ma Zhong knows very well that the most important thing for adults is to learn to be for themselves.
To put it simply, you have to be responsible when you get up from the bed, Ma Zhong went to the bathroom, and inadvertently saw his own frustration in the mirror He has double eyelids, but because he has been wearing glasses for many years, his big eyes are easily overlooked. The double eyelids are invisible to anyone but himself.
The attention is too low. This is also the reason why the eyes of the crowd will always focus on the most conspicuous people, ordinary people like Ma Zhong naturally do not have the ability to attract attention, but they will not be disgusting, but now Ma Zhong looks in the mirror But his own face is full of disgust.
This disgusting expression makes him look even more unbearable. He hasn’t gone out much for more than a month.
In a city that has nothing to do with him, he is surrounded by strangers. Naturally, he doesn’t care how others look at him. So Ma Zhong didn’t tidy up his neat short hair, which is already half-length or not long. Because of his changing sleeping postures, one side is high and the other is low, and there are a few piles of dull hair, and a thick beard is also covered around the chin and lips. The very wrinkled pajamas make him look no better than the homeless on the street. An excellent person like me should have lived a brilliant life.
How come he is still floating in the sea of ​​people for more than 20 years? Didn’t Ma Zhong say it to the mirror? Although he had this kind of thought in his heart, he didn’t have the thick skin to say it. He is nearly 30 years old, and the reason for this coercion is only on him.
After a not well-received university, he became a daydream of a professional gamer. That game was very popular back then, and Ma Zhong’s career as a professional player stopped in his city. The Moon Crown game was officially held.
After winning the monthly championship in the Hundred Cities League, the team that was supposed to participate in the regional ranking competition was poached away.
The soul of the team, the sniper, was very angry at that time, because he was still at the age where he could live with love electricity. In fact, he was at that time. All the members of the team are college students and they are all at the same age that they can generate electricity with love, so when faced with the guaranteed monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, most of the anger they showed was because of envy and jealousy. The game after the big sniper proved that the one who is more accurate than the big sniper is not the disbandment of the big sniper team, but Ma Zhong did not give up, but practiced hard in the Internet cafe every day, and the result was naturally that after graduation, he ran to find a job and did not acquire professional knowledge. He has no work experience, he is self-motivated, but his eyes are high and his abilities are low.
In the end, he ended up in this ugly appearance, who else can he blame but himself? A smart person like me has already bid farewell to innocence, why did he use a relationship to change his body? Scarred Ma Zhong knows that he is not smart, a little smart has never been really smart Thinking about his own emotional path, Ma Zhong decided to answer the phone.
Afterwards, I directly said, Sister Ma, do you have any instructions? Sister Ma is Ma Zhong’s landlord, tear down a generation of net worth, and calculate carefully