Turning his back to him smoke is still coming out from the front of that person so it looks like it shouldnt be a player

Was pecked to death by a chicken in 2011.
A game called Miracle was born in the hands of Ascendas. This game is called 100% authentic, and today at 12:00 noon is the time when the game beta starts. It is said that the top ten players in the world have entered the game. He will get a mysterious gift, but Liu Feng never thought that he would get such a mysterious gift. Let them fight for the top ten in the world.
In fact, it’s not that Liu Feng doesn’t want to fight, but he has no confidence. He has done it since he was a child. Everything is at the middle and lower level, that is, reading can’t go up and down, work can’t go up and down, playing games can’t go up and down, playing games is generally mediocre. After working for a few years, Liu Feng was fired again.
He bought this gaming helmet with the only savings he had. It can be said that he put all his bets on the game Miracle.
According to the official statement, this completely virtual reality game will bring new life to many people. There was a trace of exhaustion on the dripping, bearded face, looking at the clock on the wall, it was tens of seconds before it was twelve o’clock, and he lost all sleep, even though he knew that the chance of grabbing the top ten places in the world was very slim.
But he would never be reconciled if he didn’t give it a try, so he put on the gaming helmet without even drying his hair, and then switched on the power. The eager Liu Feng had forgotten that the clock on his wall was two minutes faster. Originally, this At that time, Liu Feng should be waiting for the game to open under the prompt of the system like everyone else, but at the moment when the power was turned on, I don’t know if it was because of the water on Liu Feng’s hair or some electricity suddenly appeared on the helmet. Sparks, Liu Feng, who was originally conscious, was stunned by the electricity in an instant, and his whole body twitched.
The blue-purple currents were swimming on his body, which looked terrifying, but Liu Feng’s body was strangely not burnt by the electricity.
Consciousness has passed through the protective threshold of that system and entered the game ahead of time. Welcome to Miracle.
Please name your character. A sweet female voice resounded from all directions in Liu Feng’s ears.
During the opening of the server, everyone is racing against time. Even if he did not win the top ten, he can kill monsters one step earlier and upgrade. Time is money. Confirm and confirm. Please choose the initial professional warrior, mage, archer, assassin, warrior, congratulations on creating a character, please.
Choose your appearance, you can choose to reduce the percentage, increase the percentage, or keep the same percentage, just kidding. Every nerd thinks that he is the most handsome, okay? Liu Feng said, please assign the initial attributes, which will be related to you In the future, the initial attribute is only 50 points.
The attributes needed by fighters are nothing more than physical strength and endurance. As for spirit and agility, they are relatively secondary. Well, wait a minute, what are the other two? There are two options: strength, mental strength, stamina, endurance, and agility. The initial attributes are all ten points, but this luck and understanding are only five points.
Liu Feng’s eyes lit up. Could these two attributes also be able to increase luck? he quickly After hitting luck five times, he was about to add the remaining points to strength and stamina, but when he was about to add points, he was dumbfounded. The available points were unscientific, so he quickly pulled down the page again and saw double digits on the lucky attribute. His eyes were blinded, and Liu Feng was dumbfounded. All the initial attributes were added to luck, so what about his basic attributes? Are the scumbag attributes so strange? And when Liu Feng struggled, the time finally came. At noon, all the players flooded into the server, and the two attribute pages that Liufeng was struggling with, the two columns of luck and understanding, disappeared directly in front of Liufeng. Congratulations to player Liu Rufeng for successfully creating a character and entering the Novice Village, because you are the first! Every player who enters the game will get a mysterious gift bag to put in your backpack. The system detects that your lucky points exceed the point. You will get a super lucky star achievement reward. The comprehension point has been automatically allocated.
Because your basic attributes are too low, the system is grateful.
Compassion rewards five attributes that have been evenly assigned to your basic attribute column.
You have entered the No. 1 Novice Village.
A series of notification sounds made Liu Feng’s eyes dazzle. I am actually the first person to enter the game.
This is really a blockbuster, open it quickly Check the items in your own backpack. A shiny gift bag is lying in the inventory. The mysterious gift bag can be opened at level 10.
It has a high chance of getting gold-level equipment, a low chance of getting a fairy weapon, and a very low chance of getting an artifact. Seeing here Liu Feng is short of breath. It’s against the sky, you must hurry up to level 10 to open a magic weapon, so he can make a lot of money, and when Liu Feng was still in a daze, countless people suddenly appeared on the resurrection point behind him. These people just appeared Immediately, he rushed out of the resurrection point and rushed out. Liu Feng suddenly came to his senses, how could he stand in a daze at this time? Hurry up to upgrade! Thinking of this, he also started to run, but the speed was extremely slow, and finally got a task to eliminate trouble The hare got the task and Liu Feng ran out in a hurry, but when he came to the refresh point of the hare, he was really dumbfounded. Countless people squatted there, and a faint white light lit a cute one. The little white rabbit has just been refreshed, and before both ears are erected, countless attacks hit it, and it instantly turned into white light. Who killed this hare? Liu Feng stared at the player with eager eyes in cold sweat. Their eyes stared at the ground for a moment, and as long as there is a slight sound, these players will definitely attract a stormy attack. It seems that it is difficult to complete this task now.
He took a few steps back and saw a hen leading a group of chicks. In the village, there is only one chick standing there far away, closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep.