Turning his head and looking at Ling Ziqian Ling Ziqian was a little embarrassed smiled waved his hand and said hello he went to wash

Chapter 1 Cupid’s Palace of Eros Sauce always feels something is pressing on his chest Ling Ziqian sleeps very uncomfortably, he stretches out his hand to touch his chest, only to find a handful of smooth long hair Ling Ziqian who was sleeping was suddenly woken up Opening his eyes, he saw that there was a head on his chest. In fact, the picture was not scary, but extremely ambiguous. In the air, there was a girl with black and beautiful long hair who was naked and naked, lying on Ling Ziqian’s chest. Hey, hey, what’s going on? Ling Ziqian screamed and wailed in his heart.
He has been in the house for eighteen years, and he fantasized more than once when he woke up from his sleep one day with many beautiful girls in his arms, but now the fantasy has become reality.
The young girl has no clothes on. Ling Ziqian doesn’t feel the temptation, but his scalp is numb.
This girl is sleeping soundly, her face is full of peace, she looks only fifteen or sixteen years old, oh my god, what beast did I do? It’s impossible! I’ve been staying at home playing games for the past two days, and I haven’t even gone downstairs. I don’t even have the chance to do animal things.
Even if I had the chance, I don’t have the guts.
It’s been so depraved for two days, so when I fell asleep, she secretly stuffed a girl in my arms.
Ling Ziqian guessed that he was trying to turn over and leave before the girl woke up.
Ling Ziqian hugged and continued to sleep peacefully Hey hey I am not your doll I am a man is a man Ling Ziqian screamed in his heart The girl is fragrant but he has no intention to savor being hugged by a naked girl He is not for nothing It doesn’t feel like he’s just sitting still, he’s worried about what will happen to the girl after she wakes up. With an underage girl like this, he will definitely be arrested by the police! Ding Lingling The alarm on the bedside table rang without warning, damn it Ling Ziqian was arrested Startled, he quickly reached out to press the alarm, and pressed the alarm.
Ling Ziqian was surprised to find that he was wearing a silver fashion watch on his wrist. However, the screen on the silver watch had no time display, only a large Arabic numeral on the dial.
There is no button on it.
It’s strange. When did I buy such a watch? I touched the watch in doubt.
Ling Ziqian was horrified to find that the watch seemed to be a part of his body, but he couldn’t take it off. I always felt that the silver watch looked familiar, but Ling Ziqian I can’t remember where I saw this watch.
Ling Ziqian was thinking about the watch.
The girl opened her eyes.
After all, she was woken up by the alarm just now.
The girl raised her head and rubbed her eyes in confusion. Rubbing her eyes, she felt something was wrong, saw Ling Ziqian, looked at Ling Ziqian, her small face was full of confusion, she tilted her head in confusion, as if she was thinking about who Ling Ziqian was, the girl turned over, Ling Ziqian’s eyes straightened, and he felt his nose itch, wanting Nosebleed, you’re right, the girl was sitting by the bed, she wanted to ask who Ling Ziqian was But she found out about her situation, she didn’t have any clothes on! Ling Ziqian hurriedly grabbed the quilt next to him to help the girl hide her shame, but in the girl’s view, Ling Ziqian was plotting something wrong Hit by a car, the whole person flew upside down, fell from the bed and fell to the ground with a lot of strength. Ling Ziqian complained in his heart. He turned over and got up. The girl had already wrapped herself tightly with a quilt, only her red face was exposed, and she was very clueless. Cuo’s little head, who are you? Where are you? The girl looked around and asked Ling Ziqian with a slightly crying voice. This is my room. Ling Ziqian looked at the girl in embarrassment.
He suddenly felt that the girl looked familiar. I want to go back to Cupid’s Palace, or I will curse you, girl. Hearing this word, Ling Ziqian finally remembered something, and the thoughts in his mind suddenly became clear. Ling Ziqian figured it out, but he was also frightened and stunned for a long time.
He opened his mouth. Ask the girl that you are the god of love, the girl’s big eyes are full of hatred, she stares at Ling Ziqian, you know that I am the god of love, but you still dare to be careful with me like this, I curse you for not being able to find a girlfriend for the rest of your life. Eros sauce, hey, hey, what’s going on? Ling Ziqian’s brain suddenly became confused.
Could it be a dream? He found it under the pillow. He has been playing games to unlock Ling Ziqian for the past two days. He found that he couldn’t find the game he played for the past two days.
Entered the application market and couldn’t find the game. Clicked on the browser to search, but still couldn’t find it What are you doing in this game, the girl can’t understand Ling Ziqian, she wrapped the quilt tightly around her body, jumped out of the bed and walked towards the door of the room, don’t go, don’t go, Ling Ziqian quickly stop the girl, listen to me, I don’t listen to your explanation, how dare you Stop me, I’m really going to curse you Girls don’t like Ling Ziqian You’re a character in a game I didn’t treat you What’s wrong you don’t know how you appeared in my room Ling Ziqian raised his hand I’ve been using this to play a game of picking up girls And you are the Eros girl who lives in Cupid’s Palace and is in charge of posting love missions. She lowered her head and nodded in thought. She looked around and this is indeed not the world I should be in.
It’s so strange. Although I don’t understand what happened, I finally figured it out.
Ling Ziqian just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but she didn’t expect the girl to cry, I want to go back to my world, I don’t want to stay here, she cried loudly, crystal tears flowed down her fair and pretty cheeks from her beautiful eyes slide