Tong’s bloodred huge leaves spread out to block the cutting and turbulent explosions Ling Tong was unscathed Seems not angry enough then let me tell

Interpretation of Pnelli’s measurement comparison and interpretation Gailley’s measurement standard was developed in Greenwich. It is divided into levels 1 to 5 according to the commonality of abilities performed by capable people. It is also called kingdom measurement. The output duration under the ultimate strength state is divided into twelve levels.
Because there is no condition to sample the data of the fourth-level and above abilities, a lot of guesswork is used in the back-end measurement. It is also called the Ark measurement energy unit. It is a comprehensive quantifier for data such as the standard state times, duration, and strength of the ability released by the ability user during the hour after awakening. It does not include the ability users who have the characteristics of talents and berserkers. After the evolution, the general count value is released or simulated release. The total amount of energy in the state lasts for seconds, which is a standard energy unit.
The conversion method between Gailley’s measurement and Ronne Pnelli’s measurement is the first-order Ronepnelli’s measurement level. The characteristic of the awakening reaction is the limit state. Energy unit Gailley Metrology Second-order Rone Pnelli Metrology-level flag characteristic refinement Applied limit state energy release duration increased to energy units at each level Maximum state energy release duration Energy activity enhancement is no longer restricted by the basic energy unit.
The initial stage release duration exceeds minutes per capita. Part of the guesswork is Gailley metering.
The fourth-order Ronne Pnelli metering level flag characteristic field limit state energy release time can absorb energy through the field. Unrestricted by the total amount of energy Conjecture Gailley Metrology Level 5 Ronne Pnelli Metrology Class Signature Characteristics Creation Limit State Energy release duration is infinite Elegy for Humanity Deciphered New Humanity Archives Title Page Year 2008 A.
Winter of the Aryan Head of State The young general sat quietly in the foyer of his study with a brand new gray file folder pressed tightly on his knees His appearance is almost perfect, his sitting posture is upright, his figure is tall and straight, his body is tall and straight, and his dark green army uniform with gold trim fits his torso properly.
Even every military medal on his chest has been carefully wiped by his master, and it is shining brightly there.
On his waist is a .point caliber pistol dedicated to general officers, which is tucked into a leather holster. This weapon, which is called a luxury, is only the size of a palm and is equipped with special silver round bullets. Each gun only has a whole shot. Wrapped in ivory and engraved with gold and silver threads to engrave the army badge and family marks, it is Hell in English and the daughter of Heloki, the god of death who is in charge of the underworld in mythology. The bullets used by the horses to step on the enemy country smashed the skull of the coalition commander. Unfortunately, the years have passed, and the generals who made such bold words are still using up the bullets. But the target is not the enemy commander, but himself.
adjutant secretary and himself The head assembly year the general cut himself with it so now this gun is both a glory and a curse the generals wear it and only fill it with bullets when they go to war the curse of the general adjutant secretary seems to haunt all three But today is different, the young general caresses the gold and silver engravings protruding from the holster with his trembling fingers Only he himself knows that he has loaded all the bullets today, while his adjutant and the chief of telecommunications are at the easternmost point of the empire The distance between carrying out the mission he assigned and him was more than a kilometer General User General User, yes, the young general was greeted by the soft voice of the female secretary, hurriedly got up and stood at attention in a panic, as if standing at the most important fork in life Your Excellency, the college graduate who is at a loss before his mouth, please let the secretary smile softly, and turn a blind eye to the young general’s gaffe. Thank you, Usel, who gave the secretary a military salute meticulously, and then carefully arranged every fold of the military uniform and picked it up. The gray folder strode open the sandalwood door of the study Your Excellency Uther von Adrian pays tribute to you At this moment the strict Uther replaces the wandering young man because he has already stood the most legendary man of this era I am sorry to the ruler of the empire, Joseph, my child, you are so busy at work, but you wasted time because of me, a bad old man, who wasted his noon exercise. I know the miraculous aerobics from the East.
In the history of the East, there was an old man who used it to live healthily to his age.
What is his name? Your Excellency Zhang Sanfeng Youser picked it up softly, just like when he was the adjutant of the head of state and his chief officer a few years ago. The cooperation was seamless, but at that time, the head of state was still the invincible major general who had won all battles, and he was just a talented lieutenant who had just graduated from the military academy. Yes, that was Zhang Sanfeng, the magical old man from the east, the creator of Tai Chi.
There was a flush on his face and he laughed excitedly. This is the leader of this huge empire. Rudolf Von Tang, the head of the Fourth Reich, was just a little-known ordinary mech battalion commander at the beginning of the expansion of the Fourth Reich. But in the year of AD, he refused to bribe his superiors His troops were sent to some place in Africa to carry out airborne rescue operations without logistics or reinforcements, but Rudolph led the troops and won three consecutive victories within a year. When he returned, the leader Wan almost rescued all the besieged friendly troops on the battlefield and seized the empire.
Years and Months of Inestimable Benefits Rudolph was awarded the title of Major General and Commander of the 4th Independent Mechanized Infantry Division in Africa Years and Months Rudolph was awarded the title of Lieutenant General in Egypt