Those who are serious are earnestly finishing the unfinished things of the year but in fact Gu Feichen in fact have you set up another

This is her last job for the day, because she will be able to get off work and go home in ten minutes. Meimei is on a 12-hour shift. She plans to have dinner with her boyfriend first, and then go home to sleep to replenish the stamina and patience lost by continuous work. The ward is single-person equipped with a bathroom and a balcony. Electrical equipment is all available.
It is comfortable and luxurious bought with money.
At this moment, there is still obvious heat in the midsummer evening wind. Through the indoor windows, you can see that the distance is about to sink into the tall buildings. In the blood-colored sunset, Miss Qin, Xiao Liu called out. The female patient, who turned her back to the door, turned around in response.
It was originally an extremely beautiful face, but because of the lack of expression, it showed a hint of aloofness and indifference.
The woman surnamed Qin seemed to be Depressed, a pair of dark eyes are dull, just glanced at Xiao Liu, and his voice is as flat as white water. I want to be discharged from the hospital, how can I go through the procedures to be discharged from the hospital, but your current situation should stay in the hospital for observation. At least one to two days will be needed for Xiao Liu to take it out from the end of the bed.
Flipping through the medical records, she frowns and expresses her disapproval, but the female patient is firm.
I want to leave the hospital immediately, I’m afraid the doctor will not agree, and Dr. Lin has gone to eat right now, and he probably won’t be back until an hour later.
Yun Ke, the beautiful female patient, was silent for a moment, looked at Xiao Liu frankly, and said lightly that I had no money and could no longer pay for the hospitalization. I think this reason can make you agree that I am leaving now, then turned around again after speaking Continue to bend down to pack the light luggage.
Although Xiao Liu is young, he has been working in this industry for nearly ten years.
He has seen all kinds of patients who refuse to cooperate.
Some of them will lose their temper and play tricks in order to leave the hospital early.
They will even threaten or go on a hunger strike.
However, today is the first time she has heard such a reason, but in fact, she does not believe what the patient said. The woman in front of her is no more than twenty-six or seven years old, or she may be younger. She came to the hospital on her own request.
Living in this deluxe single ward for examination and recuperation costs three times that of a normal ward.
When she came, she only carried a big handbag. There was no makeup on her face, and her face was almost natural. Even so, her skin was still smooth and delicate. It seems like an egg that has been peeled off its shell is really crystal clear.
The skin is either naturally beautiful or well-maintained. Besides, she is dressed in a low-key but exquisite way, just like the black silk dress she is wearing at the moment. Although there are not many complicated modifications, The tailoring fits the curves and the details are delicate and charming.
Xiao Liu loves fashion.
I have seen this dress in this spring issue. The price of white lambskin weaving is at least five figures, but she looks like she doesn’t care about it. She even throws toothbrush and toothpaste in it.
Qian’s argument is probably untenable, but if she really refuses to pay the hospitalization fee, the hospital will indeed I won’t force her to stay here anymore.
Now it’s the time when the ward is tense. Many people want to be hospitalized, but they can’t stay there.
So Xiao Liu thought about it and looked at his watch. In the end, he said, I’ll contact Dr.
Lin for you. Thank you, the woman’s voice is still the same. Before going out, Xiao Liu couldn’t help but turn around and take another look. She felt that this young woman was too thin, or maybe it was because she was too haggard and lonely, so she looked extraordinarily fragile.
In the past two days, she almost never saw her smile.
But now her long black curly hair is casually tied behind her head, revealing a beautiful and slender neck.
The two thin shoulder blades are like the wings of a butterfly. She looks as if she will disappear at any time in the afterglow of the setting sun. Ms.
Qin Huan Xiao Liu reminded you to continue to pay attention to recuperate more after you are discharged from the hospital. I know thank you.
This is the second time Qin Huan thanked her.
His tone was very light, but his attitude finally became sincere. She turned around and looked at her with a calm expression. Some kind of strange beauty, even Xiao Liu, who is also a woman, couldn’t help but secretly amazed Qin Huan took the elevator downstairs and was greeted by three figures at the gate without any surprise. Before Qin Huan could respond, one of the men spoke first, miss, we’ve been looking for you for a long time, Qin Huan’s face was not very good-looking, and at this moment, she couldn’t help turning pale, she moved the corner of her mouth and pulled a smudge The sneering smile, but the voice is still lukewarm, thank you for your hard work, this is what we should do. The man can’t seem to hear her sarcasm, but just made a gesture of please and spent them together with the other two companions. It took more than half a month to finally find the target person, who was carefully escorted out of the hospital until she got into the car.
Qin Huan was taken back like this After getting out of the car for a while, she went straight into the house without seeing anyone else. Maybe she was too cooperative, and instead, the three bodyguards behind her were confused for a while, but she just went straight upstairs, went back to the room, and locked the door She is not in good spirits.
All kinds of tossings during the recent period have seriously affected her already fragile nerves, so that she always feels very tired. Sometimes she falls asleep and doesn’t want to wake up. Sometimes she suffers from insomnia all night long. After lying on the big soft bed for an unknown amount of time, she finally heard the sound of footsteps outside the door. She was so familiar with that sound, so even if it was so slight, it still woke her up from her drowsiness. She sat up and there was a sound at the door lock. Someone must have taken the key to open the door. Gu Feichen was the only one who dared to do this in this house.
Sure enough, the door panel was pushed away vigorously and hit the wall with a muffled sound.