Turning the head to look behind I found that the Tang Sancai of various shapes on both sides of the hall almost sat on the

Many years later, a mysterious exploration team in white robes with a mission was ordered to conduct a survey mission in the area, code-named Rashomon. They brought the most advanced equipment at that time and finally arrived at the bottom of the underground fortification left by the Japanese army, but found a huge discovery that subverted human consciousness. Knowing the terrible secret, after they meet together, they will completely rot this matter in their stomachs.
They will not report to the outside world or even the superiors, but they never thought that they will be attacked by an inexplicable curse in the end. When I returned to the mission site, I suddenly discovered this terrifying and frightening secret. It turns out that Ganzi died a long time ago.
Chapter 1 Awakening, please tell me what you know, and we will ensure your safety. A group of strangers in front of me are holding a microphone and asking if I have finally escaped. The incomparable sweetness in my heart is like a ray of sunshine finally breaking through the darkness. I found myself lying on a hospital bed covered with gauze. May I ask how you survived? Hello, I am a reporter from the TV station. May I ask how you survived in such a harsh environment. What is in that hole? Can you tell us if you are comfortable? Just a moment? In front of me, there are a dozen people in strange clothes, like sparrows, chirping non-stop in front of me.
Cough, cough, cough, cough. I want to tell them to go away, but I find that my hoarse voice is almost inaudible. I wave my arms and shake violently.
The pain made my brain wake up in an instant. I’m sorry, please leave the patient. The patient’s condition is very unstable now.
A man in a white coat is shaking in front of my eyes. He puts his hands in his pockets and gently treats the strangers in front of him. I drove them out completely. Thank you.
I said hoarsely, almost inaudible.
At that moment, he just turned around and left without looking back.
Knowing that it was my addiction to cigarettes, I stretched out my hand and touched my pants subconsciously. I just thought of this.
I looked down at the white spoke clothes I was wearing. This kind of deja vu scene can only be seen on TV and looked to the side. There was a box of cigarettes on the table that I had never seen before.
The guy seemed to be tempting me non-stop. I couldn’t resist the temptation and suddenly stretched out my hands desperately trying to grab the box of red cigarettes on the next table. The cigarette suddenly felt like I was out of breath again. The rotting blood and maggots were desperately moving towards my mouth, ears, and even my eyes.
I was so scared that I suddenly retracted my arms.
That scene is still in my mind, and I gave a wry smile.
Feeling that I might really never forget it in this life, the door opened, I just wanted to pretend to be in a deep sleep, and I was lucky to find that the reporters who walked in this time were not those reporters just now. They were wearing police uniforms and their faces were cold. Emotional face reveals a firm purpose in the eyes The light seemed to pierce my heart from the moment I was rescued I knew that something like this was bound to happen to me I’d even made up my own words I didn’t know anything I didn’t know nothing The hoarse voice echoed In front of the room, two middle-aged men in police uniforms looked at each other and smiled, as if they had already expected that I would talk like this and didn’t say much.
Why did you have blood on your hands when you were rescued? Part of the internal organs, but these are not on your body, can you cooperate with our investigation and explain them clearly? Their eyes are like eagles, but I seem to be the prey in their eyes.
I want to escape, but I know that will make me more vulnerable. Comrade policeman It’s my patient, he’s not fully recovered yet, you can’t interrogate him like this, that middle-aged man in a white coat broke into the room just now, and I know this is the perfect moment for me to adjust myself so well we just have to The police officer who looked a little ferocious for three minutes turned around and looked at my savior with a smile on his face. It can be seen that a person like him should always have a stinky face, and even his expression was a little stiff. I was lying on the hospital bed.
I almost laughed out loud, but fortunately, I am no different from a dumb person now.
The violent mood swings made me cough violently again. The aroma of tobacco is probably what I need most at this time, not even for a minute.
He is mine. If something happens to the patient, who among you will be responsible? The tone of the middle-aged doctor is getting tougher. At this moment, I have a good impression of the profession of doctor for the first time. I pretend to turn my head away and watch them staring at me when they leave. My heart gradually clears up. The middle-aged doctor turned around and left again as if nothing had happened, but when he left, he subconsciously threw the remote control in his hand beside the bed and the TV was hanging above my head. With a little strength, I grabbed the remote control in my hand and pressed the red button without hesitation. Because the angle of the TV made me look up, I could only see the picture, but the severe pain from all over my body was almost clear to the marrow. I couldn’t help my temper, but this time I couldn’t even drop the remote control in my hand. I accidentally knocked off a transparent tube inserted in my chest. For a moment, my heart became panic again and finally escaped. Will you die here because of an accident? Now I finally understand what it means to be self-inflicted.
I waved my hands crazily.
My eyes were full of tentacles-like black hair and struck me again, as if I was already in a cold cave. Those waxy and dry arms.