This kid cultivated too fast isn’t it unreasonable Do your best to be able to cultivate like this Zhang Guxing’s tone is weird Dao Tianting

Destiny Sword Crazy Kendo Qualifications Top-notch kendo comprehension Top-notch body skills Juechen body skills Descendants of top-notch immortal emperors obtained a peerless immortal cultivation technique 1,000 yuan top-grade Lingshi Han Jue decided to practice quietly for longevity Han Jue had no choice but to act when the fairy world was cleaning up the mortal world.
Only then did he realize that it seems like a fairy god is nothing more than that. Root aptitude is extremely poor Click to roll the dice The first weather luck is as follows Click to roll the dice Civil engineering dual spirits Civilian spiritual root qualifications enhance gun skills Spirit boy gun skills enhance physical fitness Click to start the game life Looking at the list of attributes in front of me Eleven-year-old Han Jue is almost desperate Spiritual root aptitude and congenital luck can be changed randomly by rolling the dice every day, but only once a day. It can be refreshed at 7:00 a.m.
Han Jue has been rolling for eleven years since he was born. If only such a thought came out of Han Jue’s heart, no way, after finally coming to the world of gods and ghosts, how can mortals cultivate immortals? Han Jue wants to be the male lead of Shuangwen. No qualifications at all Han Jue’s immature boyish face darkened in an instant, and then he clicked on Destiny Lone Star to overcome his relatives and friends, his life span increased by 100 years. Rolling and kicking on the grass for 11 years, I can’t shake my spiritual root, I have bad luck and continue to shake, I don’t believe it, Han Jueqi trembled and tossed for half an hour before he got up Han Jue was a reborn person from the second life of the earth In the eleventh century, he was diagnosed with advanced cancer at a young age.
He didn’t want to go home and wait for death after painful treatment.
That night, in order to numb himself, he found a nostalgic immortal cultivation game and played it all night. He was sleepy at dawn, and he was gone. When he opened his eyes again, he was reincarnated into this ancient world.
He was born in a sect of cultivating immortals in the Yuqing sect of the Dayan Dynasty. On the day when he was diagnosed with advanced cancer, Han Jue was terrified. It was the first time he knew that life was so important. He was overjoyed to be able to cultivate immortality in one life. He must cultivate immortality. He wants to live longer than anyone else.
Planting herbs for Tie Lao has a special status as an alchemist. No one in the outer sect dares to offend Tie Lao.
Tie Lao has dozens of servants under his command, all of them are mortals. It is full of benefits for cultivators but absolutely poisonous for mortals. However, when he was six years old, his parents escaped, leaving the young Han Jue in Tielao’s herb garden. Han Jue also understood that he ran away with a child.
It must be inconvenient. Tie Lao didn’t care about it. Instead, he asked Han Jue to help plant herbs.
After a long time, Han Jue also planted the herb garden. All the flowers and plants in the house are well known, Tie Lao did not make things difficult for Han Jue, Han Jue continued to shake his luck first, anyway, he is a mortal now, why not wait a little longer, let’s continue shaking, if he can’t shake the luck against the sky before the age of thirty, then forget it as a mortal Cultivating immortals is a mortal cultivating immortals. Han Jue thought silently that the oldest servant in the herb garden was over seventy years old. His name was Old Man Wang. He was chosen by Tie Lao when he was a teenager. Now he is the leader of the servants.
Go to the herb garden and start sprinkling water to clean up the dead leaves. The herb garden is big enough to be as big as a football field.
Every servant is careful when they are busy. It may take two or three years before he comes back after only going out.
For a cultivator, two or three years is nothing.
In the herb garden, Han Jue was silent and had no friends, so he communicated with Old Man Wang. After being busy, he went back to the house and started doing push-ups to exercise The next morning, after Han Jue washed, he sat on the wooden bed and waited until the time when the attribute list was refreshed. Han Jue regained his energy and felt like a lottery draw. This was what he looked forward to most every day. No qualifications, this is too dark, right? Han Jue almost died of anger, his hands started to tremble Juechen’s aptitude for top-notch descendants of immortal emperors. After the start of the game life, he got a peerless immortal cultivation technique. One thousand yuan of top-grade spirit stones. I was born with good luck and looked very good. Han Jue became more and more excited the more he looked at it. No, the four of them are top-notch, and one of them is a peerless one.
At first glance, it’s amazing.
After eleven years, day after day, the emperor finally paid off Han Jue’s hard work.
Calm the mind without the spiritual root qualifications, he can’t click to start the game for the time being The mood here has been shaking for eleven years, so how about another eleven years? Han Jue let out a sigh of relief, then got up and went out of the house to start today’s work.
There are six people living in the house he lives in, one bed per person, and the others get up early in the morning. Everyone has their own area of ​​responsibility, dare not make mistakes, Han Jue is still young, only needs to do some simple work, Tie Lao does not dare to let him be in charge of an area, today’s sunshine is exceptionally bright, maybe it has something to do with the other servants Feeling the changes in Han Jue, the game life has not yet started