This kind of strange body but as soon as it was suspended in the air he was hugged by the princess at the waist striding

Tian Chongwen’s parents suddenly divorced for no reason and there is an extra older brother. This older brother is not only handsome, elegant, distinguished, but has a particularly black belly and a poisonous tongue.
He cherishes life and stays away from Ji Yushuo. The reason he gave with a smile is that your father robbed my mother. I have no choice but to take over his daughter with a grievance. As flustered as a mouse seeing a cat, but now when she sees him, her legs go limp, what do you say? All kinds of presents piled up so there was no place to sleep Brother Yushuo, I wanted to watch the dolphins, but the next day there was a pair of dolphins in the swimming pool in the yard, competing with the big tortoise Brother Yushuo, I wanted to go to heaven, but this time he directly refused to allow it It’s too dangerous, why don’t you go over my head? My shoulders are strong enough. Brother Yushuo, I’m going to climb over the wall. Su Mi is getting emotional again. Xiao Mi can do it, but only if you have to climb over my head first. Su Mi never imagined that grandma would lock her up at home. She was even more seriously warned that if she didn’t agree to a blind date, she wouldn’t let her go out today.
The swift and violent grandma was so outrageous that she would directly meet someone at home. After shopping for groceries, she looked at the half-heeled wall outside the yard, sadly, no, she had to hurry up and find a way to escape.
She stepped on the bench carefully, right, almost forgot that she was still wearing high heels, so she had to put her shoes on first.
She took off her high-heeled shoes, raised her hand vigorously, threw one out, and flew out magnificently, drawing a beautiful arc in the sky.
In a daze, Su Mi suddenly heard a bang from outside the courtyard. She heard it.
I was stunned and didn’t have time to think about it.
I just threw the other high-heeled shoe out, and then Su Mi turned over and stepped on a foot, but the whole person fell straight down without the expected pain.
Su Mi exhaled lightly. The eyelids were half-opened, and I couldn’t help expressing the feeling of life after the catastrophe. Oh, I didn’t fall to my death. It didn’t hurt at all. The corners of my mouth lightly raised, and I felt that this sitting position is still very comfortable. Roll down quickly. The man let out a furious roar in her ear. When the pot exploded, it brought back Su Mi’s thousands of thoughts in an instant.
Su Mi’s heart skipped a beat, her half-closed eyes grumbled, and she opened her eyes wide and round. She was still in shock. She just grasped a key point. She seemed to be sitting down. On the shoulders of a man, that’s not the worst thing, she’s still wearing a skirt and riding on the man’s body like this, she’s crazy, it’s a shame, handsome guy, I’m sorry, thank you for saving me, Su Mi’s heart is beating like a deer Ji Yushuo’s deep black eyes flashed a dark light, his thin lips picked up again, and he rushed out again, heavy and cold. Ji Yushuo never thought that he just parked the car and the roof was heard.
The strange sound of being shot down by an inexplicable heavy object, as soon as he got out of the car, he saw a The woman’s black high-heeled shoes were lying on the roof of his car.
Before he could regain his senses, another unknown object roared towards him from the sky. Fortunately, he had a sharp eye and quickly caught the object with a big wave of his hand. It was also a black high-heeled shoe. It’s great.
How dare you throw your shoes in the sky in broad daylight, even pick his car and people and throw them down, and there’s something even more unprepared behind him. Wow, wow, wow, wow, a crazy woman who’s screaming and yelling and screaming, rushing straight at him, damn him Her scapula was almost dislocated first, and Su Mi, who was on the top, couldn’t stop her heart from jumping.
She felt that this man was very angry and was on the verge of rage. She hurriedly said softly, handsome guy, I’ll come down soon.
This man is really too tall, and with this posture, she is even more unattainable. She only glanced at the bottom, it was so scary, her little heart couldn’t stop trembling. From time to time, her legs dangled a few times on his chest, and you could even see her cute toes bouncing again and again. If she hadn’t already known who she was, she would have thrown her on the ground.
It’s actually this handsome handsome guy, can you please bend over? Su Mi bit her pink lips, feeling a little flustered and embarrassed, with a very submissive tone. The luster in Ji Yushuo’s black eyes was slightly rippling, and the brows and eyes were very quickly stained with playfulness The smile is fleeting but enough to make people lose their eyes. Why wasn’t he just a tough guy who hit people with shoes and climbed walls? It’s kind of joking.
Su Mi felt ashamed when he said that. She was really afraid of the feeling just now, and she still had lingering fears.
She thought he would not give up easily, but she didn’t expect that he really bent down so that she could come down. Su Mi couldn’t help but feel happy. The big rock in my heart can also be dusted.
Thank you so much. Su Mi patted her body and straightened her hair. She grinned and smiled, so how can you thank me? Ji Yushuo closed his eyes and raised his eyes She lowered her jaw and met Su Mi’s eyes with an astonishingly handsome face.
Su Mi’s big black and white eyes couldn’t help but widen and then widen full of surprise.
With her bare feet, she kicked her toes in excitement for a moment.
I was almost out of breath, my face convulsed for a long time, and then I stuck out my tongue in embarrassment and stammered, how could it be you, Brother Yushuo, she really wanted to smash herself to death with a piece of tofu She has done such a big thing today, will he strangle her? I saw the man is still the same as when I first met him, leaving her with a glimpse of infinite reverie. He is wearing a custom-made black suit.