Three people After being seated Liu Sanpao opened up the chatterbox brother we havent seen each other for a few days I didnt expect you

Chapter 1 Life Don’t Believe in Tears Tonight is starry, tonight is bitter and rainy These two sentences seem to be contradictory, but they are very suitable for this time Zhou Yu is sitting in a food stall on the side of the street, looking at the faintly visible galaxy in the sky, pouring glasses of beer into his stomach desperately Li Guan, although the stars are shining outside, but the heart is miserable.
Zhou Yu is drunk at this time, and his thoughts are rolling.
Are the Cowherd and Weaver Girl on both sides of the Milky Way looking forward to the coming of Qixi Festival again? I and Zhao Jiatong have already parted ways.
I think of this and Zhou Yu is even more sad. Zhou Yu is 1.8 meters tall and very energetic. He comes from a small mountain village in the north of the motherland, Zhoujia Village. It is a little-known village.
The mountain village is almost isolated from the rest of the world, and no outsiders come here all the year round. Every year, spring planting and autumn harvest depend on the sky for food.
Therefore, although the villagers are hardworking and frugal, the per capita annual income of the village is less than 2,000 yuan, and the annual income of each family is only 3,000 to 2,000 yuan after deducting the money for seeds and fertilizers.
Yuan, however, was under such difficult conditions. Zhou Yu’s parents gritted their teeth against the pressure of life. They worked hard with their faces facing the loess and their backs turned to the sky. They offered him to graduate from university. But in the end, he was admitted to a key university in the south with a high score and studied economics and management. After finishing his studies, he found a white-collar job in Mingzhu City, which became the pride of the villagers of Zhoujia Village.
Growing up in the environment, God gave him the hardships of life, but also gave him perseverance and an optimistic attitude.
After working, he continued to carry forward the honest, optimistic and tenacious spirit of the people of Zhoujia Village. Enthusiastic about helping colleagues, it didn’t take long for them to get along well with them, and at the same time, their business ability continued to improve.
In the process of work, Zhou Yu and his colleague Zhao Jiatong gradually developed a relationship.
Zhao Jiatong came from a small city in the south and inherited the advantages of southern girls.
Skin The white man is both beautiful and generous.
At first, she also valued Zhou Yu’s character.
She felt that this boy was honest and reliable, so the relationship between the two has always been very good, even to the point of discussing marriage.
However, something unexpected happened with the two. Gradually integrating into this international metropolis, Zhao Jiatong’s world view gradually shifted, and even gradually had an affair with a vice president of the company. At the beginning, a close colleague secretly reminded him, but Zhou Yu didn’t believe it because of the relationship between the two.
Once upon a time, they vowed to each other, and it was definitely more love than gold and firmness than sea, but Zhou Yu still found out that his girlfriend was abnormal. After he couldn’t bear it, the two finally sat down together this afternoon and had a detailed talk with Zhao Jiatong. Zhao Jiatong clearly told Zhou Yu himself wants to pursue a higher level of life because Zhou Yu, a farmer’s son, can’t satisfy his wishes at all. Following Zhou Yu can only suffer hardships, so even though the vice president is married, Zhao Jiatong followed him without hesitation.
Any normal man who encounters such a thing will always end up with a breakup, but the relationship of nearly three years can be broken at will, just like this Zhou Yu from the afternoon Drinking at three o’clock until the first day of the Huadeng, I recounted the experience and feelings of the past three years in my heart.
If time is like wine, years are like knives, then feelings are poison.
If you use it right, it can cure diseases and save people. If you use it wrong, you will die. In the disgusted eyes of the waiter, I paid the bill and walked away. The pearl of May is already hot in summer.
The evening wind is warming the streets.
The street is full of colors, gorgeous and colorful.
Couples of young men and women cuddle up to each other and take a leisurely walk, sometimes whispering and sometimes giggling. Looking at everything familiar in front of him, Zhou Yu felt a kind of strangeness that he had never experienced before. A gust of wind blew past Zhou Yu, sobering him up.
He took a deep breath of warm air, and then slowly exhaled it. Only then did he feel comfortable. Maybe it’s because of the long-term torment in my heart, maybe it’s the tenacity and optimism that have always existed in my bones. At this time, Zhou Yu’s mentality has gradually returned to calm. Believe in tears, since we are alive, we need to go forward bravely to pursue the beauty of life and bloom our own splendor.
Thinking of this, Zhou Yu is full of strength. On this moonlit night, Zhou Yu has experienced emotional suffering, and his mind has become more mature. Those who have experienced emotional suffering can only be called boys. Only boys who have experienced heart-piercing emotional suffering can turn into butterflies and become men. The pearl is indeed an international metropolis.
Even at ten o’clock in the evening, it is still brightly lit and crowded. The bustling mood gradually improved after crossing the hurdle in his heart, so Zhou Yu didn’t feel sleepy at this time, so he planned to try his luck at the flea market on Guangming Street, because antiques have become popular in the past two years, major TV media, etc.
are also competing Reported first, and even some TV stations set up programs such as treasure hunting.
Zhou Yu gradually fell in love with this industry. Through his own research, he also picked up a few small leaks and made a small profit of 18,000 yuan.
The things in the flea market can be described as complete.
There are all kinds of everything from second-hand refrigerators and color TVs to small needles and threads. Of course, all kinds of antiques also occupy half of the country. Although these antiques are not necessarily ancient, it just depends on everyone’s chance and vision.
Zhou Yu was wandering around the antique stalls.
This group of vendors shouted loudly, but all Zhou Yu saw were fakes. In this industry, Chinese people have brought their counterfeiting skills to the extreme. As they were walking, a stall in their forties suddenly stood up from the front stall. The master yelled at Zhou Yu that the little brother is coming again, my brother has collected a lot of good things in the past two days, do you want to come over and have a look at Zhou Yu? He is really an acquaintance. Li is a better person