Turn on the public voice buddy didn’t you just bully me for not having a gun Now Don’t run away if you’re afraid uncle let

Chapter 1: Bunny Girl Girl Neon A quiet izakaya next to a bustling street in Tokyo is located there Miyako Yu stands behind the counter with a napkin in her hand, wiping the cups, her gaze glances from time to time, and the few shops in the shop are gluttonous.
The guests who came with his body, a bunch of hungry, stinky women, just think about how to eat their piece of soft tofu all day For a time, Gong Ziyu felt that it was not too much for him to receive one hundred more recommendation tickets as a reward every day. Ding Ling was in the midst of Gong Ziyu’s wild thoughts, when the wind chimes decorated at the door of the store rang to call his attention back to the store manager. The best drinker when I come to your place is a girl with a delicate face, but at this moment, the girl’s expression is a bit depressed, and even speaking, she is a bit self-defeating.
It’s not slow, but it took more than a minute. Gong Ziyu personally brought the plate to the girl’s table, please take it easy, this guest, you, you, you can see me.
Gong Ziyu’s gentle voice fell to the girl’s reaction Unexpectedly, she is a little bigger. It seems that I am a little surprised that I can see her as a living person. I am a little happy and a little shy.
Don’t ask how Gong Ziyu sees so many elements.
It’s fate. Although it’s a little strange, it’s because of the customer.
The principle of God’s service Gong Ziyu still nodded and said, huh, the dress is very bold and has the open style of this developed country. What nonsense are you talking about? The girl’s delicate face turned red and she stared at Gong Ziyu in shame.
She glanced at it, then picked up the cup that Miyako Yu gave her, and drank it in a big gulp. Well, this scene looks cute.
It would be better if she could be more frank, so I can only give her eight-point warm liquid.
The faint sweetness and the scent of cherry blossoms flowed into the body from the mouth through the esophagus, making one feel dazed.
The girl was stunned for a moment, and her body temperature was a little higher.
Holding a transparent glass teacup in both hands, she stared blankly at the boy, girl, and minor with a gentle smile on her mouth. Alcohol is prohibited, so let’s change to a cup of our unique scented tea. For a while, the girl was fascinated. Miyako Yu, who was stared at by other customers in the past, didn’t feel uncomfortable. Can you see me, right? There is a faint redness on the cheeks, and a trace of sadness flashes under the eyes. The girl couldn’t help but confirm again. If the cup of scented tea in your hand is warm, I’m sure I can see you, Miss Bunny Girl. As if he could feel the fear and uneasiness of this wild black silk bunny lady, Miyako Yu kept her own gentle smile at the corner of her mouth and reaffirmed it tirelessly. Uh, Miss Bunny Girl, what the hell is that called? Even if you’re good-looking, you can’t comment on a lady’s clothes like that, idiot, idiot, idiot, the girl’s cheeks flushed red again, and she groaned in embarrassment with one hand Covering his face, he hurriedly took out a few banknotes from his small wallet and threw them on the table without looking at the exact denomination, then ran away in a hurry, behind him, Miyako Yu blinked and watched the girl’s stumbling steps when she left, so I said this The wild bunny girl is unexpectedly innocent and the refreshment priced at only 10,000 yen was sold by herself for nearly 50,000 yen, and the snacks that come with the tea have not been touched.
Well, I am a genius in business and ordered it for myself A Zan Miya Ziyu tidied up the table happily and greeted the two nail households sitting on the other side of the izakaya who came every day, sister Aoyama, and sister Xiyuanji, who is about to close. Call me by my name or honestly call me the store manager, I might be happier oh no, this is the nickname between me and Xiao Gongchan Said you, the ultimate slut who can’t control herself after drinking a little wine and also likes Zhengtai. In a sense, I am only seventeen years old this year and I will not be an adult for three months, so Xiyuanji sister, you are going to jail for this idea. Hee hee, it’s only been three months, sister can wait for Xiaogong sauce, bridge bean sack, please stop right here Ms. Qingshan, who watched the show for a long time, obviously meant that you should restrain your pets as soon as possible, or something serious will happen.
Yes, Miss Xiyuanji, who is drunk, will probably become the pet of Miss Qingshan who is with you every time. This is common sense, probably. After seeing enough drama, Miss Qingshan then lightly tapped the head of Xiyuan Temple next to her with a relaxed smile on her lips. As an elder, you can’t cause trouble for the younger generation.
Xiyuan Temple, don’t be a younger generation. The cute and drunken Miss Aoyama of Xiyuanji left the meal money under the dining table and began to pack up her belongings. By the way, shop manager, you brought a cup of tea just now and said to yourself, is there any school activity rehearsing? One person, Miyako Yu raised her brows in surprise, although she was standing there, but from the perspective, she couldn’t completely block that wild bunny girl, let alone she got up and ran out of the shop, right, what’s wrong with a person It’s nothing, it’s nothing, maybe it’s rehearsing Huaguo’s chemical specialties one-man show, right? Miyako Yu casually perfunctory, Ms. Qingshan didn’t care, holding Xiyuan Temple’s shoulder next to her, the two slowly left the shop. Leaving Miyako Yu alone while cleaning the dining table, thinking about the wild bunny girl in her heart, the girl repeated twice to confirm to herself that she could see her, thinking of Miyako Yu, she smiled wryly