This is Chapter 1 Chu Zhang Liang is missing General Ren Xiao I need a general to block Chen County now that the rebellious people

His majesty’s anxious and anxious voice sounded outside the car, and at this moment, a huge amount of information burst out of Ying Zheng’s mind.
He was browsing the life of a man named Li Kang, from birth to doctor’s degree, like a slideshow. Yingzheng’s mind appeared in Yingzheng’s mind, and then merged together to become his memory, regardless of each other. Li Kang’s life was so wonderful that the first emperor was moved. The big ship, flying aircraft carrier, and Zhenhai, a great country, showed a nation’s self-confidence and strength.
At this moment, he seemed to have experienced that era in Yingzheng’s heart. Full of curiosity, a deep and majestic voice sounded outside the imperial chariot. Zhao Gao’s nervous mood immediately relaxed. As long as the emperor is fine, everything will be fine. Otherwise, none of the accompanying personnel on this east tour will be able to escape. The side of the car is afraid that His Majesty will be injured, so at this moment, Yingzheng’s heart is agitated and shocked.
This memory from the future allows him to see a different kind of splendor.
He has seen the prosperous dynasties and seen the gold and iron horses swallowing thousands of miles like a tiger. The modern civilization of the steel forest also made him angry.
He wished to kill him. His Daqin died the second generation. His favorite prince was killed by coercion. Zhao Gao, who looked down on being a dog, was angry and hysterical, and wanted to draw his sword to kill people, but at this moment, Yingzheng’s tone was normal. I sent an order to Xianyang to all counties and counties in the world to arrest Zhang Liang.
He is the son of South Korean Prime Minister Zhang Ping.
The crime of killing a car is not tolerated, Your Majesty, you know the identity of an assassin. At this moment, Zhao Gao’s surprised voice came, and his tone was full of puzzlement. Do you want you to teach me how to do things? The anger and hostility in the emperor’s tone made Zhao Gao fight There was a shiver on the back, a gust of cold air suddenly rushed straight up the spine and reached Tianling.
At this moment, he felt the emperor’s murderous intent. The minister knew, please calm down, Your Majesty. The unrivaled majesty of the first emperor is like an unattainable mountain hanging over the sky of the Great Qin. No one is afraid or fearful.
At this moment, the majesty of the first emperor is at its peak. The majesty of one person overwhelms the whole world, lying in the imperial chariot Ying Zheng Digesting Li Kang’s memory, at the same time, the power brought by the flowing fire from the sky made his body healthy. This moment was the 29th year of Emperor Qin Shihuang. This year, he was only 41 years old, which is the golden age of a man. Youdao is an eighteen-year-old girl with a flower and a forty-year-old man with a flower.
From this, it can be seen that a man of forty is in the prime of his life. My tuberculosis and various discomforts have disappeared.
At this moment, Ying Zheng was shocked. He woke up without coughing again, and his body was full of strength that had never been relaxed before. He once again felt the vitality in this body, and felt the endless vitality instead of the lifeless life before, but it helped. I am very busy. In this life, I will never die in Daqin.
I get out of the imperial chariot. Yingzheng stands on the chariot and looks at Hao. In the heart of the endless black iron armor, the depression that died because of the Great Qin II was suddenly dissipated by the evil spirit of the Great Qin Ruishi.
With such an invincible army, the black torrent will ruthlessly defeat any ghosts and ghosts.
There will only be one Great Qin in this vast world.
The light shines on Your Majesty, now that the assassin has lost track, should we stay in Yangwu or continue the east tour Meng Yi walked over with a gloomy face towards Yingzheng Road and continued the east tour on the carriage frame Yingzheng stretched his arms and followed suit And sneered Meng Yi drafted the edict and sent it back to Xianyang Today, I am here to warn the world that the emperor was assassinated in Bolangsha. After the Tingwei Mansion found out that the assassin was Zhang Liang, the son of Zhang Ping, the nobleman of the Han Dynasty. Zhang Liang assassinated the emperor. The king ordered to assassinate the emperor, kill the servants, destroy the three clans according to the laws of the empire, and now destroy the three clans of the king of Korea and destroy the three clans of Zhang Liang in accordance with the law, to tell His Majesty that doing so would provoke a crazy counterattack from the survivors of the six countries and shake the foundation of the empire. A look of worry appeared on Meng Yi’s face, and he quickly glanced at Yingzheng Road, hahaha, the bright world, Yingzheng’s tone was heavy, here is not far from Xianyang, the capital of the Great Qin Emperor, I will encounter assassination, this shows that the survivors of the Six Kingdoms are very ambitious, I gave it Since they don’t choose the way they want to live, the empire is about to fly, so why should I give them mercy? I don’t mind killing them all. In this vast Qin Dynasty, my kindness is only for the people of Daqin, not for me.
Rebellious ministers and thieves, maybe they have forgotten that I became emperor in Xianyang only after annexing the six kingdoms, instead of inheriting Nuo Mengyi’s orders and going down to prepare meals.
Zheng Chao ordered Meng Yi, please don’t worry, my Majesty, I will go and order to absolutely guarantee the safety of the convoy Although the first emperor loved his Meng family very much, but Meng Yi did not dare to look presumptuously in front of Ying Zheng.
The whole Qin may only be Wu Chenghou Wang Jian and his elder brother Meng Tian are special here.
Let’s go.
The valleys on both sides of the river are deep and the mountains and valleys become a beautiful landscape. Because the travel season is in summer, the trees on both sides of the avenue are verdant and green, giving a primitive sense of nature. Ying Zheng looked at it for a while and then returned. In the imperial car, he has plenty of time to see the scenery, but his empire is in jeopardy, Chen Sheng, Wu Guang, Liu Ji, Xiang Yu Yingzheng’s tone is faint, and murderous intent boils in his heart. The chaos lies in the empire’s policy, and also in the incompetence of the successor.
Today’s Daqin is like an invincible chariot running on the road with full horsepower.
On the surface, it looks majestic, but in its bones, countless parts are worn out, and even the engine is struggling. running