This is a termination letter written by email because The deaf relationship Lu Fei knows that he has lost value to the company it’s just

A strange celestial phenomenon that is rare in five hundred years Nine Stars Lianzhu Lu Fei’s fate has changed quietly Deafness is undoubtedly fatal to a professional player who plays shooting games But God will leave a window for you when you close a door It was a blessing in disguise. Lu Fei accidentally traveled to the earth in a parallel universe and got a system called the sound of nature. As the name suggests, this is a system where hearing is king. What will happen to the generation of God of War Lu Fei and the sound of nature system? Complete the God of War system The single-player four-row will get the unique title of God of Killing in the entire network.
Lu Fei is too difficult.
Can you switch to another system to release the mission? You must complete it, or you will be punished by the sound of nature. If you don’t accept the task within the specified time, you will suffer from electric shock.
May 4th Lu Fei is in a hurry. From mobile games to online games, from peace to survival, from anchor to career and then to a generation of killing gods.
The scenery on the upper and lower sides quickly flashed to the rear. A handsome and childish young man sat in the back row and looked at the case sheet in his hand with a blank face. Deafness is undoubtedly a fatal blow to Lu Fei who relies on his ears and eyes for food.
He is The top gaming genius in China, at the age of 19, he reached the pinnacle of his life by relying on a domestic online game called Chicken Eater. But God’s will tricks people.
Just a few days ago, he suddenly felt some pain in his ears. At first, he didn’t care about the result. As a result, I can’t hear anything now.
Looking at the case in hand, it says the etiology is unknown, and he is permanently deaf.
Lu Fei feels an unprecedented fear.
People have a natural fear of the unknown. If you are sick, you can cure it until the disease is cured.
Prescribe the right medicine.
These words are for patients or doctors. Said it was too familiar, but the cause of the disease could not be found, but it was indeed sick, which was the most unacceptable to people.
Humming, the phone in Lu Fei’s hand vibrated, and he scanned it quickly. His face was pale. This is a termination letter written by e-mail, because The deaf relationship Lu Fei knows that he has lost value to the company, it’s just that it all happened so fast, it makes your heart hurt because it’s because of his health, and the company is the one that voluntarily terminated the contract, so the company gave Lu Fei a normal contract termination The process is not a breach of contract, this is already the best result, he strongly suppressed his crushing emotions, he finally replied weakly with trembling fingers Locked in the room, Lu Fei’s parents know how serious the blow is to the child, but they can’t do anything except verbal comfort Father Lu Jianfeng looked at his wife who was crying silently and shouted softly Li Yulan said sadly, I just feel sorry for our Xiao Fei, you said he was only nineteen years old, why did he become deaf for no reason? What’s wrong with playing games in front of the computer for a long time, it will hurt the body Although Xiao Fei is deaf, it’s a big deal to do other things in the future It’s really impossible, my son, I’m here to raise Lu Jianfeng said loudly, glanced at his son’s room, sighed softly, I went out for a walk, and then went out the door Lu Fei sat at his computer desk, looked at the photo in front of him, and was a little dazed for a moment, this is the last one The photo of myself leading the team to win the championship in one year. In the photo, the scene of me and my teammates holding up the trophy and cheering seems like it was just yesterday.
Everything seemed so beautiful, but Lu Fei knew that there was no going back. Ding Ding Ding, the phone rang again. Lu Fei opened A series of messages on the phone filled his eyes Brother Fei, don’t be sad No matter what happens we are best friends You will always be the leader of our team Cheer up or I, Sun Honglei, will teach you how to be a man Brother Fei Wait for the day when I become deaf and I will accompany you Playing chess together These years fighting side by side with you is the happiest time for me Waiting for these few days of training, we all go to watch together You remember to give me your mobile game Eat Chicken Universal Sensitivity This is a warning Look in your phone The words of concern Lu Fei smiled at the corner of his mouth, and he felt a lot better. These two live treasures are still so skinny. The news that came down made Lu Fei a little excited, but more guilty.
The familiar title, the familiar font, and everything that was familiar all the time showed the familiar and special relationship between the two.
Ding Ding Ding, this person seems to have endless information. Constantly refreshing the landing Lu Fei took a deep breath and slowly clicked on Xiaofei I know everything, don’t worry about me when you’re not here, I’ll go on for you, we used to fight for the team when you were here, now you’re not in the team I will only fight for you in the future, I think I will fight for another two years, I am eighteen years old, two years old, exactly twenty years old, I will retire in two years, these few words make Lu Fei feel that he is no longer so uncomfortable, as if he heard a girl What he said in his heart was a great comfort to him. On the phone, he smiled dotingly and quickly replied that he could continue to play at the age of 20. After all, becoming a top professional master is your dream. If you continue to play, you will definitely succeed. He felt a little guilty. He had personally promised to accompany her to fulfill his dream, but now it is obviously impossible.
On the other end, a beautiful girl stared intently at the information on the phone, which made the girl smile wryly, with long, white fingers.
I’m dancing fast, I don’t want to play, I’m a little tired, Lu Fei knows that the reason why Xiaoya made this decision is mostly related to himself, he is typing quickly, this is what I want to say, in fact, it’s good that I can’t play games, so I can calm down in the future Come and try to do other things, the message was quickly replied