This is normal isnt he Ah Huo Cheng laughed with the corners of his mouth pulled but somehow he choked he coughed a few times

Su Wenyu lay quietly in front of the table alone, the pattering rainwater hit the glass surface like small marbles, the wind drove straight through the open window and door, curled up the broken hair on his forehead, and the pages of the book rustled, etc.
The sound seemed to come from a far away place and spread to his ears bit by bit through the air.
He heard it but didn’t seem to hear it.
The pair of hands were clasped together. The pair of beautiful eyes are slightly lowered at the moment, and there is no emotion inside.
The switch was pressed by someone, and the dazzling light hit every corner of the room in an instant, and then a pale face without blood color was reflected beside the long table. The person who Wen Yu spoke was called Xu Yiqi. There are people who are doing what are you doing in the studio at this point? The clear voice is full of surprise and a little bit of shock.
Su Wenyu squinted his head unconsciously, and waited for the stimulation of the strong light to pass before his dull brain began to work.
As soon as he opened his mouth about something, he realized that his voice had become hoarse at some point, so he cleared his throat and repeated the words as if he hadn’t said them. Xu Yiqi rolled his eyes and hummed angrily twice. Shaking casually, hanging on the back of the chair without turning on the lights and not making a sound, you are trying to scare me to death. Halfway through, he took a few steps, approached his nose, sniffed the air, and even after drinking, Su Wenyu raised his head and looked up.
He was sane, but the light above his head was so bright, but his face didn’t show any expression, as if it was covered with a layer of indelible gloom. Hiss, Xu Yiqi, who has always been careless, also felt something was wrong, and couldn’t help but make up more.
After looking up and down and speaking again, his tone softened.
I was in a bad mood.
Su Wenyu shook his head and denied it. I just didn’t finish the manuscript. Who are you to blame? Wen Yu’s residence is on the third floor of a large villa with a single family in Yanjiao New City.
There is a studio specially set up on the third floor. It is spacious and bright, not to mention the equipment is also readily available, so I don’t usually spend much time in the studio. Tell me the truth.
What happened? What could happen? Su Wenyu sneered, just looking for inspiration.
He thought of a reasonable excuse, and the rest can be made up.
He lowered his eyelids and smiled, saying that you are a boss, it’s really hard to serve your employees, and you think so hard.
Why don’t you like it if you earn more money? You don’t have to be busy until midnight.
You are not a college roommate who has been a private worker for four years. The relationship between the two is naturally nothing to say. The manpower in the studio is not enough Su Wenyu also came to help without saying a word, he invited people to work, not to be exploited, besides, if Young Master Huo knew, wouldn’t it be too much for me to go around, you boy! Don’t hurt me Xu Yiqi lightly bumped the young man’s shoulder, smirked, winked and frankly said that when he heard that his good brother was going to date Huo Cheng, he actually didn’t think so well, after all, after a gender change, he is a real prince Want to have sex with Cinderella, the young master of a top wealthy family The wind, the rain, the rain, maybe it was just a whim, and Su Wenyu was too serious to be injured in the end, but I didn’t expect that the few campus couples who had met in the past three years and promised to enter the wedding hall were all because of various reasons.
The actual reason is that they broke up, but the two of them have been together well.
It is said that they have never even quarreled once, but it is no wonder that his eyes moved down to Su Wenyu, and he glanced at the young man’s body carelessly. Compared with the time when he first entered the university He has grown taller but is still thin. Standing still, he looks like a green bamboo.
From an aesthetic point of view, the contour lines and facial features are perfect.
Even if there is no expression on the face, it can attract people’s attention.
A smile is even more eye-catching. Xu Yiqi inexplicably gave birth to a little old father-like pride. Such a good appearance and temperament are worthy of being treated sincerely by anyone. A green-headed man like this who has complicated processes and keeps picking the best from the rough is almost hard to find. You haven’t mentioned it. Mr.
Huo keeps quiet Quietly gave a surprise, this thoughtfulness, tsk tsk tsk, he pointed to the tea on the table, laughed and laughed, waiting for the thin-skinned young man who couldn’t help being amused, as usual, bent his eyes and showed a sweet smile of embarrassment, but Su Wenyu didn’t His eyes are as quiet as a pool of stagnant water. He has known Huo Cheng since he was 20 years old, and it has been six years since he met Huo Cheng, including the three years of dating, so he knows this person well enough. The lover is also indifferent, except on the bed, there is no strong emotion in any occasion, so that sometimes it is difficult to feel his affection, which is actually nothing.
He is just born indifferent and not good at expressing.
It is not that he does not love me.
Since he really wants to be with me If we live together for a lifetime, then of course we should be more tolerant Su Wenyu always told himself like this, but now Huo Cheng’s attitude has suddenly changed completely, and it just so happened that Su Wenyu picked up the cup and lowered his head to take a sip of the tea after losing his memory in a car accident The temperature has long since disappeared. The ice-cold bumped into the stomach along the esophagus and directly made him shiver. When he opened his mouth, he unconsciously felt a little more coldness. Yes, we have been together for three years.
It is interesting to think that he is so considerate. What’s so strange about this? After walking through the gate of hell, I finally realized that I should cherish the present moment. Xu Yiqi laughed heartlessly.
He couldn’t find anything left behind on the table. He turned around and looked at the bookcase. Let’s talk about the things Huo Dashao is now remembering.
My son is all in disarray, and his temperament will change a bit, maybe Su Wenyu is noncommittal, stands up from the chair, looking for something, do you want me to help you, no, no, I probably remember where it is Xu Yiqi waved his hand and opened the drawer to search while continuing rambling