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Chapter One Thoughts on a Cigarette Wedge Thirty-year-old Yuan Shan regretted regretting that he shouldn’t use his five-year accumulated salary to play a poor tour. When he was crossing a cross-border scenic spot, he stepped on the air and fell into the ditch smoothly. He didn’t even understand why there was a ditch there. In the spring of the eighth year of Wude, on the carriage from Yuezhou to Chang’an, Yuanshan was sure that he was still alive and encountered a very strange and unexplainable thing. It seemed that he had passed through. He couldn’t figure out why As soon as I opened my eyes, I became the sixteen-year-old concubine of the Yuezhou Yuan family during the Takede period of the Tang Dynasty. His identity, physical appearance, etc. have all changed. The only thing that hasn’t changed is that his name is still called Yuan Shan Yuan Shan. The current situation can be said to be very bad.
It’s not very bad.
Sitting in a carriage without shock absorbers, the swaying all the way is about to be knocked out.
There is only one image in his mind, as if he saw countless alpacas passing by.
Maybe only the same traveler Only then can I understand his current mood, stunned, struggling, chaotic, blind, like falling into an abyss, wanting to keep calm, but things backfire, the more excited, the more manic, the more restless he becomes, the more lost he is, there is no reason for him, he just wants to play poor games, not time travel, but as a person Modern people are still experienced readers of online novels.
This process of inner entanglement did not last long.
On the contrary, there was a little surprise here.
It seems that you can meet the bigwigs of this era.
Maybe they can drive the new fashion of the Tang Dynasty. With the knowledge spanning thousands of years, you can earn some money. I don’t have to worry about food and clothing, and I occasionally write poems to make girls happy, but in the Tang Dynasty, rich and powerful families walked the streets full of honorable princes and princes. It is said that now the eight years of Wude’s war has caused the people to live in poverty.
After Li Yuan became emperor, people’s livelihood has improved. But it hasn’t slowed down yet, and the infighting of the Li family is a good show, but if you can choose Yuanshan, you definitely don’t want to stay here. Isn’t Yuanshan a science student? Just when Yuan Shan was a little pessimistic, a system called the cat and dog exchange mall suddenly appeared in his mind, so it was actually real. Seeing the sudden extra pack of cigarettes in his hand, Yuan Shan exclaimed, “Master, what are you talking about, drive the car?” Yan Bei asked, nothing in sleep, this is the first sentence Yuan Shan said in Datang, and he was worried that his accent was not right. He was a little nervous when he spoke, but he thought too much.
Here again, all his attention was placed on his left wrist. On the thumb-sized birthmark, this is the start-up sign of the mall. Click on the birthmark again and a light curtain appears in front of him.
This is the interface of the cat and dog exchange mall.
I learned from the information that after the light curtain appears, only he can see it. It will not be found if you use it with a human face. Of course, after you exchange the items, they will appear out of thin air. At that time, people will see them.
Haha, will you be killed as a monster? Click on the cat and dog exchange mall to check the items in the mall.
It is very beautiful to use. The simplicity is the same as online shopping. To buy goods, you need to pay in currency.
The currency types include gold, silver and copper coins. The packaging is recyclable. For example, an empty bottle of mineral water is recyclable.
It has the same recycling value as waste products, but those whose value is less than a penny can be stored, but currency exchange is not supported, and the one-time charge does not give change to Yuanshan’s wallet.
There is a total of thirty renminbi in it. Just spent eleven renminbi to buy a box of cigarettes and an ordinary lighter.
Up to now, he still feels that the real world in front of him is so unreal. At this moment, he wants to quietly don’t ask Jingjing Who has lit a cigarette for a long time, cough cough, what the hell is this so choking, can’t it be fake? In fact, there is no problem with smoking. Yuan Shan instantly understood that his body is not that old smoker who thought smoking is harmful to health. Quit it, but lit a cigarette.
It didn’t go out, and he began to slowly organize his thoughts, picking up the blue wide-sleeved robe he was wearing, the style was nothing at all, it looked very cumbersome, the color was plain, the material was indistinguishable, it seemed that life seemed not very good Shan’s background is not that simple. His ancestors came from the royal family of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Now Yuan Shan’s family is in the middle of nowhere.
Only Yuan Shan is left. His father, Yuan Liang, helped His Majesty Li Yuan, the emperor of the dynasty, because of his ancestor Yin Xun and good luck. He was awarded the Viscount of Lantian County soon.
The former sick died without the eldest son’s hereditary title.
The good thing fell to Yuan Shan, the concubine of the Yuan family in Yuezhou.
Before that, Yuan Shan had just exhausted his accumulated wealth for many years to marry Dugu Ruolan, a young lady from the Dugu family in Yuezhou, as his wife. Ruolan also came from a wealthy family, but she is also a descendant of a wealthy family.
The children of a wealthy family usually do not marry out.
Anyway, it is all negotiated by the ancestors of each family and then let the descendants execute it. It is said that Dugu Ruolan has been educated since childhood. Yuan Shan, whose family background is not good because of the family background, has embraced the beauty, but the two don’t know each other.
It’s a bit like a blind marriage.
It’s like a blind marriage. Sometimes things like this are very unreliable and unreliable.
Now Yuanshan is even more numb to the fact that he has an extra wife for no reason. After only half a year, Yuanshan’s father left. Afterwards, the whole family moved to Lantian County, Chang’an. In order to raise the travel expenses, Shan sold the land and added some Dugu Ruolan’s dowry to buy two carriages and some travel expenses. In addition to Dugu Ruolan, there is also a dowry maid He Ye and servants Tian Da and servant Yanbei, young master, hurry up, the carriage is smoking, it may be on fire, and it is the middle-aged Yanbei who was driving the carriage who was rushed in after a long battle The big man was dragged out, he was Yan Bei, and then he rushed back into the carriage again and was choked by the smoke in the carriage, coughing and saying, young master