This time it seems a little bit Unexpectedly what kind of enemy We are still afraid that he will not succeed everyone is confused so

Wu Dalang’s sky is bright and beautiful, but it’s lifeless and even without wind, a layer of loess can be blown up, because I haven’t seen a single raindrop in a hundred days, and it’s the dog days, and the sultry air is about to squeeze out all the water, only the stubborn weeds are withered and yellow.
The three women in the busy courtyard are working hard under the scorching sun. The homemade clothes on their bodies seem to be dried and lose their color, but they still can’t stop Liu Wu’s graceful and graceful curves.
Aunt Liu, what do you think my brother is? Who is she? Thoughtful Mrs.
Liu and Wu couldn’t help but ask.
She stopped and straightened up and wiped the sweat from her hands on her skirt. The matter began two days ago when she was in the Huihe dam.
Picked up a man, a dying young man with a broken brain, remembering that he died without a body, Brother Liu, she gritted her teeth and carried the tall man back, God is pitiful, he also came back to life, but she forgot a lot of things, even herself I don’t know where he came from. The old man said that he broke his brain and left the root of the disease.
Liu Huang, who picked wild vegetables, smiled and straightened his three-month-old son in his arms.
The baby pouts cutely and sleeps soundly. Brushing the hair sticking to the sweat on his forehead, he replied, don’t worry, he is a real young man. Those eyes are like a pool of water, he must not be a bad person.
One sentence made Mrs. Liu and Wu smile, even though he himself I feel like this, but it’s different when I say it from someone else’s mouth, and I feel more at ease. Then he said, why is his hair so weird? Wearing a pastoral dress, Huashi giggled and said casually what’s weird about this year There are too many people who can’t eat, so the Taizu who opened the dynasty also became a monk in the early years. I saw that there was no ring scar, and outside, those man-eating Tartar soldiers rampaged, burned, killed, looted, and did all kinds of evil. How many people did harm? Those who escaped were told so. Liu Wu’s smile added another point, his eyes also smiled, he bit his lips, and wanted to continue talking. After all, there are too many strange things about this person, but at this time, Hua has already opened his mouth and touched it with his fingers.
Liu Huang next to her winked at this little auntie and said, sister-in-law, have you seen that Wu Dalang’s body is as strong as a mule, and his body is as firm as iron bumps? I think there are some little ladies who can’t sleep Mrs.
Liu and Wu just wanted to push the roller, but she staggered under her feet, her face was as red as a monkey’s butt, and her eyes were watery.
Her house only has one room and one kang, what can she do? I don’t know. Who is ashamed to stare at the man’s body and is not afraid of long needle eyes? Liu Huang pushed that Hua with a contemptuous smile and scolded Hua.
On the contrary, she was envious, and then teased that Wu Dalang, who looks like a calf, can do it. Pretend to be Brother Liu and Yu Fu, who are going to press you on the kang, you must not shout Potian, Liu Huang immediately opened his eyes and patted her arm, scolding you, you are a terrible woman, you want to be crazy, or I will drive me The head of the family borrowed from you, forget it, and the two of them also laughed together If Wu Dalang is obedient, he will not be able to live for three days. This Liu Wu’s child bride-in-law who has never been married, the Liu family’s son is buried under the mine.
Look at the delicate eyebrows that gather but do not scatter. The fluff on the face has not fallen off. The legs are like straight chopsticks, and I’m still a baby. How can I hear this? I just feel that my whole body is hot, and it’s even hotter when I’m rubbed by clothes. Even the men blushed. Mrs. Liu and Wu were being teased and pushed the roller, but it didn’t happen for a while, but the continuous babbling and babbling sound of the roller made her upset several times, and she had to run away from the low-rise adobe room. There are also a few gaps, and the one that can be counted as an object is probably the wooden loom that was treasured and placed in the corner of the room. It is as smooth as jade. It can be seen that the owner is diligent and Wu Yi is sitting on the only wooden stool in front of the loom, feeling dizzy. It’s still an illusion that always feels erratic. Who would have thought that he, a modern soldier, came here inexplicably after encountering an explosion. Judging from the clothes on his body and the clothes of other people, it is absolutely the most primitive handmade without a trace of modern flavor. It is definitely not the world he is familiar with. He is full of fear of the unknown.
Fortunately, his body is still his own. This is his only thing to be thankful for.
He originally thought that routines would not be difficult. After professional training, he has also mastered two foreign languages, but this time he was a little discouraged because There is no need to think about the chatter of seven aunts and eight aunts in a room, and they can’t even interject. What’s more helpless, he half-understands how terrifying it is. Anyway, in his eyes, it is more uncomfortable than the battlefield, making him dizzy. By observing him I also guessed that it should not be modern, because he has been to primitive places like the desert, and the natives are more or less modern, but there is no trace here. Is it like a novel on a mobile phone? He traveled through it. He is not a fantasy art Young man, so he still has to struggle, hoping that suddenly someone will jump out, pat him on the shoulder, laugh and tell him it’s all fake Like a star, he doesn’t believe that adults can do everything well without leaving traces.
It should be difficult for children to try a few times.
The children either scattered or were wary.
Seeing him not coming in or approaching him made him a little impatient, but the outcome is here. Fortunately, he had learned straw weaving skills from the company commander when he was in the prairie, and the blade of grass quickly turned into a lifelike grasshopper in his hands. This time it finally worked, and the children’s eyes lit up.
The attraction of the toy to them But it was very huge.
A three or four-year-old child couldn’t resist the temptation and came over and got the grasshopper as he wished.