To Wen Ze Li Xiangjun was really a strange woman and he even had her Changqingzi whose name was heard from other people’s mouths couldn’t

The streets are full of noise and noise, and the hawkers who set up stalls along the street are yelling at each other. In any era, life is not easy. Selling sesame seed cakes. Freshly baked sesame seed cakes are delicious with candied haws. How did you sell sesame seed cakes before? The young man looks a little handsome. He looks about fifteen or sixteen years old. One penny is a lot. The peddler immediately wrapped two biscuits in yellow paper and handed them over, holding the edges between his fingers, not daring to touch the customer. Wen Ze didn’t care, took the hot biscuits, and was about to walk through the noisy street.
A little beggar next to him lost his mind for a while and came back to his senses for a while, muttering, “It really looks like it, if I was still there, she should be this old, right?” The little beggar is about seven years old, her watery eyes are quite dirty. Xi and Wenze’s daughter in the previous life looked quite similar after having fun.
This scene made Wenze feel as if he had returned to his daughter’s voice and smile in the past, circling in his mind. Ruan walked over and took out one of them and handed it to the little girl. The little girl looked at Wenze and quickly knelt on the ground and kowtowed, making a babbling sound.
It turned out to be a dumb little girl. Thinking of something again, showing fear, hesitating for a moment, wanting to put away the biscuits, Wen Ze grabbed the little girl’s little hand and said softly, you can eat it here, you can’t take it away, or don’t eat it, the little girl seemed a little flustered after hearing this, thinking If you want to break free and escape, but Wen Ze firmly holds you back, then if you don’t want to eat it, then don’t eat it Wen Ze’s eyes are full of pity, and he naturally understands where the girl broke free.
Seeing that Wen Ze is about to take away the biscuits, hurry up Wenze took a bite, just grabbed the little girl’s hand and didn’t stop her from eating the biscuits one bite at a time.
After watching the little girl finished eating, Wenze didn’t stop, turned around, and left this damn world. The little girl looked at Wenze’s back deeply and tears flowed down her mouth, babbling and babbling as Wenze walked quickly through this relatively bustling street and into a small alley. At the end of the alley there was a family. There is only half of the wooden door of the dilapidated Taoist temple. Wen Ze walked in.
A Taoist priest wearing a Taoist robe and a white beard was resting inside. Seeing Wenze coming in, the Taoist laughed and scolded, you little bastard, you have been out for so long to find out, no Wenze hurried over and handed the remaining sesame seed cake to the Taoist population, and said quickly that Master has found out that the Zhang family has been haunted for several days No human life has been caused, it should be just a wronged soul. Since it is just a wronged soul, then we, the master and the apprentice, will go there to treat it. The Taoist priest took the sesame seed and gnawed it Come and chew on it and say it’s really delicious Gulu Wenze watched the Taoist eat deliciously and couldn’t help making a sound of swallowing saliva The Taoist raised his head and looked at Wenze and scolded you, you stingy bastard After this deal, we will have money and we can’t bear to part with a biscuit Wen Ze hesitated and said that I couldn’t hold back on the road and finished eating, but there are still some hungry Taoists who have been walking in the rivers and lakes for many years and guessed it after looking at it for many years, walked over quickly and slapped Wen Ze on the head angrily He scolded you, bastard, if you really think you are a living Bodhisattva, you should starve to death. Wenze lowered his head and didn’t dare to talk back. After the Taoist finished scolding, he glanced at the little half of sesame seed cake left in his hand, pressed it to Wenze’s chest, and cursed. Hurry up, pack up your things, and follow me to that Yuanwai’s house to do business, maybe we can get a good meal Wen Ze took the biscuits and looked at the master’s eyes full of gratitude, he is not a person from this world. More than three months ago, due to brake failure, the car crashed and died. When he woke up, he was a boy of fifteen or sixteen years old, and he had no memory of his previous life. Fortunately, it is similar to the ancient Chinese language.
The human trafficking was when Master passed by and sold him. At that time, Master said that the child was handsome.
I was old and just needed a helper, so he bought Wen Ze from Yazi.
At that time, he naively thought that Master was a real god.
After a few days, I found out that he was just a wandering Taoist priest who was kidnapped and sold, but the Taoist priest’s degree is really just nothing.
With his bluffing appearance, he can still coax a few cents into money. Wen Ze, who follows his master, is also hungry The two copper coins before the meal are the last belongings of the master and the apprentice. After walking with the master for a few months, Wenze also knows some things about this world.
Although the words and languages ​​are somewhat similar, this is not ancient China, but another world rules this country. It is called the Great Yin.
The Yin Dynasty has ruled for 700 years.
It doesn’t match any dynasty in Wen Ze’s memory. The most important thing is that there are really ghosts in this world. Last month, when I was helping people drive out ghosts in a village, I unexpectedly There really was a water ghost that appeared and didn’t scare Wenze to death at the time. The master and apprentice almost lost their lives. This time he learned his lesson. Wenze checks the situation first. The grieving ghosts who have killed people will go to bloggers.
After all, they will have to eat.
If they are not open, they will starve to death. Pack up your bags. Wen Ze followed the master to the Zhang family.
The Zhang family is considered a big family in this county, but not a big During the day, the gate was closed. Obviously, something bad happened. When passing by, the passers-by kept away from it.
Everyone in the neighborhood knew that Zhang Yuanwai’s house was haunted for fear of getting bad luck.
Zhang Yuanwai walked up and down in the lobby in a hurry.
sweat on the forehead