Thousands of people but Chagatais army has already killed the traitor in the imperial city how dare you kill the king Shuchi soon saw Chagatai

Reborn in the Southern Song Dynasty, Zhao Yun looked at the green mountains and green waters in front of him and sighed in his heart. In his previous life, he could not see such beautiful mountains and rivers in the world.
The world is full of industrial civilization, but now everything in front of Zhao Yun does not belong to the era he lived in before. Zhao Yun was originally an ordinary youth in the Republic. He lived at the bottom of the society and relied on his own sweat to support himself. However, after an accident, Zhao Yun came to the world in front of him, which is nearly a thousand years away from the time he lived in. Zhao Yun The time when Yun was reborn was the Southern Song Dynasty in Chinese history. At this time, it was the tenth year of Jiading in the Southern Song Dynasty, and it was the reign title of Emperor Zhao Kuo of the Southern Song Dynasty.
This emperor was called Song Ningzong in the history of later generations. I know why I came back to this era, obviously I was already dead, and it took half a year for Zhao Yun to adapt to this era. After Zhao Yun was reborn, he was not alone.
He also had a mother and a younger brother, a relatively comfortable family. Although the father with this new identity He died early, but Zhao Yun survived the initial panic smoothly.
Half a year later, Zhao Yun has adapted to this new identity.
The person who was reborn is also called Zhao Yun.
There is also a father who died of illness named Zhao Xilu Zhao Yun, a father who has never met, but has a remarkable identity.
Zhao Xilu is the ninth grandson of Zhao Dezhao, the son of the founding emperor of the Song Dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin. Wasn’t it inherited from Zhao Dezhao’s lineage? By the time Zhao Yun’s father, Zhao Xilu’s generation, they had become very estranged from the royal family, Zhao Xilu was just an ordinary citizen when he was young. Shaoxing lived as a commoner, but Zhao Xilu had a good literary talent.
In the era of cultural development in the Song Dynasty, and in a place as rich as Shaoxing, it was no problem for Zhao Xilu to eat enough with a little ink in his stomach. Until Zhao Xilu was in Shaoxing Zhao Xilu’s life changed only after meeting Quan’s mother, Zhao Yun’s mother. The whole family is a big family in Shaoxing.
Although it is not an official family, it is also well-known locally.
Attracted by Zhao Xilu’s literary talents, the two soon fell in love.
Zhao Xilu was just a poor boy at that time.
After agreeing to this marriage, Zhao Xilu got the support of the whole family after marrying a beautiful woman. After a few years, Zhao Xilu’s official career also improved.
With the identity of Zhao’s clan and some literary talents, and the family paid for it, they established relationships.
Zhao Xilu took advantage of Yinbu’s opportunity to get the official position of Kuaiji county magistrate.
Although it is only a county magistrate, Kuaiji county is very close to Shaoxing Prefecture and has a good geographical location.
At the same time, the whole family is also in Shaoxing Prefecture. The whole family is also very happy.
It’s also a good thing. Zhao Xilu’s first appointment as the county magistrate also made a small difference, and he soon won the support of the people in Kuaiji.
Zhao Xilu’s The reputation quickly spread throughout the area of ​​Shaoxing Prefecture. In addition, Zhao Xilu’s status as a clan member was considered to be a promising person for a while. As Zhao Xilu became more famous, naturally more people came to visit.
Zhao Xilu was also warmly welcomed during the period. Here comes a Liu family, Zhao Xilu. Originally, he thought that the Liu family was just a door-to-door person like the previous ones, but when the Liu family revealed their identities, Zhao Xilu was overjoyed. The old man of the Liu family and Zhao Xilu’s father are also very close friends in Hongqiao.
Shaoxing is naturally very happy. At this time, the Liu family is considered to be a little famous in Shaoxing. Zhao Xilu suddenly moved his mind.
With some friendship from his parents, the Liu family also intends to make friends with Zhao Xilu.
After several exchanges, Zhao Xilu and the Liu family became married. Zhao Xilu’s eldest son, Zhao Yun, and Liu Yue’er, the second son of the Liu family, entered into a marriage contract.
The family’s financial resources can make Zhao Xilu’s official career more smooth, but the good times don’t last long. In less than two years in Renzhi County, Kuaiji County, Zhao Xilu suddenly became seriously ill and passed away within a few days. The saddest thing in the despair is Zhao Yun’s mother, Quan’s family, who lost her husband in the early years and took two children with her. Zhao Xilu, who first became a county magistrate, didn’t have much savings. The seller had just buried her husband, and then life fell into a difficult situation. The people left for tea, and the old friends didn’t show up anymore, so the desperate Quan could only take his two children back to Shaoxing to join his natal family. The old lady has passed away at this time The whole family is presided over by Quan’s elder brother, Quan Zicai. Seeing that his sister is pitiful, Quan Zicai can’t say anything. In the end, the mother and son are taken in, so Zhao Yun lives in the whole family. This life is ten years. The three mothers and sons were still very good until Zhao Yun was sixteen years old.
Zhao Yun was reborn in this new identity for nearly three years.
Now he looks like a strong young man. It took three years for Zhao Yun to fully integrate into it. In this world, even the closest mother didn’t notice any difference in her son. If the biggest change in Zhao Yun’s body in the past three years is that Zhao Yun, who was a little weak and sick before, has become stronger and no longer sick in the past three years.
Zhao Yun walked quickly Came to a small riverside, this hidden mountain forest is the place where Zhao Yun has visited the most in the past three years. He is the only one here, and he can better resolve the sigh in his heart.