This made Mi Yongtian Gang a little puzzled and said to himself but soon the ground began to shake and terrifying cracks appeared on the

Chapter 1 Waking up to a silent night The sky is full of stars Occasionally, a few stars twinkle to add a bit of surprise out of thin air A knight riding a tall horse dashed back and forth among the crowd without paying any attention to the surrounding crowd. Occasionally, when he swung his knife diagonally and swung his knife, someone would scream and fall to the ground. The peace of the village was thus broken.
The room was on fire, and there were screaming crowds and children crying on the spot. I saw an arrow shot through from nowhere. The killing seems to be going on endlessly, as time goes by, the screams, screams and crying slowly fade away, and finally the surroundings slowly quiet down, only the fire burns and the wood has grease, and there is a crackling sound, as the sky gradually brightens, the surroundings are silent In the evening, the fierce flames have been extinguished, only a curl of green smoke rises, exuding a choking smell, it seems to be recording the misery of last night, suddenly there is a movement, and I see a child about one meter in age, wearing Japanese-style coarse cloth He is handsome and handsome, but it is a pity that there is a horrible wound on his chest, which wets the clothes on his chest, and the blood gushes out all over the place. Wei Wei’s heart beats up, uh, the child groaned, then touched the wound on the chest, a violent convulsion, and stopped moving, the biological intelligence chip activated the host’s chest suffered penetrating injuries, activated the emergency plan, please press the Laogong acupoint, the host can delay death, and the estimated time of death Hours, minutes, seconds, seconds, seconds, seconds, seconds, who is talking? I was there. Wang Hao suddenly opened his eyes for a while, feeling dazed. Didn’t I just finish the seventh operation and then sleep in the spare lounge of the hospital? Where is this? There is no thatch on the wooden piles covered with green smoke, and a few wooden piles are scattered at Wang Hao’s feet. It is guessed that the wooden piles were burned, broken, and fell down. Fortunately, these woods did not hit Wang Hao after they fell down.
The system’s notification sound is still there. Ears are reminding Wang Hao instinctively pressing the Laogong acupoint with his hand every second, and then he was stunned for a while. The host suffers penetrating injuries.
Please clean the wound as soon as possible, perform suture surgery and blood-enriching medicines.
Death is expected in seconds. Wang Hao is stunned and not a system. The reminder sounds, but looking at my hand, it’s not my hand, it’s so small, a little bit of memory floods in, but the reminder sound in my ear sounds like a reminder, I have to be calm and calm, let’s not care about what’s going on here, let’s live first, then live is the most important thing After speaking, resisting the pain in his chest, he slowly got up and walked out step by step.
The sun outside the door was dazzling, so he had to go out slowly, holding on to the door frame and looking out. There were corpses, men, women and children lying all over the place. The horrible death of each corpse is acceptable to Wang Hao as the chief surgeon After so many years of life, I have seen many farewells. Many people died during the operation. It is the first time I have seen so many corpses of abnormal deaths piled up together. I was about to vomit, and the injury on my chest hissed, and a little bit of blood flowed out from my chest. Falling on the hand, one step, one stop, one stop, one walk, a short distance of tens of meters, and walking for a few minutes, Wang Hao’s goal is to go to the house of the head of Ditou village. As far as I remember, Ditou is the richest family in the village and the only one who understands People who work in medicine usually go to the village to inquire where they are injured, whether they are suturing wounds or cleaning the wound, they need medicines, except going to the village is a dead end. If there is enough time, Wang Hao will find medicinal materials by himself. It’s basically impossible, so I can only go to Ditou’s house to gamble.
Following Wang Hao’s step by step, Ditou’s house is in sight. The whole wooden structure house, which was envied by the villagers before, has almost been burned, and the surrounding wood is scattered all over the place.
There are still a few open fires burning, and the house on the left has already collapsed. Fortunately, a beam is erected obliquely on the unfallen wooden piles to form a triangle, which is just enough for one person to enter, but there is also the risk of collapse. Wang Hao is hesitating. The sound of the reminder is like a reminder, there is no choice but to enter, there is still a glimmer of hope, and if it is not close, it can only wait for death Wang Hao is looking at the triangular entrance of the house at this time, as if a huge mouth is about to swallow him, his eyes are slowly and firmly walking in step by step Thick smoke wafted out from the entrance of the cave. Wang Hao covered his mouth with his hands. This simple movement had already made him sweat profusely.
Then he walked in carefully, trying to avoid making huge movements that would cause the house to collapse, and occasionally there were fallen logs.
The piles block the passage and try to shrink past. Although this will make the wound worse, at least they will not be buried alive. Walking through the entrance half of the house that has not collapsed can still be seen faintly full of Japanese-style furniture.
Scattered clothes are piled up on the ground.
Two corpses One big and one small lying in the living room, Wang Hao didn’t care too much, Wang Hao started looking for medicinal materials, opened the drug database, created a data file, scanned the medicinal materials, received the instruction, opened the drug database, created a file, and started scanning Collapsing looked for the cabinets that he could see, but they were full of clothes. Not only was Wang Hao a little discouraged, he was running out of time. When Wang Hao looked around and looked at the corpse, the elderly female corpse seemed to be pointing at a certain place, like a desire to survive.
A very strong person sees the hope of life before death.
Wang Hao walked towards the female corpse and looked with his fingers. There was a wall in his sight.
Wang Hao slowly walked over.
The wall was made of wooden boards and painted some Japanese-style murals. Knock it out and see if there is any interlayer in it