Tu Shan Honghong plus Li Xuan the deity of Guiguzi couldnt help rubbing his eyes with Qingtong and the king of all poisons here as

The boy’s name is Li Xuan. He was originally just an optimistic otaku who grew up in an orphanage, but because of his withdrawn nature, he doesn’t like to deal with people.
He prefers to live in the second dimension, that is, he has nothing to do every day. Just watch anime and scroll through it. Stepping on the forum, but he is diligent and has been working part-time and studying, but it is a pity that he has no sense of existence. The only person Li Xuan admires is the old dean who works hard for his children. He just graduated from university yesterday and has nothing to do for the orphanage. It was Shi Shenhai, who submitted a resume in the morning on a day when no one was recruited or provoked. Unexpectedly, a place called Dimensional Office responded to his resume at that time. It seems to be a very interesting job. What is Li Xuan not satisfied with such a tall introduction? The location is not considered remote. In the afternoon, I bought a pancake and strolled to the so-called Dimensional Office. How does the appearance of the office look? I am sure this is not an anime.
Supplies store? Sure enough, I am destined to be a network administrator or waiter, but I don’t know why Li Xuan always feels weird. I have passed by this place before.
I remember that this is not an Internet cafe. Could it be that it closed down or my memory is not very good? Shaking my head, I don’t think so much. Work is the most important thing. Now there are too few jobs that can take me in. Thinking of this, I just opened the door and walked in.
Looking at the furnishings in the room, there are posters of anime characters and figures of various characters everywhere. The animation supply store is gone. Li Xuan just took a look and walked to the table that looks like the cash register. When he saw the person in front of him, Li Xuan was stunned by the person’s appearance, and he blinded his titanium alloy dog ​​eyes. Sitting behind the cash register is a little loli with a pair of emerald green eyes and a pair of wings adorning her head. Her golden hair is curly and long. She wears a white cloak and her bare feet look like a fairy Mebis.
Li Xuan looked at it in surprise. Girl, isn’t this the first president Mebis in the Fairy Tail anime? Fairy Tail is a world full of magic and blood.
It’s one of Li Xuan’s favorite anime. I give it full marks, how could it be so similar? Even this loli has to stay here to work, the girl raised her head and looked at Li Xuan, wondering, you know me, then the wings on her head moved and she nodded, yes, I remember that I sent out interview notices in groups, I didn’t expect to find a match so quickly So do you want to stay and work here? The salary is very good. Li Xuan saw the girl so gentle and kind, so he sat down on the chair in front of her and said hello.
I am here to apply for the job. What do I have to do to get this job? By the way, you are too good, right? Mebis turned her big green eyes and said with a smile, of course, after signing this agreement, you are an employee here. After speaking, hand it to Li Xuanyi. This contract, Li Xuan looked at the above text, there are many strange clauses, such as gaining karma points, you can start a lottery What karma points can be exchanged for ability? I have to complete the task of obtaining karma points before I can get paid. Li Xuan didn’t think much about it. In his opinion, this should be the management forum.
Those karma points should be the currency of the forum.
I’m fully experienced, isn’t it just to be a moderator and sell the goods along the way? Mebis saw that Li Xuan was a little moved.
How about the treatment while the iron is hot? The novice period can give you a space ring and let you draw a lottery for free. Li Xuan nodded and said.
Okay, it’s my dream to work in this kind of place. By the way, what kind of benefits do we have here? Are there five social insurances and one housing fund? Space ring or something.
Li Xuan just ignored it. It should be a souvenir. The lottery should be a soymilk machine phone Things like membranes, the wings on Mebis’ head moved again, and then he showed a sly smile and looked at Li Xuan, Dawn. Our salary is based on sales.
If you earn karma points, you can get the corresponding cash. The karma points correspond to a piece of cash.
Oh, and it’s covered. As for the five social insurances and one housing fund, there’s nothing left. After all, you’re just a temporary worker now.
Li Xuan touched his nose. You can get this kind of reward for classic posts, right? The contract says that as long as you enter the anime world, you can get karma points. This should be the page of the forum.
Fortunately, I am an otaku.
Don’t understand this very well. Thinking of this, Li Xuan is decisive. Immediately after signing the agreement, Li Xuan felt a mysterious and mysterious power enter his mind.
Countless inexplicable information flashed through his mind.
This place is the Dimensional Office. As long as you enter the animation world and destroy the plot, you can get it. When there are enough Karma Points, the next world can be opened.
As for the money, you can change it to one thousand, but you can only use it in those anime worlds.
Glaring at Mavis with angry eyes, he yelled at you, this guy cheated me.
Mebis blinked his cute big eyes and smiled.
I didn’t cheat you.
How can you blame me for saying that Mebis’ eyes slowly filled with tears, Li Xuan quickly waved his hands and said don’t cry, don’t cry, I didn’t mean that, then thought about it, it seems that he has always been acting as a lover.
Answering my own question head-on, but thinking of her sly smile, I feel that I have been tricked. Who is this person, a goblin military commander? Playing with her IQ, are you not courting death? After hearing Li Xuan’s words, Mebis put away her tears and turned to Li Xuan.
Smiled, then do you have any unfulfilled wishes? Li Xuan asked in embarrassment, can you not choose me?