Uncertain variables we have already prepared for it those idiots in the ridiculous demon world really thought we would listen to them and only sent

However, the long-term battle has created not only a powerful army soul, but also an unparalleled corpse spirit. Luck or misfortune As a result, Xu Fu did not find Xianshan because he was afraid of Qin Shihuang’s tyranny and brought thousands of boys and girls down the river to the present.
Qin Shihuang waited unsuccessfully and slaughtered all the people related to Xu Fu in anger. After that, he found Lu Shengling, who had been cultivating immortals all his life After he went to ask for the medicine and got the fairy medicine, he asked Lu Sheng to try it out so that he could enjoy it with his subordinates, so that he could dominate the world and enjoy the world forever, but an accident happened when he took the medicine at the end.
Prime Minister Li Si knew that the end of the Qin Dynasty’s downfall was set and the old enemy of the first emperor would not miss this opportunity, so he and the descendants of the first empress and the four generals fled overnight with the stone statues of the first emperor and the four generals. The elixir taken by Qin Shihuang was accompanied by a curse. After taking it, he became a stone man, but if the curse is lifted, the day when the first emperor reappears will be a time of chaos.
In civilization, there are military research and development bases and several famous tourist attractions. There is an artificially built garden, artificial lake, stone benches, stone tables, towering trees on the campus. At this time, there were not many students walking around in the garden during class. A man and a woman sat quietly beside the artificial lake.
The boy’s simple hair fluttered in the wind, and his eyes were unique and rare.
Looking at the purple carefully, it looks like a swirl, which makes people fascinated. There is a ring on his left hand. The whole purple ring body is carved with simple and simple patterns.
It is very strange that the boy has been on his hand since he was conscious.
As the boy grows up, the ring is also there. The boy’s fingers have never felt uncomfortable. Next to the boy sits a girl of about 20 years old.
The girl is very beautiful. She has brows, nose and skin, and her waist is full of snow.
I kept looking at the lake, as if I didn’t dare to face the boy’s expectant eyes. After a moment of oppressive silence, the boy finally spoke. Xiaoyue, I, I, and I told you yesterday that the boy stammered and asked, and the tone of his voice revealed something from the bottom of his heart. Looking forward to waiting silently, the girl finally turned her head and looked at the boy with a difficult smile The girl said anxiously and didn’t reply, the girl was still looking at the water, the boy was anxiously watching the girl’s lips twitching, and wanted to say something more, but he didn’t know what to say, there seemed to be a gap between the two of them, the girl was silent for a long time, the girl finally said sorry, Ling Chi, we don’t Appropriate, I have always regarded you as my best friend. To you, I just feel like a family member. I’m sorry, don’t say anything that is inappropriate.
Tell me My real reason The boy’s voice suddenly became firm and looked straight ahead The girl hesitated for a while and suddenly said loudly Because you can’t give me what I want, I’m fed up with this kind of life Slowly the boy stood up and went deep He took a deep look at the girl and walked out of the woods, but his charming eyes seemed to lose his spirit. He heard the girl’s voice while walking. Ling Chi, are we still friends? The boy paused for a moment and continued to leave.
The second-year student in the department is an orphan himself.
I don’t need to mention the hardships when I was a child.
Fortunately, I was able to enter the school with the help of a kind person. The girl was Ling Chi who met by chance. It was called Lin Yue. The first meeting made Ling Chi fall in love at first sight, which he didn’t believe before. After the change, Ling Chi approached Lin Yue intentionally or unintentionally to find out her name, her preferences, and her address. They got close again and again and finally they became friends. After a bloody hero rescued the beauty, the relationship between the two had a breakthrough. The progress of eating, class, and class are always sticking together.
Outsiders seem to have become a man and a woman in love. Just yesterday Ling Chi felt that the time was right.
In the evening, I asked Lin Yue to go shopping at the night market. I was very happy.
On the way back to school, I saw Lin Yue’s smile. Ling Chi felt very satisfied.
At this moment, he plucked up the courage to start a sincere confession. Just watching Lin Yue whose smile gradually faded, Ling Chi waited bitterly for a whole day, and finally asked Lin Yue to inquire again, but it felt like a relative. Giving is equal to repaying. Others’ giving is equal to my lover.
My giving is equal to relatives. Ling Chi laughs at himself and walks aimlessly around the campus, seeing couples of lovers passing by.
The appearance of me makes Ling Chi even more irritable. Shaking his head helplessly and walking towards the dormitory, I really don’t have the mood to listen to the old man’s lectures. When a woman is in a bad mood, she thinks of shopping, while a man thinks of drinking, sweating profusely, carrying the beer she just bought up to the sixth floor to the door of the dormitory.
Seeing that the door was not closed, Ling Chi was stunned and walked in. At this time, the war was extremely fierce, and the yelling was not afraid of attracting wolves. Ling Chi shook his head, walked over, threw the beer on the ground, and then started unpacking Ling Chi, why are you back? Did you go on a date with your Xiaoyue? Why did you come back now? Liu Hao, the boss in the dormitory, said without looking back that there are four people in Ling Chi’s dormitory. The other three are Liu Hao, Deng Li, and Hao Qiang. Ranked by age Liu Hao became the boss at the age of Deng Li became the second child Ling Chi and Hao Qiang were both 2 years old, because Hao Qiang was a few months older and became the third child Hao Qiang was naturally at the bottom of the four Ling Chi is an orphan, Liu Hao, Deng Li, and his family are all ordinary workers.
Not long after entering the school, Hao Qiang proposed to buy a computer together, and the other three couldn’t afford that much money for a while.