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There was a rustling sound like countless bullets shooting at the ground. A tall man was lying on a low rock, and the rain blurred his vision. The noisy rain drowned out the other sounds around him. The man’s eyes were tight. Staring closely at the road ahead, there are still 50 meters away from entering the safety zone.
There are still people around. He has only found three people so far.
They are all on his right and left. A small tree, he had to run to the rock in front of him in one breath to be safe, rustling and raining non-stop, ten seconds left, the man took out a bottle of painkiller from his backpack and drank it, the power grid behind him bit by bit Approaching him, the man got up from the ground and looked around, and threw two smoke bombs to his right.
Covered by the sound of smoke and rain, the man held his gun and ran forward quickly, one step or two, and he was about to reach the bottom of the stone, with a bang. The sound of muffled gunshots drowned out by the heavy rain The man fell to the ground and looked at the dark sky unwillingly As the man died, a series of hahahahahahahaha burst out on the screen If you play Fengshen, it will be uncomfortable for a year, baby, the next round, the next round, Fengshen will not eat chicken, we will see the death replay on the rooftop, watch the death replay, Chu Qingfeng opened the death replay at the request of the audience, and saw a cluster on his left A man in an auspicious suit lay motionless in the grass.
From the moment he came out from behind the stone, the man’s gaze locked on to him. The quadruple lens followed him all the way. After he entered the safe zone, the man pulled the trigger once. Fatally fatal, I thought I was a master, but I didn’t expect it to be.
This brother is good at squatting in the grass. There was another wave of screen swiping on the public screen. Chu Qingfeng exited the game and returned to the chicken eating hall. Click on that person’s data.
The longest kill distance to headshot Chu Qingfeng sneered twice and returned to the hall to the refrigerator to get a bottle of iced Wangzai. Fengshen didn’t speak and shut himself up. Fengshen killed a person and finally died tragically at the hands of his elder brother. It turned out that the assistant was a real dog. Following Chu Qingfeng’s Leaving the public screen for a while and starting all kinds of screen swiping, Fengshen, don’t be discouraged, how can there be a Fengshen who won’t be sanctioned by the big brother, who won’t cry? Let’s see you at the airport.
Remember to report it casually here in Chu Qingfeng’s live broadcast room where the audience chatted in full swing and Jian Weige sneezed twice and didn’t hit the enemy with a flick of his hand Who was the one who received a thousand knives from his head? Jian Weige rubbed his nose and quickly retracted his head behind the tree.
The other party shot her. Now she must be spraying medicine. She manipulated the game character and stepped back two times. Stepping forward to the stone in front of the left, three mines were thrown in a row.
With the continuous explosion of the grenade, the eight characters appeared on Jian Weige’s computer screen. Good luck.
Chicken tonight is another boring chicken. Jian Weige retreated to the hall.
After ordering, I opened a bottle of Sprite in a happy mood and hummed a little song. Today is a good day. All the heads belong to me.
Today and tomorrow will be good days. I caught up with the airdrop and the Magnum will soon start the second round of the game. This time it is no longer a tropical rainforest map, but with the old map.
The flight of the plane is from the city in the upper left corner to the airport. When the plane flew near the shooting range, Jian Weige jumped down to the shooting range.
This place is Jian Weige’s favorite place to dance. In the current version, this place is a bit poor, but it is easy to use sniper rifles in the shooting range, and the field of view is good.
You can fight and search for things quickly.
After you get here, you can block the people in the top city, and you will be very rich. For someone like Jian Weige who doesn’t like to fight For street fighters, the shooting range in the old map is the desert map The sewage treatment plant in the tropical island map The seaside is her favorite place to dance.
In fact, it sounds good, but I don’t like street fighting.
The bad sound is because Jian Weige is timid. The airport mansion The steel gun place in the boxing gym is not suitable for her.
She jumped ten times, five times because she couldn’t find the gun when she landed, and died tragically once because she didn’t face the gun.
Four times, she was scared by people who appeared suddenly. The ability to fight at a distance is very strong, but the gun is a bit weak at super close range.
The reason why she is weak is not because the game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is also a horror game to some extent. Maybe a person will appear around the corner When encountering love to open the door, there is a surprise or something. At this time, her first reaction was to throw the mouse. The problem of throwing the mouse originated from a survival horror game she played earlier.
Players went to investigate an abandoned mental hospital and often came from the room A terrifying person suddenly appears in the corridor and rushes towards you. Whenever this happens, she will close her eyes and throw the mouse.
When she was playing that game back then, I don’t know how many mice she broke.
After all the hard work, she finally cleared the level. That game has been uninstalled by her, but she has not completely corrected the problem of dropping the mouse when she sees people popping out of the room. She is not afraid of confronting people, but she is afraid of someone popping up suddenly to scare her.
More importantly. It is Jian Weige who admits that she is a person, but as a person, she also has dignity, that is, she must not be tainted by others. On this side, Jian Weige has landed on the shooting range, and on the other side, Chu Qingfeng is still on the plane and has not come down. Chu Qingfeng returns with Wangzai’s milk. to the computer