This suggestion is just before leaving for the chosen power fusion place Eco needs to meet someone first Splitting the line You came back Nora

The content uploaded by the user begins the journey of the intelligent mastermind to another world.
Jiujiu Diyin Wedge This book is definitely not an online game Earth Parallel World Year A.
With the development of social economy, holographic online games are becoming more mature and the development environment of various countries is stable.
More and more people are participating. It is now the most popular global online game Fantasy.
This is the only online game masterpiece that is jointly funded by multinational governments and provided by specialized scientists and artists. It took several years to complete it. Because it is required by the governments of various countries, The strength of the firewall of this game is not even weaker than that of the military network firewalls of various governments, so that players can play games with confidence without worrying about things like stolen accounts. In the fantasy world of online games, players can only have one and only One account, but there are many development routes they can choose.
Just race, there are human, monster, and beast. These two major choices include the mainstream choice of human occupations, such as the oriental fantasy. There are also some traditional occupations in some island countries, such as partial Taoism. In contrast, the mainstream occupations in the western fantasy world, such as mages, priests, fighters, assassins, and many other occupations are also indispensable. Naturally, there are some strength biases in these mainstream occupations.
For example, Warriors can focus on things like agility or strength. Mage can be divided into single-attribute specialization and multi-attribute public repair, etc. Besides these mainstream occupations, there are countless hidden occupations. These occupations may not necessarily be stronger than mainstream occupations, but they are more interesting than others. Starting from a mainstream profession is bound to be much higher. For example, leveling up only adds more pure abilities than ordinary professions, but there is no such energy as fighting spirit. For example, the shapeshifter who can choose different forms to fight and specialize In short, occupations such as formation, mechanism, or machinery have occupations and skills that you can’t imagine in the fantasy game. When it comes to skills, the first thing to mention is naturally the original skills other than the skills designed by the system. However, original skills The first thing is rationality. In the fantasy world, energy conservation is an essential part of original skills. The more you pay, the greater the effect.
But for intelligent players, you can always create something that uses the least amount of energy to maximize it.
The damage skills are just that.
As for life skills, they are also all-encompassing. I won’t go into details here. However, since this online game is the most attractive part of a holographic online game, it’s not just about skills and occupations, but the super-high interactivity.
The intelligence in the game is very high, a few even have intelligence far exceeding that of ordinary players, and at the same time, they also have certain emotions, and the intelligent mastermind that manages these in general was endowed with considerable intelligence and emotion when it was originally designed. The level is also set to multi-professional full level, which is also convenient for it to deal with some special things. At least when each player names his unique account You can communicate with it face-to-face, and then let it learn the player’s needs and positioning for the name, and finally give the players a satisfactory suggestion. To do such a thing, only a high IQ can’t be done without an EQ. Even the player’s self-created skills need to pass its review to complete. In fact, the above is so long-winded.
What I want to tell you is that this legendary intelligent mastermind has EQ and IQ, and also has the highest combat effectiveness in the game.
This intelligent mastermind has its own image, because the people responsible for designing the intelligent mastermind are all middle-aged uncles, so it is a great honor for the appearance of this intelligent mastermind to be a cute mixed-race person with both Eastern and Western characteristics. The little girl is a little girl who has a beautiful appearance and strong strength at the same time, but perhaps it is precisely because of the power of the phantom firewall that it is naturally an extraordinary challenge for some pretentious hacker geniuses, so in a certain An ordinary afternoon, the magic firewall was breached and a new type of virus was introduced.
The virus caused the loss of a lot of data in the game.
The most serious part is that the information about the intelligent mastermind even disappeared completely. In fact, the perpetrators.
The fundamental purpose is to hack this smart mastermind, and in fact they succeeded, so the game had to be announced to stop running for maintenance, but this has nothing to do with this article, so the information about the lost smart mastermind little girl is here Where did it go? The ceiling that I don’t recognize the dividing line seems like those so-called time travelers in the novel will say this sentence after opening their eyes, but in fact, what I see is not a ceiling, but a blue sky in a suburb. The little girl with blond hair and blue eyes who looks like a mixed race of East and West lay on the ground and murmured, “You ask this girl, how can she be sure that she has passed through? It’s very simple.
As the intelligent mastermind of Phantom, she can naturally recognize any scene and any creature in the game.” However, the scenery here is so strange to her. She also doesn’t recognize the creature not far away that seems to be similar to a cat. It’s just strange that this creature has not weak energy. It is similar to the monster in fantasy, but it is obvious that there is no such monster in her cognition.
By the way, in her cognition, the players of this fantasy game come from a world full of high-tech atmosphere.
There is no monster with energy in the fantasy world and in front of me, so it is obvious that I have not come to the world where the players live