This is the first time I have eaten hahaha Lin Yang He and Xiahou Swordsman laughed loudly when they saw Ning Caichens appearance and suddenly

Altar of the Lord God Standing on a bronze altar is a young man wearing 21st-century clothing, with a dazed and bewildered expression on his face. He has come to a strange space. At this moment, he is on the bronze altar, covered with a soaring strangeness.
Guang Guang, what the hell is going on? Lin Yang frowned and felt that all this was too unreal. After graduating from university, Lin Yang had been depressed and joined several companies, but his job was not going his way. Lin Yang, who had just resigned from the company yesterday, returned to his old hometown. When Zhai was looking through things, he found the bronze altar left by his grandfather.
Just a moment ago, Lin Yang accidentally pressed the mechanism at the bottom of the bronze altar, followed by the voice of calling in Lin Yang’s mind, before Lin Yang could react.
He was standing on the bronze altar.
Well, if I guessed correctly, the bronze altar standing under my feet should be the bronze altar I was holding in my hand before.
It’s unbelievable, Lin Yang felt like a dream.
Suddenly, an electronically synthesized prompt sounded in Lin Yang’s mind. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the main god altar.
Welcome host to the main god’s space. Prompt sound of the Lord God Altar The main task of becoming the Lord God has no deadline yet. Lin Yang’s expression is exaggerated.
This time, Lin Yang had a strong feeling that he might have gotten lucky and got the legendary golden finger.
The altar is a unique building used to worship gods and pray for blessings in ancient times.
Lin Yang can hear it. Suddenly, a light flashed in his head, and he said, yes, I am the host of the altar.
The main task is to become the main god.
The altar was used to worship the gods in ancient times, which means I will be the summoned.
Congratulations, the host understands correctly.
A magic robe, a seven-star magic robe, a mysterious magic robe, which can avoid fire and water. The magic robe has some mana, which rewards Lin Yang with a sense of astonishment. Just after getting the golden finger, he gave a seven-star magic to avoid water and fire. Robe followed Lin Yang curiously and asked the system, can you ask a question about the mana value of the robe? Dao system, can you introduce the origin of the main god altar? Ding, the host has insufficient authority and cannot answer. The system Dao, er, Lin Yang is very speechless.
The system continues to prompt the Tao host Lin Yang realm, the mortal altar has 10,000 sacrificial points.
Sacrifice points are the initial points of mission sacrifice points, which can be used to issue sacrifice tasks, upgrade altars, props, seven-star robes, altars, and other ranks. I asked the system according to what you said, how can I get sacrifice points? Ding issued the main god order to get a sacrifice and complete the sacrifice task to get the corresponding sacrifice points. The system prompts to release the main god order.
Lin Yang caught the key point and was surprised. The main god order is confirmed by the host himself. The system releases the task. The world Lin Yang was stunned again and felt that he had neglected the high-level sacrifice task before, and couldn’t help but be surprised. The Dao system could it be said that the altar of the main god opened the sacrifice task of thousands of worlds? The host’s world can be called the original world.
Every time the altar of the main god opens the sacrificial mission, the world will be the original world where the host is located, such as movies, TV shows, novels, myths and legends, etc. Lin Yang was excited when he heard it When Tian came to the heavens and worlds, he was still the main god. Thinking of this, Lin Yang felt a little excited.
After all, for an ordinary person, it was a chance against the heavens. What kind of movie world is the world of fiction? Can it all be turned on? Lin Yang’s thoughts became active, trying to recall every movie, TV series, and novels he had watched. The altar of the Lord God blesses all living beings to offer sacrifices.
The voice of the prompt was stunned, and he couldn’t help but ask, um, what does it mean to sacrifice everything? All living beings can sacrifice all of themselves, including limbs, organs, soul life, and pray for the Lord God to grant everything they want. The explanation of the main god altar system is scary.
Didn’t it say that it is good to protect all living beings? This requires all living beings to sacrifice everything, including the souls and lifespans of all living beings.
Of course, Lin Yang was just surprised. Overall, Lin Yang thinks that the main god altar is awesome and not ordinary. Then Lin Yang walked back and forth on the altar of the main god, and found that the altar was floating in the middle of a void.
Could this be the space of the main god that the system said? The altar system of the main god did not respond to his words. Doesn’t the world of mythology mean that I will have the opportunity to enter the world of film and television dramas I have watched and interact with the plot characters in those film and television dramas? Lin Yang became even more excited when he thought of this, and continued to mutter. If Sima Yi, the military advisor, can enter the military alliance world, it may change Hua Tuo’s fate.
In Lin Yang’s view, the history of the original world cannot be changed, but Hua Tuo in the TV drama military alliance world may have a way to keep this famous doctor alive through the ages. As soon as Lin Yang’s thoughts appeared in his mind, there was a system notification sound