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The Supreme High Lying Nine Layers Heaven and Earth Mysterious Universe Prehistoric Universe is the most wonderful existence The universe is also going through reincarnation again and again Every reincarnation has a new species that appears representing the highest will of this world, but I don’t know this world at the time of that reincarnation But a strange continent appeared in the space. This continent is like an inverted three-dimensional cone, which gradually decreases from top to bottom to finally form an eight-layer continent.
This continent is called the Octopus Continent, which may be related to this world.
The aura is more and more abundant from the bottom up. If the bottom layer is called the barbarian land, then the top layer is no different from the heavens. I don’t know who is the strong man who finally knows the origin of the Octopus Continent.
The Empress even named the Baji Continent after the horoscope of Heaven, Earth, Xuanhuang, Universe, and Desolation, and the peak that can be cultivated on this Baji Continent is also named after the continent.
It is divided into four small realms, namely the early, middle, late and peak periods. The current Pole Continent At the peak of cultivation, if people want to continue to practice, they can only go to the upper continent to practice and break through, but people on the upper continent can practice until the peak of the strength that this continent can accommodate, and their cultivation is relatively speaking.
It is much easier than the people in the lower level, but many people can’t accept this reality. For example, a person who cultivates at the peak of the barren land can basically run wild on the barren continent, but if he reaches the Hongji continent, even if he breaks through to the flood state, it will be impossible. It can only be said to be an ordinary expert, because there are many masters at the top of the Hongji Continent, and on the Octopus Continent, each continent is connected to each other, because in the center of each continent, there is a mountain that connects the sky and the earth, directly inserting into the upper continent.
It is very easy for people from the middle and lower continents to enter the upper continent.
As long as you have reached the level of cultivation, you can go up, but if you want to get down from the upper continent, it will be very difficult.
You will not be allowed to come down unless you pay a huge price. Because at the entrance of each continent, there are people from a mysterious organization guarding them, maintaining the order of the entire continent and forbidding anyone from disrupting the order of the continent. However, each guardian has a very important mission on his back. There is only a dark swamp on the Tianji Continent, and there are no mountains.
The swamp is filled with a strange devouring force. It is difficult for birds to get over it, and there are no swamp creatures in the swamp, but that swamp is the heart of everyone in the Tianji Continent. The most sacred place has always been that many peak masters of the heavenly realm have to enter it when the deadline is approaching, because there is an opportunity to break through the heavenly realm in it.
The most powerful person in the entire Octopus Continent is because the people stationed at the entrance of each continent belong to this mysterious organization.
This organization is called God.
No one knows how many people there are in this organization, and what is the strength of each of them, even if it is the Tianji Continent. None of the nine most powerful families above dared to Easily meddling in any secrets of this organization, these nine great families are the descendants of the God King, the oldest family has been passed down for more than 90,000 years, but this family is full of reverence for the God Organization, and the people of the God Organization respect these nine families I also turn a blind eye to some things.
After all, the nine great families are inherited from the descendants of the god kings, and many of them are peak masters in the late stage of the heavenly realm. The mystery of the god organization makes these nine great families fear. That is to say, on the day when the supreme being is born in the legend, a great event will happen in the world, because any child born on this day, regardless of whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, will be selected into the God Organization, even if it is born in a family of nine great families Children born on this day will also be taken away by the god organization. Children born on this day are called supreme infants. No force in the entire Octopus Continent can block the god organization’s perception of children born on this day, except for the nine families. Everyone on the mainland is waiting for this day to come, because for some people in the lower realm, if a supreme infant is born and selected by the god organization, it means the rise of their own family. The supreme infant who can cultivate can shake the whole world.
If the matter of the mainland is in the future, after the baby boy returns from cultivation, his own family can choose to directly enter the Tianji Continent or choose to stay, but most people will choose to enter the Tianji Continent, but once the family makes a choice, they must completely sever ties with the baby boy Most of the aristocratic families that enter the Tianji Continent will be incorporated by the Nine Great Aristocratic Families, but on June 6th, the day when the Supreme Being is born, maybe a child will not be born in a few years, and most of the children born are basically waste bodies, so how many god organizations are there? No one knows, but whether it is Tianji Continent or Desolate Continent, all infants and children who return from cultivation are basically above the ground, which makes everyone, including the nine families on Tianji Continent, always respect the God Organization In the past, people always thought that the God King Realm was the pinnacle of cultivation in this world, because every successful God King waved his hand and turned the world upside down.
However, the appearance of each God King can only stay in the Octopus Continent for a hundred years. Time, because their power is too strong, will enter the black swamp and disappear in a hundred years, but before disappearing, a god king ten thousand years ago suddenly shouted a verse that shook the entire Octopus Continent. Tianzhi disappeared in the depths of the swamp in the Tianji Continent before saying the next sentence, so some people who had reached the peak of the heaven realm began to operate crazily again, because although the god king said that his strength was unparalleled