Those two peoples feelings the secrets theyve talked about the barbecue skewers theyve eaten the things theyve complained about shes the only one who remembers

Miss Su, who hadn’t shown her face for more than ten years, was scheduled to reappear in public view at the engagement ceremony. At that time, Gu Xia was seriously draining the pool of blood. When the blood flowed out, she only held down all the struggles with one hand. Focusing her eyes on the place where the blood came out, she waited until the blood was gone, she began to cut the knife up and down, there was nothing resembling pity and sympathy on her face, as if what she had was just a simple object, the senior’s white overalls next to her Most of it was smudged by the sprayed blood, and said enviously, how did you cut it so clean every time? Gu Xia didn’t raise her head, and it wasn’t the first time she heard someone say that pieces of pork were cut.
Listed next to it is different from other masters’ bloodless treatment. Her work station is still clean, and even the meat seems to be whiter than other work stations.
That’s why the pig’s blood has been drained. The woman is lowered.
If you don’t look at the movements of her hands, she is very charming at this moment. The new guy looks back at his work station from time to time. The pig is screaming and struggling, and when he goes in with a knife, blood comes out and kills him.
The pig gave out a horrible feeling. The teacher next to him made a joke. He was still asking this girl if she had a boyfriend just now. When the young guy first came in, he was amazed by the girl with white skin and red lips. This girl came from the market side and was thinking about developing a little bit. Now that she sees this posture, how dare she have other ideas? The young man blushed at this moment, waved his hands and joked, saying that he couldn’t say no.
Teacher, Gu Xia, you see, it’s like this again.
Young girls still don’t want to kill pigs.
It’s easy to find someone. Gu Xia was so preoccupied today that she didn’t say anything.
She continued to do the work she was doing. The smell of blood and heat filled the whole factory.
The pork shop is very profitable, right? When I passed by yesterday, I saw a lot of people coming to buy pork.
Gu Xia turned his head and glanced at them, nodded and said, “It is very profitable. Your pork shop makes so much money.
Why do you still come to do this kind of work?” Tired and dirty, and I need to get up early Gu Xiadao This is my hobby. Don’t you think the moment when the blood comes out is beautiful? You go in with a knife and watch the other party go from struggling to quiet. It’s so stress-free.
It’s hard to imagine a beautiful girl saying that.
If such a perverted thing happened, the masters suddenly looked at each other and opened their mouths to say something, but seeing the other party’s knife, they stopped talking. Gu Xia raised her head, her pretty face looked harmless and said as a joke, how could it be possible to tease you? I’m not a pervert, but Everyone looked at her swift movements and heard her words, and no one spoke anymore.
The factory finally calmed down now, there were no more annoying sounds, only the sound of cutting meat remained, and Gu Xia’s heart also calmed down.
My mind is still full of the news I saw when I woke up just now.
Miss Su is sick, so the wedding scheduled for today has been cancelled. Are you seriously ill? Which hospital is Gu Xia thinking about today’s pork? The discount should be sold out soon, then I will see if I can go to the third floor of the Central Hospital. Su Yunyue put on a nurse’s coat and a mask, swaggered away from the sight of the bodyguards, she went back to four years ago, she hadn’t talked to Gu Li married and not yet sick Gu Xia is not dead yet The point is that Gu Xia is not dead she is still alive she lives happily somewhere Like a princess living in a high tower, but Gu Li is not her prince, he is just another high tower.
She thinks that marrying him is freedom and she can get rid of her parents.
In fact, she just moved from one high tower to another high tower and Gu Xia didn’t It is no exaggeration to say that Gu Xia is the one who took her out of the tower.
Su Yunyue spent the happiest days with Gu Xia in her previous life.
When she was in so much pain that she couldn’t sleep, her parents and lover were busy working for her.
A bunch of nurses were hired to do things respectfully and politely with money, but Gu Xia is not as respectful and polite as those people, even she is a liar who talks nonsense, but this liar is really interesting.
In Gu Xia’s description, she was an orphan and was raped when she was a child.
The criminal group has awakened in the middle of the adoption and got rid of the criminals. When he grows up, he becomes a flower shop owner who raises and sells flowers every day, just like in the movie. Did they train you to be killers? Tianliang’s business is to lure some children from rich families.
Gu Xia described that child from a rich family as a little fool. It’s obviously just making up nonsense, but Su Yunyue listens with gusto. Watching her dodge the bodyguards, the two of them changed into nurses’ clothes and sneaked out of the hospital together.
They ate barbecue together at midnight in the city and pressed the road. Gu Xia would scold those punks who came to strike up a conversation, and she followed suit after scolding, and the two ran away From Su Yunyue’s point of view, Gu Xia is different from everyone she’s ever met. It’s really funny and interesting. You clearly know that she’s full of lies. The next second, she might do something that doesn’t conform to moral standards, but Su Yunyue I just think she is very funny, she wants to laugh when she sees Gu Xia, she even thinks this liar is very reliable, maybe every time she can’t run, Gu Xia will run behind her back and the gangsters chase after her, that scene is thrilling and exciting for the two of them After spending half a year happily like this, she began to see the happiness of this world from another angle. She saw the world from Gu Xia’s perspective.
It turned out that this world can be so interesting until Gu Xia died. Why can someone do it by themselves? My heart hurts so much! Gu Xia died and she survived, but she wanted to know what kind of person Gu Xia was.
She couldn’t find any information about him.