To conduct performance evaluation it is necessary to find out the reason in time and correct the reason when the business target changes Net Profit

New Marketing Ideas Author Sun Zhizhong Introduction to Products No Advantages Brands No Power High-quality service of customer value can create profit statement Mobile e-books We are professional format e-books download because of you, please log in to 80 e-books Marketing new concept Content summary Product has no advantage Brand has no strength How to let customers choose you Customers complain and complaints keep mediocre sales performance What should I do now Customers in fierce market Traditional service with a smile in the battle is no longer enough to keep customers coming back. Only high-quality services that enhance customer value can create profits and win the market.
This is an excellent practical manual for marketers to quickly improve service quality.
It tells marketers that the current business is not It is possible to make profits only by simple sales, but to win the competition by satisfying customers and creating customer value. Focusing on customers, using services to impress customers, using services to win customers and establishing a permanent and loyal customer base is the magic weapon for market competition.
The book not only expounds the most advanced service marketing concept in the world, but also provides basic methods and practical skills of customer service in combination with the operation practices of excellent enterprises, so that marketing managers and marketing personnel can easily grasp the sales secrets of building a loyal customer base and quickly increase sales. The new concept of performance marketing, brand theory, and brand competitiveness are the most durable core competitiveness of enterprises. Since the end of the 1990s, concepts and theories related to competitiveness have been introduced into China, and they have quickly been valued and accepted by the theoretical and business circles. The core of competitiveness for a time Competitiveness National Competitiveness Industrial Competitiveness Regional Competitiveness has become a very hot topic The world-recognized authority on the systematic study of competitiveness strategy is Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School in the United States. Michael Porter put forward a series of creative thinking The comprehensive methods and techniques of competitive analysis provide a relatively complete knowledge framework for understanding competitive behavior and guiding competitive action, but its theory is limited to the source and cultivation of corporate competitive advantage. Porter mainly emphasizes two factors: cost and difference, but these two factors The factor is the direct competitiveness of the enterprise. In fact, the competitiveness of the enterprise also has indirect competitiveness, such as management, human resources, technological innovation, etc. Any existing core competitiveness, resource advantages, technological advantages, talent advantages, management advantages, and marketing advantages of the enterprise should be transformed in the end. It is manifested as the brand competitiveness advantage of the enterprise. Only in this way can the enterprise achieve sustainable survival and development in the fierce market economy competition environment to ensure the long-term stability and prosperity of the enterprise. So what about the actual competitiveness and future competitiveness of our enterprises? PetroChina, China Mobile, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, etc.
The state-owned large enterprises have entered the list of the world’s top enterprises, but the success of these large enterprises is more dependent on the monopoly of the market, the high cost of scale expansion and the huge market economic capacity have not formed a corresponding brand competitiveness advantage due to the lack of famous brands in China as a whole Competitiveness only occupies the first place in the competitiveness index assessment of 47 countries.
In the international commodity market, the concept that made in China is equal to cheap and low quality is still deeply rooted.
In the era of global competition, Chinese enterprises do not lack output advantages or quality advantages. We can do so many world-class brands is an example, but Chinese companies only lack the advantage of brand competitiveness. China is an undisputed manufacturing country, but it is also an undisputed weak brand country. Therefore, the core competitiveness of China’s enterprises, cities, regions and countries has been transformed.
To become brand competitive is the way to maintain the long-term stability of our nation’s future competitiveness.
Any enterprise that wants to fight against the storm in the turbulent market tide must have its own unique core competitiveness. The strength of the core competitiveness determines the survival and development of the enterprise.
So how to make the final judgment? Who judges the strength of the competitiveness and core competitiveness of an enterprise is not the entrepreneur nor the economist, but the consumer to implement the final decision.
Because for most modern enterprises The most critical factor that determines the survival and development of an enterprise is the choice of consumers, and now this choice of consumers is a free, shrewd and diverse choice. In the 1970s and 1980s, Pepsi’s challenge to Coca-Cola, the overlord of the cola industry, reached its peak. One of the most lethal planning was the Great Taste Challenge launched by Pepsi. In that planning activity, Pepsi invited participants to taste various beverages without brand logos, and then asked them to say which one tasted better and had a better taste for consumers. The trial was broadcast live and Pepsi won with the facts.
Two-thirds of the tasters chose Pepsi. The taste experiment caused a great sensation at the time and became Pepsi’s sharpest excuse for attacking Coca-Cola.
However, two decades have passed.
The taste of music has not changed, but Coca-Cola still has the most loyal brand loyalists. Could it be that the tastes of consumers have changed, or there are some insider problems in the Coke taste experiment, or there are some deviations in the design process of the experiment? Many people think I don’t understand what happened 30 years later. Scientists and professors of neurology at Baylor College of Medicine in the United States did another taste experiment, but this time they used the most advanced MRI machine.
MRI technology is becoming more and more mature. More and more scientists even want to use this technology as a basis to look forward to the birth of mind-reading machines