Under such circumstances should the emperor continue to protect Xiong Tingbi despite the storm of condemnation or use Wei Zhongxian to quell the ruling and

The country is in a difficult situation. The eldest son of the emperor has not yet been established as the prince. I am afraid that there will be differences. I hope you can cough and cough. The emperor of Taichang Zhu Changluo suddenly began to cough up blood.
Before he felt his pulse, but kept shaking his head and sighing, Zhu Changluo, who knew that the end was approaching, took a deep breath and said non-stop for a while, I also hope that you can help the eldest son of the emperor to succeed to the throne, and my son will be regarded as Yao and Shun by the school. The four of them looked at each other first, then got up in panic and knelt down on the ground and said in unison, I will use this body to protect the eldest son of the emperor, His Royal Highness succeeds to the throne until then, lying on the sidelines, crying sobbingly, the eldest son Zhu Youxiao stood up in a daze, but There was a little incomprehension in the eyes, I was walking on the street not long ago, and it took a moment, countless memories flooded into Zhu Youxiao’s mind, and the severe pain made him open his mouth to shout, Taichang Emperor Zhu Changluo succeeded to the throne in January Not long ago, he was still walking as usual, and no one thought that his health would deteriorate so quickly. The eldest son of the emperor, Zhu Youxiao, was only sixteen years old, and he had no foundation in the imperial court. Under such circumstances, Zhu Youxiao’s abnormal emotional changes were regarded by the four solitary officials present as excessive grief Zhu Youxiao, who was sure that there were no cameras or directors around at all, realized that he had really traveled to the end of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty and quickly climbed to the side of the dragon couch.
Before he died, he tried his best to arrange the succession for himself, and was grateful to Zhu Changluo. He tried his best to stand up and whispered something to Zhu Youxiao, and then mysteriously stuffed a golden scroll into the latter’s hand.
I don’t know what it says The scroll lifted the spirits of the four Tuogu important officials.
After handing the scroll to Zhu Youxiao, Zhu Changluo coughed a few soothing breaths and said, my son can remember what I said for my father.
When I heard the word “father”, Zhu Youxiao nodded heavily.
Saying loudly that the father and the emperor are in the Shang Dynasty, I will keep it in my heart for a moment, and dare not forget that the father and son sang together, which made the four Tuogu ministers suspect that each of them was active in their hearts. Just when the Tuogu ministers were thinking wildly, Zhu Changluo on the dragon bed suddenly coughed Lying there two times, thinking for a while, he still said weakly, you and the eldest son of the emperor, please go down and call Li Xuan to see me for the last time. Seeing this, Zhu Youxiao and the four important officials left the palace one after another.
Xi Li Xuan, who was waiting for a long time, listened to the order Then he walked in triumphantly. About half an hour later, Cui Wensheng, the eunuch of Guangjing Royal Pharmacy’s palm print, walked out of Qianqing Palace. First, he glanced at Zhu Youxiao and the four important officials who had been waiting outside for a long time, and then shouted loudly. This loud cry marked the end of the Taichang Dynasty and also represented the rising of a brand new dynasty. On September 26th, the forty-eighth year of Wanli, the death knell of the Forbidden City of the Great Ming Empire rang for Emperor Taichang. Zhu Changluo passed away, the ruling and the public grieved, and the two emperors of Wanli and Taichang passed away one month apart. A battle of dragons and tigers ensued in the inner and outer harem. At this moment, the eyes of almost all forces were focused on Zhu Youxiao, the eldest son of the emperor.
Taichang died. Li Xuanshi used the excuse of the late emperor’s death to lock Zhu Youxiao in the inner study of Qianqing Palace. The eunuch Cui Wensheng did it even more.
Except for food and drink, he was not allowed to go in and out, and even satirized him all day long. In his last life, Zhu Youxiao was a designer who worked part-time at Qidian.com and wrote novels.
His greatest interest was the history of the late Ming Dynasty. I didn’t expect that I accidentally traveled here on the way to get off work late at night. If you are familiar with the history of the Ming Dynasty, it doesn’t count. According to Goldfinger, there should be nothing wrong with brassfingers, right? It was cheap that night. His father Zhu Changluo died because of the Hongwan case. This body is only 16 years younger than later generations.
As Taichang Emperor’s favorite servant, Xili Naturally, he was not reconciled to just handing over the power to a little boy, and then Zhu Youxiao was imprisoned in the study room of the Qianqing Palace, which was the case of moving the palace following the Hongwan case. Li Xuanshi wanted to be the second Wu Zetian. In Zhu Youxiao’s view, this guy’s operation is also going farther and farther on the road to death. Although he is imprisoned now, Zhu Youxiao is not at all anxious about who to eat and drink.
Let him know the history.
A woman was a joke when Wu Zetian was in the Ming Dynasty. Those civil servants could beat Li Xuan to death with a hammer in the court hall. It’s true that the four trustees are eating nothing.
According to the development of history, the four trustees don’t even need to do it themselves. The important ministers will join hands to pull Li Xuanshi off the horse and help him to take the position. When the time comes, he has to teach Cui Wensheng that lifeless dog eunuch, but if I remember correctly, Cui Wensheng should be just a shield, except that there seems to be a more insidious one behind him.
In collusion with Xi Li Xuanshi, as for who Zhu Youxiao knew it well, the four trustees on the contrary joined hands to help him to the top, and it may not be all good intentions.
Years of party struggle is about to come out with a winner. Now the problem is that if you don’t want to be manipulated by civil officials, you need to cultivate your own power.
To put it bluntly, you have to let the biting dogs out.
You are a fisherman.
Li’s work, I came here thinking about it, Zhu Youxiao’s eyes changed, this scene happened to be seen by Wang An, the eunuch who was standing by the side, and in his impression, this prince seems to have become a little different since the death of the first emperor Is the emperor’s mentality an innate ability of the royal family?