Under such circumstances even the Broken Sword probably won’t be able to last until the end and as I look at the Broken Sword right

Chapter 1 The Man Who Lives in Yin My name is Liu Changsheng, and I live at the junction of Guizhou Province and Yun Province. Dad is a fool, not to mention stupid, just being honest is a bit too much.
Most of the time, as long as you look at him, he will smile at you silly. If you ask him a question, he will answer what he knows, but only a few words and he won’t say much.
Over time, my dad was defined by the people in the village as not very smart, and he almost didn’t have a daughter-in-law in his twenties. It was common for him to get married and have children at that age.
My dad is already an old bachelor. Not very flexible, but very strong, so there are quite a few people who ask him to use his strength. According to my grandfather, it was at night when my father went to other villages to work for others and came back very late. When he came back, he was on his back.
One person is still a woman with a big belly.
This person is my mother.
At that time, my grandfather saw that my mother was dying or was about to give birth, and immediately asked my father to invite the midwife from the village, but I still didn’t have time to hear when the midwife arrived.
My mother has lost her breath, the tragedy of one dead body and two lives, but I heard that the midwife at that time saw my mother’s stomach move, and suddenly stepped forward, put her ear on my mother’s stomach and looked at my grandfather for a while, saying that the child can still be saved. People who have already passed the overcast are rescued, and I am afraid they will not live long.
My grandfather was sullen and did not speak at the time, and my dad, who had been standing at the door without saying a word, just said in a low voice, save grandpa. I nodded to the midwife, and then I asked my grandpa what is a person who has passed through the shadows, and my grandpa told me that he was someone who had passed through the gate of hell. When it was taken out, this incident alarmed the police in the town. After all, my mother is not from the village, but the fact is that my mother died of dystocia. Her stomach was cut open by the midwife so that I could live.
The strange thing is that the police searched all the surrounding villages and there was no household registration of my mother, so my mother’s origin became a mystery, but there were many people who did not have household registration at that time. Normally, this matter will be resolved in the end, and my mother’s identity has become a mystery.
Because she is not from the village, she has no way to be buried in the ancestral grave. She can only be buried in a small forest in the back of our mountain, and I was killed by me.
My grandpa and my dad raised me. I never had a birthday since I was a child, because my birthday is my mother’s death day. Every year, I go up to the mountain to worship my mother. My mother’s grave has no tombstone and no one knows her name. As for me, I was adopted by my grandpa and my dad. For as long as I can remember I’ve slept in a weird dress with some black prints on it Most of them were big ones and wrapped around my body to sleep and I’d wear a different one every night It wasn’t until the year I entered junior high school that I finally realized that those things were shrouds, that is, clothes that dead people would wear. That day I came home from school. I happened to pass by a family that held a funeral. On weekdays, there are funerals in the village.
Grandpa would not let me be there. He also told me that if I saw someone else’s funeral on the road, I should leave quickly.
When those people carried a dead man into the coffin, I noticed that the clothes the dead man wore were the same as the clothes I wore to sleep at night. At that time, I was shocked and ran home and told my grandpa about it.
Puzzled, he immediately found a bunch of willow sticks, pointed at my body, and beat me up. Grandpa just asked me why I went to see someone else’s house for a funeral.
I explained it to my grandpa, and finally grandpa told me with a serious face.
If you want to die, you can’t spread the news.
At that time, I was only 2 years old. I was scared by my grandfather’s words, so I didn’t dare to talk nonsense.
Finally, when I entered high school, I didn’t have to wear a shroud to sleep every night.
I only needed to go home and sleep every week. I wear it twice. Sometimes I even feel that my grandfather bought me a shroud.
I guess it cost a lot of money. I wear a different shroud almost every night. If the money for the shroud is so much, if my grandfather buys me new clothes, how much can I buy until I am old? When I graduated from high school, I made up my mind to tell my grandpa that no matter whether I was admitted to college or not, I would go out to society wearing this stuff.
How would I find a girlfriend? Even if I found a crucial step, I would not be scared to death when I saw me wearing a shroud. It was at that time that I discovered a fact that I couldn’t accept even more.
Every shroud I wore was taken from the dead.
When I arrived at the village entrance that day, I saw the second fool in our village smiling at me and pointing at me. I keep talking about the short-lived ghost, the short-lived ghost, the second idiot is very pitiful.
I heard that when I was a child, my parents were beaten to death by robbers.
At that time, the second idiot was stupid. It looks like he was joking with him.
If he is a fool, I don’t need to worry about him. When I got home, my grandfather was smoking a pipe in the side room. When I came back, my grandfather got up and went back to the house.
When he came out, he had an extra black plastic bag in his hand and handed it to me. Baby, this is for tonight.
I know it’s the shroud I’m going to wear to sleep tonight.
Grandpa, I’m so old, can’t I not wear this? As soon as I finished speaking, Grandpa stared at me with a cold face and shouted nonsense, what are you talking about, making you wear it is to keep you alive Grandpa’s voice was full of sternness, although I had prepared myself for it, but I still felt a little wronged, I sighed in my heart, Grandpa is getting old It’s not good to make him angry.
I slowly told him about it.
I didn’t know until night that my dad didn’t come back to sleep and watched TV for a while.
Then I went back to my room to get ready to rest.