Tired of drinking tea Zhao Qinyin poured a cup of tea for Chu Yu then poured a cup for himself pulled a chair and sat

Chapter 1 Comics Ming City Fifth Middle School Grade 3 and Class 3 classrooms have a lot of time between classes. The students who are tired from studying lie on the table and close their eyes for a nap. Wang Wei, do you know where Chu Yu went? A girl walked up to Chu Yu.
Wang Wei’s seat at the front table woke him up softly, a little embarrassed There is a ten-minute break between classes, but relying on his extraordinary sleeping skills, Wang Wei is almost about to fall asleep. He is suddenly woken up. Although Wang Wei will not have a seizure, the expression on his head must be displeased, but the displeasure on that face is there After seeing the girl, it immediately melted away like snow under the scorching sun. Qin Qin, Qianyu, and Wang Wei couldn’t speak smoothly and felt nervous. Unfortunately, among the many adolescents, Wang Wei is one of them. Why are you looking for Chu Yu? It’s the family information that the class teacher asked to hand in. There are only Chu Yu’s materials left in the class.
I sent it to his office, so I came over to ask Qin Qianyu, oh, this matter, Wang Wei smiled, that kid Chu Yu should go to the bathroom, check his desk box, if he brings the information, he will definitely put it It’s in the desk box, isn’t that bad? Qin Qianyu hesitated, what’s wrong? Wang Wei waved his hand, that kid Chu Yu is not the kind of stingy guy, don’t worry, and the head teacher asked you to send the materials to his office right away? The class is about to start in a few minutes, you can find it in his desk box first, hand in what you have, and then tell him when he comes, I will tell him like this Qin Qianyu hesitated again, thought about it, and finally made up his mind After all, the head teacher The tone over there was rather anxious.
Chu Yu’s desk box was full of messy textbooks.
Qin Qianyu took them out one by one to see if the information she was looking for was caught in it. Suddenly, Qin Qianyu dug out a textbook from Chu Yu’s desk box.
When the stack of paper came out, what is this? Qin Qianyu’s pupils shrank slightly. The texture of this stack of paper is different from ordinary paper.
Each paper has a painting on it.
The painting on the top cover is a man and a woman in the rain. The scene of sitting in a pavilion sheltering from the rain.
The man seems to be a student holding a drawing board and concentrating on drawing something. The woman seems to be a working person drinking canned beer but staring at the boy. It’s the cover of this stack of paper that attracts you in an instant.
Qin Qianyu caught Qin Qianyu’s eyes because the characters on the paper are indeed well-painted and the details are in place. There is a line of short poems written in small characters on the top of the cover.
There is a faint thunder and haze in the sky, but I hope the wind and rain will leave you here. There are four big words on the bottom of the cover. Qin Qianyu was a little surprised by the comics of Ye Zhiting Manga. To be honest, if she found one or two comic books from Chu Yu’s desk box, she wouldn’t have any reaction, but Qin Qianyu could recognize this stack of papers as the original comics. Qin Qianyu flipped through the boy and woman he met because of the rainy day.
The boy in shoes sits in the pavilion by the lake on a rainy day and drinks beer. The woman who leaves after a brief contact.
The last thing left to the boy is a short poem. The sky is faintly thundering and hazy, but I hope the wind and rain will come to keep you here. Why is there a faint attraction that attracts Qin Qianyu to flip through the sketches? Suddenly, the sketches in her hand were snatched away by one hand.
Qin Qianyu was startled by a young man who came to her side at some point. Frowning slightly, Qin Qianyu was a little nervous, explaining her behavior to Chu Yu, family information, Chu Yu thought about it, he had already brought it to school, but he never took it because of procrastination Hand it in.
Chu Yu searched in his desk box and handed a piece of paper to Qin Qianyu, that’s it. Well, Qin Qianyu’s expression was a little vacant, like a child who was caught doing something bad, and dared not look at it. Chu Yu’s face and you look for information, just look for information and don’t do unnecessary things It’s true that she made a mistake. First, she rummaged through Chu Yu’s desk and looked at the comics in other people’s desk and box, so she couldn’t utter a single rebuttal.
In her heart, she could only silently scold Chu Yu for being a cheapskate, oh, Chu Yu, why are you so excited? The reason why I asked her to look through your desk box is not to see that you are not there and you are busy handing in the materials. Wang Wei didn’t notice that Qin Qianyu has been reading the comics in Chu Yu’s desk box, but he also looked at Chu Yu’s serious expression. Embarrassed, I looked at Wang Wei and Chu Yu sighed.
Forget it this time.
After all, I have been with Wang Wei since the first and second year of high school, and the relationship is not bad.
Seeing this, Wang Wei looked at Chu Yu with satisfaction and secretly said, Chu Yu is saving face for himself, Qin Qianyu puffed up her mouth and responded aggrievedly, turned around and left, the atmosphere was very embarrassing, she didn’t want to stay any longer, I just said The tone is a bit excited, don’t worry about it, Chu Yu’s voice came from behind Chu Yu, just now, he was just secretly peeking at the manga he drew, and he couldn’t control it. After calming down, he actually didn’t think it was a big deal, after all, the information I kept procrastinating until I finally forgot that I was also responsible for this matter.
Chu Yu’s words made Qin Qianyu’s grievance and shame of peeking at Chu Yu’s comics dissipate a lot. Qin Qianyu turned her head slightly and saw that she was sitting on the seat Chu Yu, who was tidying up the table and box, had calm eyes on the side and a somewhat delicate face.
The original manuscript of the manga that Qin Qianyu had read before had been taken back by Chu Yu. He didn’t draw it but thought about it