Tsunades voice suddenly became louder Chibas face slowly approached her almost sticking to Tsunades face then he looked at it carefully for a few seconds

The soul is attached to the body of a commoner child, no talent, no background, and no special physique.
Fortunately, I can pick up attributes from the peace elite Konoha. Twenty-two years ago, in a huge practice site, Chiba leaned on the stone and watched a group of children in the distance practicing shuriken and ninjutsu hard. These children were all a few years older than Chiba. Chiba let out a sigh It has been five years since I came to the world of Naruto. I lived in a commoner family.
My father was a ninja, but his mother died during a mission.
It can be said that Chiba is an orphan in this world and lives in the village every month. Living on relief money, in this dangerous world, a village will be wiped out at every turn. How should an orphan like him with no background and no talent survive, thinking about the confused future? Chiba frowned.
Chiba was originally an inconspicuous otaku on earth.
The specific job is to deliver food. In his spare time, he likes to play chicken games and watch the anime Naruto.
He has been chasing after him not long ago. Because he delivered more than a dozen food in a row, he died suddenly on the way home. He came here for God.
Ah, doesn’t every time traveler have a golden finger? Why is it so unfair that I have nothing here? Chiba thinks he might be the saddest of all time travelers.
He’s embarrassing to all time travelers. At this time, Ding Dong, at this time. A mechanical voice sounded in Chiba’s mind, Peace Elite is binding, please wait patiently for a few minutes, suddenly heard the voice, Chiba did not panic, but a surprise appeared on his face, as a youth novel of the twentieth century, I have read countless volumes of the word system No stranger at all, his golden finger has finally come.
It seems that every traverser has a golden finger. It’s not that he won’t come, it’s just that the time has not come. God, I take back what I just said and sincerely tell you that the system has been successfully bound. Please experience it yourself.
Chiba wanted to ask the system some questions, but the system left this sentence and it disappeared This is just my own hallucination. It seems that I can only explore by myself. The interface of Peace Elite appears in my mind, and four words are displayed on the interface.
Log in to the game.
It seems that I can only log in to the game to find the answer. Now this environment is not suitable for research. The system should be studied at home, because he is eager to study the system, so he doesn’t bother to watch those boring exercises. He hurried home and Chiba closed the doors and windows first, then lay on the bed, closed his eyes and began to study the system. He has played the game Peace Elite very much Cooked, although the technology is still very good, but once in a while, you can still eat chicken once in a while. If you are proficient, you can log in to the game system and start matching gamers. There is no difference between the game player and the Peace Elite on Earth.
After matching, the team is ready to board the plane.
Everyone on the plane. My brother has the guts to come to the military base, do you dare to come to the city? I beat you like a dog. The familiar scene Chiba doesn’t dislike this kind of boredom On the contrary, I feel a sense of intimacy in my heart. Maybe it’s been a long time since I left the earth. Looking at the dialogue below, Chiba is sure that the players that this peace elite matches are all from the earth. He wants to send a message to tell everyone in the game. I traveled to the world of Naruto, but think about it or forget it, don’t say they believe it or not, even if they believe it, so what? Can they go back? Since it’s here, it’s safe. The place where Chiba landed is the farm. There are fewer people appearing in the box.
The chances are lower. Enter the room and find a bison submachine gun with only 60 bullets.
The bullet capacity of this gun is still good. There are more than 50 bullets, but the damage value is low enough. His stability is still good.
There are many in the game.
Players like this gun to sweep the farm all over the body, a first-level pack, a grenade, a smoke bomb, and a few bandage guns. There is an extra pistol. Now his equipment can be said to be very poor, but he is still in the signal area and does not rush to run. Poison him lying quietly in a bush, doing an old cunt, waiting for the unlucky guy to die, the time slowly passes by, the farm is very quiet, it’s strange where all the people have gone, look at the number of people on the upper left, and now there are still 50 people going on like this If there is a chance to go to the finals, footprints appear on the map on the upper right, and the footprints become clearer and clearer.
Someone ran over, and he felt a little nervous.
In his sight, a girl in a pink rabbit suit came slowly. Because of Chiba City He was lying on his stomach and the bushes hid his figure well, so the young lady didn’t notice him. Just when the girl was about to approach him, Chiba raised the gun and swept at the girl.
Before the girl could react, she turned into a rash He quickly got up to lick the box, opened the box with green smoke, what is this glowing thing? Pick up the perfect fragments of the seal skill, the number of perfect fragments is full, you can directly use the seal skill, this skill is still very useful in the Naruto world, you must know a lot Skills are all activated by seal seals, of course some can be used without seal seals, such as Helix Wan, but I don’t know if the seal seal skills are perfect and can beat Uchiha Itachi, you know Uchiha Itachi’s one second, but six seals can’t beat Uchiha Itachi and Hatake Kakashi is almost as good. Chiba is looking forward to the limit of his printing speed. Now he has understood the function of the system, that is to pick up the enemy’s box through the game.
Skill fragments will randomly explode in the box, but he is not sure about the explosion. Is the probability of fragmentation high or not? But don’t worry. He has plenty of time. Now he is full of confidence.
With this system, it’s no problem to become stronger, not to mention become the top master of Naruto.
For the next day, Chiba will lie on the bed and play.
It’s a pity that the game has licked a lot of boxes since the explosion of the seal skill, but no fragments have been picked up