Uh Concubine Su quickly covered Miao Xiaohuas mouth Leaning back and leaning against the side wall its not that they dont run its that they

Chapter 1 I only have a strike of a series of gunshots in the flagship store of Wal -Mart Center.
Entering the gate of Wal-Mart, those who want to live squat on the ground with their hands over their heads, those who stand still for a second, then die The rest of the squatting people are really sitting on the ground with limp legs.
No one wants to stand up and challenge the muzzle of the gun. Minutes, I only have minutes, I only have minutes. The young man is muttering words that only he can hear. Every second, he strode into the supermarket shelves, holding a submachine gun in his right hand, and casually brushing the rows of goods on the shelves with his left palm.
The rows of goods disappeared in an instant.
The people inside don’t touch us, four or five security guards in uniforms, armed with electric batons, rushed into the gate of the supermarket in a panic, and only spoke halfway, but saw the young man suddenly turned around, raised his left hand and bumped twice, rushing to the front two. The security guard seems to have hit the milky white glass door, leaning back and smashing at the two companions behind him. What is that? The entrance of the supermarket in front of him is blocked by a large milky white air wall, and he can’t see clearly what’s going on inside. Several security guards hurriedly stood up and punched them. Hitting the electric baton, nothing can help, I only have minutes left in the countdown, Liu Xiaomo shook his head vigorously until now, he still feels like he is dreaming, but even if it is a dream, don’t waste a second of Wal-Mart Center The flagship store is close to Pingliu and Xiaomo compulsively raises his concentration and concentrates on looking around in less than a second. The condiment area flies to the northeast corner and rushes to the condiment area.
He locks on the target at a glance. The salt is real.
Clenching tightly, only he knows what this bag of salt represents without any hesitation.
His left hand brushes across the shelf full of salt.
Another bag of salt disappears in an instant. Salt, soy sauce, pickles, chili powder, chili powder, chili powder, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, fermented bean curd, and stinky tofu The two rows of shelves, except for the vinegar, all the other things disappeared, let go, the countdown still has minutes and seconds left, time is precious, now is the real time, money, Liu Xiaomo quickly walked around to another area and shot another ten rounds Bullet crowd screaming and let them out to line up the shelves.
This row is full of canned food, canned meat, canned fruit, vacuum-packed meat, ham sausage, if the salt is gold sand, then these things have to be called golden lumps.
The post-apocalyptic golden lumps are striding forward in this row.
The shelf shuttles back and forth countdown, and there are still minutes and seconds. The next target is cigarettes and liquor, which are end-of-the-world luxuries, and then they find the drinks and beverages area. In the southeast corner, I get out of the way.
screaming Scattered, he quickly rushed to the southeast corner of drinks, all kinds of expensive liquors, and the shelves were full of Dengdeng cigarettes. Does your supermarket sell cigarettes? There is still a second, and Liu Xiaomo strides to the cashier to grab it. The time is running out for a girl to yell at me.
Now tell me where the cigarettes are. The cashier who was caught screaming tremblingly pointed outside the cash register. There is a tobacco and alcohol shop there.
Wal-Mart does not sell cigarettes, but it does. On the side of the service counter, there is a big tobacco and alcohol store.
Two waitresses saw Liu Xiaomo striding towards them and rushed towards them, screaming and running away. There is still room for all the income, rushing into the supermarket, dried fruit, chocolate, high-sugar food, high-sugar drink, seconds Liu Xiaomo is about to turn around and rush to another food area, suddenly he sees a double-opening white steel gate in front of him, and there are goods on both sides of the gate impressively The submachine gun held by the left hand of the warehouse with two large characters disappeared instantly. Both hands immediately revealed a two-meter-long air knife made entirely of milky white gas. One jump into the gate and the countdown counts down.
Where the fuck is the salt and salt? The big warehouse is also neatly placed with various shelves, but the things here are all in boxes. The box disappeared but I still can’t find the salt This is a box of table salt. There are still seconds left in the time. A box of table salt disappears in front of Liu Xiaomo.
A box of table salt disappears until the last second of the countdown. The last picture in front of Liu Xiaomo’s eyes. The bottom of the left hand disappeared and finally turned into a misty milky white in front of my eyes.
Antibiotics have not expired. Bullets of antibiotics can cure all diseases. Apple mobile phones before the end of the world.
The latest brand new Apple mobile phones.
Chili sauce still has a one-month expiration date.
Laoganma chili sauce only needs bullets and bullets for cheap. Pepsi bullet cans.
The largest settlement of human survivors in the city Looking at the familiar scene in front of the market Liu Xiaomo knew he was back Chapter 2 Crazy Treasure Human survivors in Fallen Leaf City Wan Bazaar The dim sky yellow dirt road Survivors in rags By