This is what the family told them in advance so even if No matter how impatient Jian Ling is waiting for someone she has to

These people are very close to her when they greet her.
What are they talking about? A handsome patient who was sent to the hospital just now is the kind of very sexy handsome and sexy young nurse who just joined the job. I found that she didn’t have a big reaction, just took a sip of the water in the thermos. You little girls know that a handsome guy is handsome, and his sexy words are too exaggerated.
How can there be such a man who sounds like a bitch? Don’t listen to them talking nonsense that person is definitely not as handsome as me. The neurosurgeon next to him who was filling out the form, Xu Jiu, was in a bad mood.
The nurses just wanted to refute, but Wang Jiu, who just drank water by himself, opened his mouth and was seriously injured. This question is very serious. Everyone came back to their senses, the little nurse said that to the director, it should be considered a minor injury, and the sutures are still finishing, and it should be healed soon, then Wang Jiuwei nodded, took a pen in his left hand, and signed his last operation, lowered his head and said casually. Sexy and handsome can be combined into one. The original atmosphere was turned serious by her, but she didn’t want to pick it up again. She pulled off the windbreaker and put on a bikini underneath.
It’s ok to put the pen tip into the pen cap and make a slight sound. Wang Jiuchao blinked and smiled.
Down, then turned and left, I saw her fingers hooked on the button of the thermos cup, her figure was tall and slender, her steps were leisurely and calm, everyone was silent, and everyone laughed. The little nurse couldn’t help laughing and said that Director Wang has a very generous personality Ah, she just came here, but she also knows that Director Wang is very famous in the hospital. She is twenty-eight years old and has a good financial situation. Although she changes her white coat and surgical gown every day, there is no chance to show off her jewelry accessories, but the car is very eye-catching, but her professional skills are not so good.
Everyone Rumors about her will also be negative. In modern society, she is not reserved at all. According to her conditions, there are naturally many suitors, but I heard that she was married and then divorced. It seems that she has children and does not plan to have another child.
Therefore, many suitors are repelled. Live a clean life, have a good personality, treat people prudently, lack of humor and popularity, but the people in the hospital have been in touch with her for a long time, and they always feel that she is a little mysterious. For example, why is she divorced because of her good conditions? It’s human nature, but because she’s popular, others don’t feel ashamed to ask the truth, not to mention staying in the hospital for a long time, marriage, and never seeing it, so it’s not easy to poach people’s wounds.
I think Lao Wang is really calm and calm. I can’t help but look at her, otherwise why do you think we call her Lao Wang Xu Jiu is a man who doesn’t care about those gossips, laughs and catches up with Wang Jiu, vaguely listening to him ask Wang Jiu if he has any arrangements, should we make an appointment for dinner at noon? Unfortunately, there is still another operation.
One by one, is Lao Wang there? Just now there was a car accident on West Street, and three people were seriously injured.
One of them had a lung perforation. Director Zhang called her to the Cangdong National Highway. Personally, Lao Xu, Dr. Lin, and nurses with old qualifications rushed to call a few people to meet each other, regardless of whether the calling surgeon was present or not. All of a sudden, there were so many car accident injuries, this small county is only a little big, so many car accidents broke out in a short period of time, but this is a matter of police investigation The surgery is performed in the room, and people can’t come out now one by one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one said the bloody wound under the shadowless lamp in the operating room is being probed in with tweezers to take out the glass shards that were cut in the car accident, but the wounded person is huge and the wound is not small and the amount of bleeding is bigger This sharp piece of glass is only a few centimeters away from his liver, but watching the dangerous doctor cut the knife, it is very stable.
After an hour of operation time, it is now in the final stage, the wound is being processed, and sutures will soon be used to seal the edge. Nurse Li Meng was very nervous at first, but now she has calmed down. She cooperates with handing over various tools and checking the physical condition of the injured.
In many occupations, assistants are secondary. It may not affect the overall situation, but even a small nurse is very important in the medical field. A poor cooperation will easily affect the results of the operation and the life and death of the injured.
Therefore, every nurse in the serious hospital who can enter the operating room has undergone strict training and is very particular about cooperating with the surgeon. Li Meng accompanied this patient in the No.
1 Hospital. The well-known Director Wang performed the operation.
Fortunately, it seems to be going well so far, but she always feels that something is wrong with the light. She tried hard to keep her attention, but suddenly heard Wang Jiu’s voice under the mask.
There is a problem with the light.
She was probably tired from the two operations, her voice was a little hoarse, what lamp, the shadowless lamp, not all the lamps, the little nurse Li Meng couldn’t help but wondered if there was a problem with the circuit, and I immediately contacted outsiders. At that time, the address was also very casual. The beautiful eyebrows and eyes on the top of the mask frowned slightly.
Wang Jiu paused when he started, but he continued to sew calmly, but at this moment, the thread was twisted. Wang Jiu finally determined that the situation was not good, what happened? Shouting to her, she looked up and the assistant doctor Zhang Xu, who was on the opposite side, was terrified and howled because his feet were sunken before he could react. The whole operating room was distorted.
What’s going on? The brain was dizzy for a moment, which lasted for about a minute or two, but the discomfort made it difficult for Wang Jiu and the others in the operating room to get used to it.
Li Meng asked in panic and anxiety. It’s too suspenseful. It’s a collective hallucination.
First, check whether the equipment is normal.
Prepare to continue the operation.
Wang Jiu, the chief physician who handles the surgery, is still very conscientious. Although the other two are panicked and don’t know what happened, they are the backbone. The equipment is normal, the power supply is normal, the data is normal, and the equipment can be used. It is strange that the connection with the outside world is broken.