This is a good opportunity to join Qian Dahaos group ah yes Qian Dahao nodded in satisfaction and pushed the longfaced man to the subway

This is a system that went to the wrong world and found the wrong host, thinking of ways to make the protagonist of the salted fish stronger I turned into a zombie because of my mistakes. Chapter 1 Doomsday super energy system. Please collect and recommend. Pop, ton, ton, hiccup, cool, free Coke, it’s cool to drink. It’s hot summer, even at night, there’s not much coolness. At this time, there’s nothing better than drinking The last can of drink was even better. If there was one, it would be a free and iced drink. Wearing a big vest, big pants, and wearing big blue slippers, Fu Xing drank a can of cold cola and threw away the cola.
Can scratched his head, then sat comfortably on the computer chair and squinted his eyes to feel the coolness in the hot weather.
I was lucky today.
I picked up a can.
I don’t know who left it in the vending machine. Fu Xing, a young man from a rural area in the north, stayed here after finishing college in Tianhai City in the south. He became a graphic designer and rented a house to live in.
Today, after work, when he passed the vending machine downstairs, he was thirsty, so he wanted to buy one. The bottle drinker didn’t expect to pick up a can of Coke from the vending machine and get a cheap one. He hurried home and put on a tank top and shorts, sat on the computer chair and drank the bottle of Coke in one gulp.
Didi Didi squinted at Fu Xing When he was about to fall asleep, there was a sudden sound of beeps in his ears. Fu Xing, who was taken aback, opened his eyes and saw a red progress bar appeared in front of him. The binding of the end-time superpower system was successful.
Fu Xing Make a doubtful voice, and then see the successful binding screen in front of you. It turns into a blood-red blood-red interface. There are two parts on the left interface.
The host Fu Xing, gender, male, age, strength, physical condition, good, lack of exercise, superpower, no ordinary The highest human data is the point. There are three icons on the right interface and a string of zero eggs in the lower right corner.
The first icon is a big turntable with the word “lottery” written at the bottom. The second icon is a shop with the word “store” written at the bottom. The icon is a notebook with the word “mission” written on the bottom, and the string of “zero eggs” written with the word “Super Point” in front of it. Illusion. The can of Coke is poisonous.
I don’t believe in ghosts or gods.
The can of Coke he picked up was poisonous, and it was really cheap and not so easy to pick up. Fu Xing rubbed his eyes, but found that the picture in front of him was still there. With a wry smile, he picked up his phone and wanted to make a call. The icon of the big turntable slowly occupies the entire screen. There are four fan-shaped grids of different colors on the top, white, red, purple, and black.
Each grid occupies a quarter of the area.
At the bottom is a start button.
The turntable completely occupies the screen.
After the screen A line of words appeared on the screen, asking the host to extract super powers. This extraction does not consume super power points, and this is the only chance to draw super powers.
Please be careful with the host, and treat an illusion so realistically. Fu Xing, who didn’t care, clicked the start button casually. He wanted to see how realistic this illusion could be.
The four grids on the big turntable began to flicker one by one, and the flickering speed became faster and faster, and then Gradually stopped, and finally there was only one grid left that was still lit. The black grid congratulated the host for getting the mysterious superpower summoning drink. At this time, Fu Xing was stunned, and he seemed to feel something. Lifted up and didn’t take the phone. A can of Coca-Cola appeared on his right hand as soon as he raised his hand.
Looking at the Coke that appeared out of nowhere in his hand, Fu Xing fell into contemplation.
I did not have hallucinations. It took Fu Xing an hour to figure out the function of this apocalyptic superpower system.
The picture on the left is me.
After the lottery draw, the word “summoning drink” appears after the line of super power.
On the right side of the screen are several functions of this system.
The big dial is the lottery function. I don’t know if I will add other items to the products sold in the store and an item called super power advancement stone in the future. Every draw consumes super power points, and there are only two products in the store. The drink has a special effect that increases power by one and lasts for half an hour.
Redemption requires super points. The speed drink makes the next drink summoned by the host have a special effect that increases speed by one. It lasts for half an hour and requires super points for redemption. And the daily task of the system task is now just drink a can of drink to reward super energy point, the system task is empty, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons, tons. A string of zero eggs jumped into a change, and then he bought a power drink from the store, stretched out his hand and summoned a can of white drink with a fist icon painted on it.
After drinking it, he felt full of strength, as if he could punch him to death.
Like a cow, this made Fu Xing confirm that he really did not have hallucinations, all this is true, but now there is a problem, why is this system called the Doomsday Super Power System? I don’t know if this system can communicate.
Fu Xing decided to try the system Why are you called the Doomsday Super Power System? Didi Didi, as soon as I woke up, I saw that the picture in front of me suddenly turned scarlet. A countdown appeared on it. After the countdown jumped for a few seconds, a line of words appeared below. The world of the host is about to happen. Biohazard, please prepare the host, Fu Xing jumped up, the system said that biohazard was going to happen in his world, what should I do? Thinking of the scenes he saw in the movie, Fu Xing was at a loss what should he do now what to do what to prepare