This kind of childishness could not hide his age but occasionally Lei Xiu could still Seeing the calmness and determination in the corner of his

The uncle pianist was reborn into a simple dude from a wealthy family due to a medical accident and started a new luxurious and chaotic life.
The story involves the entertainment industry, the mafia family’s grievances, etc.
Tags: rebirth, soul transformation, industry elite Chapter Wedge, so far Life has been very Willful and happy, has a career that I like very much, a large legacy, and a considerate younger sister. Although I have regrets for my parents who have passed away, my life alone has become more spacious and free. I am grateful to everyone who has helped me and blessed me. My people are grateful for your sincere kindness. I lit countless lights during my dark journey.
Thank you for your smiles and encouragement. When the darkness around me falls, I know that you are watching and caring for me.
Hey, don’t look casually.
Fei Lan snatched the manuscript from the woman’s hand and quickly stuffed it into a drawer. The woman standing next to the desk looked at him in confusion, then shrugged her shoulders and finally sighed and said, Xiao Lan, you haven’t traveled through time, do you know? What do you mean? Fei Lan’s heart felt like it missed a beat.
He looked vigilantly at this neatly dressed woman with lazy eyes, and Sister Yue Xin, did you knock on the door when you entered my room? Fei Yuexin looked at his younger brother. Nervous as if clutching a treasure map, I sat down on the sofa on the side, did you write a thank you letter or a graduation conclusion, my dear, you are only a freshman in college, it seems a bit early to write this summary, I just wrote it casually, Fei Lan peeked at the drawer to make sure the paper was still there, then turned around pretending not to care, and said that sister Xin Yue, did you have something to do with me? Oh, your Porsche was returned. Fei Yuexin sighed and said that the girl still had her boyfriend Arrogantly drove to the flower garden and almost crushed the orchids I planted.
Forget it. Just those few garlic-like grasses, etc.
When Porsche Feilan came back to his senses, he was almost taken away by Fei Yuexin. My friend, you won’t lose your memory after being bumped once, right? Fei Yuexin finally showed a worried expression Xiaolan, do you still remember that girl? That girl with long hair and a silly smile, but you think it’s very beautiful and charming I’m sorry I forgot her name. Fei Yuexin was struggling to describe her appearance, which was equivalent to no description.
At the end, she showed an indifferent smile.
You loved it so much that you gave countless gifts, but this one is from Fei Lan’s mouth, which was directly returned home.
Present a word and then force myself to quickly come back to my senses and say with great certainty that of course I remember that she is the school beauty of our school.
What’s the point? But you have to find something for yourself. It’s better than staying in your room and writing your graduation speech. Seeing that Fei Yuexin is leaving, Fei Lan heaves a sigh of relief while coping with it. Okay, I get it. It’s just a relationship, it’s not like I’ve never talked to anyone, it’s not right Fei Yuexin has already walked to the door, she suddenly turned her head, her eyes are rare and sharp, it’s not the graduation speech You are not working So I can’t talk about a job I like very much, right? You don’t have a younger sister, and our parents are still alive even though they’re not around. What kind of novel did you write just now? As if she was going to come back to continue the discussion, she hurriedly pushed her out the door.
Compared to being a novelist, I think it is more promising to fall in love.
I will work hard. Leaving anyway, my younger brother has always been mysterious since the last car accident.
Hearing the sound of Fei Yuexin’s high-heeled shoes walking away, Fei Lan breathed a sigh of relief. The piece of paper he was writing just now lay there quietly.
He picked it up, read it again, and then gently crumpled it up.
It was neither a novel nor a graduation speech.
He died a few months ago in a medical accident and passed away without knowing what happened and woke up like this two months later he stood silent at his grave and saw himself reflected The appearance on the marble tombstone is young and full of vigor. Fei Lan doesn’t know where the original owner of this body went in a traffic accident by coincidence, and he doesn’t know why he has such a body.
Although it feels a bit unfair to the original owner. But at the same time, I’m glad he threw that crumpled eulogy in the trash. He has neither the opportunity to have someone else read it nor the ability to read it himself to the bones that are already buried.
He is dead and reborn.
Chapter 1 Porsche classic silver sitting quietly in Fay’s huge garage. It’s been parked for a week. A week ago a girl came in with her boyfriend in it and threw down the keys and swaggered. Fei Lan left Fei Lan and touched it with some envy.
Although he had a large inheritance and a good income in his previous life, he hadn’t enjoyed it very much.
Instead, he bought a Maserati for his sister, and he seemed to drive a Buick Hideo all the time.
I really don’t really care about this, but looking at this luxury car right now is a bit unpleasant.
If I knew it, I should have enjoyed the luxury life brought by the money. Such a generous way of chasing after a girlfriend also seems very suitable. Pressing the key, he opened the door and sat in the comfortable seat of the car, which made him sigh sincerely. Do you want to drive this car? Sister Fei Yuexin asked Fei Lan and turned her head away. Didn’t the car I used to have had a car accident?