To save the snake she replied without turning her head eh she actually knows what I want to say I heard you why didn’t she

Content Tags Soul Transformation Immortal Hero Cultivation Supernatural Gods and Monsters House Fighting Protagonist Yun Fu Supporting Role Fan Qi Situ Luanyu Other Immortal Cultivation Adventures Love Chapter Preliminary Immortal Realm Is Located in the Ninth Heaven On this day, the immortal in Yundong is holding scriptures and walking among the clouds with her chin raised and her left hand flowing With her exciting movements, Yun Guangxiu floats back and forth to the fairy house in the cloud cave.
One side of the cloud world is a fairy.
She is a fairy in the cloud cave.
She is a female fairy who likes to sing and read poems aloud, but she has no name So the immortals respectfully call her the fairy on Yundong, and the friends call her a Fu girl, shaking her head while being intoxicated. Suddenly, she heard a voice outside the cave calling her The immortal on Yundong put down the scriptures and waved away. The old lord of Xiantong Yundong Shangxian ordered Xiaoxian to inform Shangxian that you will cross the catastrophe in three days, please be prepared, little Xiantong raised the corners of his mouth and cheeks, and his cheeks were as red as balls.
This immortal knows you and goes back. Let’s go, Yundong Shangxian nodded and said, the little fairy has resigned. Now there are many immortals in the six worlds, but not many are born immortals.
There are not many immortals who have cultivated to be a supreme god, so an immortal sect was established in this immortal world to protect and remind the natural born immortals at any time. Three days later in the early morning, she packed up the scriptures and books in the cloud cave and walked to the distance cloud The cave was hundreds of miles away, seeing no one on the ground, so she waved her hand and built a small cloud cave on the spot. She hid in the cave and sat cross-legged. The power and strengthening pills are fused into one, and then they are urged by the heavenly calamity. This time, the cultivation of the Supreme God will be successful. At this moment, a man is walking slowly on the auspicious clouds with a broom in his hand. The man didn’t realize that the small cloud hole hidden in the clouds was just Seeing that the clouds in front of him are thin and uneven, he really can’t see it.
The man touched the green leaf curled ring on his index finger and frowned. Where is this place? It’s so chaotic.
The man shook his head and stopped.
Xiangyun walked to the messy cloud ground Without hesitation, she raised the broom and swept the cloud into Qiyun Cave.
She had already cultivated almost to the point that she felt the heat wave rolling in her dantian.
She must have fused the strengthening pill.
Now she can ascend to the gods only after the catastrophe is over, but outside the Yun Cave.
After sweeping the clouds, the man who swept the floor realized that there was a very stubborn auspicious cloud that he couldn’t move no matter how he moved it, which prevented him from cleaning other places, so he simply threw down the broom and moved the small cloud hole away with his bare hands so that it wouldn’t get in the way.
Satisfied, the man picked up his broom and was about to leave. Unexpectedly, a sharp thunderous noise came from behind. The man turned his head and saw a thunderbolt striking right in the middle of the auspicious cloud, straight through the top of the cloud cave and striking fiercely.
The Heavenly Spirit of the Immortal in Yundong Gai, the Immortal in Yundong died, Yuan Dan was shattered, and his soul began to fly away.
Thunder God and Lightning Mother woke up very serious. The man looked at the disappearing auspicious clouds, and he was very inexplicable.
Leaving, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw something inexplicable.
In the fairy world, there were dead souls wandering. The man on the broom was very surprised. He touched the green leaf ring on his index finger and saw that the souls around him had dispersed. The man ran away. Clinging tightly to the last wisp of soul that is about to disappear, I lamented that I have a compassionate heart, since today this wisp of soul was picked up by me, I will send you on a journey to the next life to be a grown-up, but it will benefit all living beings! The weak little soul took a little bit of immortal energy to keep it safe, then kneaded it into a ball shape and threw it downwards vigorously, just like that, the remnant soul of the fairy in the cloud cave flew down from the nine heavens like a meteor, and finally fell on the ground The Gate of the Underworld Chapter Chapter Life in the Underworld July 14th Ghost Festival The gate of the underworld is open All the ghosts, young and old, who have been imprisoned for a year all pour out The little cloud ball on the ground was almost gone until all the ghosts left.
The little cloud ball had already been trampled into pancakes.
At this time, two ghosts with three-pronged iron forks came out to close the door.
A piece of pancake suddenly felt slobbering, it’s really good, although I was on duty, I was able to pick it up today, I’m so lucky, after the nonsense, I quickly held the three-pronged iron fork horizontally and poked through the pancake, who was screaming for no reason, and the two ghosts were surprised The pancake was picked apart by the three-pointed iron fork, and a light cloud of smoke floated out from the gap in the middle of the pancake Before dying, they are the ghost messengers who took the first step to bring the soul back to the underworld.
Why is there a ghost who came to the door? The two ghosts saw this strand of soul floating around in front of the gate of the underworld like a headless fly, so they kindly reminded them, “Hey, I want to be reincarnated.” Going inside, that ray of soul seemed to understand, and floated a few times in place, and then floated into the gate of the underworld.
The guy lost his life on the ghost festival, fortunately, he bumped into the underworld, otherwise he would definitely become a fierce ghost in the future, just two ghosts While chatting to the sky, the gate of Hades is closed. This strand of soul that came out of the cloud is floating around in the underworld. There is no rule. The two ghosts are afraid that it will make trouble, throwing out the chain and locking it in the corner, and then go to the judge to report to the judge for help. Beard beard holding the book of life and death, brows twitched into a ball, it’s strange, why can’t find any information at all, my lord, you mean you can’t find the soul of Yang Shiyi? Pulling up his robe, he immediately went to the palace of the king of hell, the king of hell pinched this strand of soul in his hands, smelled it, looked at it, his fierce eyes were full of doubts, it was so strange that there was no breath at all, and he couldn’t find out where he was in his previous life Master Hewu, are you saying that this soul’s identity is unknown? The judge asked yes. Lord Yan handed over the soul to the ghosts. After thinking about it, let her stay in the underworld to find out her identity in the mortal world, and then send her to reincarnation according to her fate. That’s how she is. Stayed in the underworld as a nameless soul