Uncle is her master Chen Youliang his whole body is trembling with anger at this time he wants to fuck a pig but if he

Master Hui Xialiu’s new book must be a masterpiece.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to pretend to be a girl.
This book will not only teach you how to pretend to be a girl when you are a girl Zhang Niucha’s crossing of the Longteng Continent, where thousands of sects stand, the territory is vast. At this time, more than a hundred eighteen-year-old family children stood there in the 100,000-mile wilderness on the edge of the Longteng Continent, with eager expressions on their faces, but they were seriously looking at the four in front of them. An old man, they are all from the wild city, but they are from different families, the Song family, the Chen family, the Zhao family and the Wang family, and the one who is speaking at this time is the elder of the Song family, Song Li, and two months are the days when Qingfeng College enrolls students.
During this family trial, I hope that you can temper yourself and strive to enter Qingfeng College. From now on, the future is boundless. The system is loading. The target is the Dragon Continent. The loading is complete. Congratulations to the host.
Do you play games at home? What Dragon Continent Chen Haonan remembers that he was playing a game and suddenly a webpage popped up with a few lines of words Do you want to have invincible power? Do you want to have top-quality equipment to be invincible? Beauty knee? The font disappears, and then there is a very tempting picture of a beautiful woman. As a single dog of the century, seeing such a picture, how can I not click at the speed of a single year, and then I frankly pass through me.
Do you want to be so cool? Yeah, since you can practice through time travel, it’s all right to be an outstanding young man of the century.
Mom, you don’t have to worry about my studies any more. I have a novice gift pack for the next Olympics, don’t be too tricky! The gift pack has been opened, congratulations to the host for gaining a small experience, Danjing Iron Sword Angel’s wing skills, the detection host itself does not have a martial soul, so the goal of this novice lottery is the martial soul is being drawn, congratulations to the host The luck is against the sky to draw the epic-level martial soul, the sky-eating beast, the martial soul is white and white.
With the memory of this body, it seems that the division of this world, including the martial arts, martial arts, etc., are all white, green, yellow, red, purple, and orange. The more powerful they are, the white they are. What the hell is my time? I don’t read much. You can’t lie to me like this. I’m still lucky. The epic-level martial soul is just white.
Chen Haonan thought so and then looked at the attributes of the martial soul. Heaven-devouring beast.
It can devour other spirits to evolve, so this is no more than the purple and orange spirits. Although it is weak at this time, it can evolve.
Sure enough, it is a potential stock like Lao Tzu. Let’s see what the skills are. The angel’s wings come from Teemo’s passive in League of Legends. The talent will enter the stealth state after standing still for three seconds. You can move and remain invisible as long as you don’t attack. I am a second-timer.
I am a second-timer. Do you want to do this? You can use the hero skills of League of Legends and you will get a stealth skill when you come up Can be invisible hehehe this nima is definitely a magical skill to kill and live to peek at girls taking a shower ah ding whether to integrate martial soul ding whether to learn skill fusion learning With the successful fusion of martial soul Chen Haonan feels indescribably comfortable all over his body this is martial soul Do you want to check the current status? Check Chen Haonan-level martial artist, first-level strength, strength of a catty horse, experience value, martial soul, sky-devouring beast, white low-level skill, angel wings, my body is too poor, but fortunately, there is a system It doesn’t matter, I will help you fulfill your wish.
Chen Haonan said silently in his heart. In fact, the owner of this body is also called Chen Haonan. He is the son of the head of the Chen family, but because he doesn’t have a martial soul, his cultivation speed is extremely slow.
Maybe he will never enter the warrior state in this life.
And this family competition is very important for Chen Haonan and his father Chen Zhan. The top three in the big competition will be sent to Qingfeng Academy. If they can’t make it to the top three, not only may they not enter Qingfeng Academy, but even his father’s position as patriarch will be lost.
It is not guaranteed that the father depends on the son, and the son has a bright future after entering the academy, and the relationship of the academy will naturally change the position of the patriarch.
Chen Zhan has spent a lot of money under great pressure to let his son practice, but he has not succeeded. Once the patriarch’s seat is lost, the father and son’s situation can be imagined. It’s not very miserable, but very miserable. Your last wish is my wish. Give it to me. Hey hey hey hey hey Chen Haonan laughed loudly and completely forgot that everyone was listening to Song Li quietly at this time, so in order to achieve the effect of the trial, we will not protect you all by yourself Let’s start, Song Li look at it Glancing at Chen Haonan, he wondered if Chen Zhan was also stupid. How could he not be afraid that his precious son would die if the young master who was a waste and a fool came? Smiled and said, I think you are a fool, he was stupid at first, Chen Haonan didn’t hear their discussion at this time, but was researching the upgrade system, I can gain experience points by killing monsters in Austria, and can explode equipment, report skills, and what the hell can report beauties Don’t be so stubborn, this is not the most annoying thing, there is also the function of raising pets in online games, the function of growing mounts, and even the function of raising beautiful women.
Hey hey hey hey hey Chen Haonan interrupted Chen Haonan with a melodious voice like an oriole