This is a demon king in a trance recalling the ups and downs and ruthlessness of the past years from the half sword A spray

It was midnight and the wind was howling and shadowy.
On the hillside, there were a few dilapidated and half-fallen tombstones. It was unclear who was buried in what year and month.
I only heard the cold wind pouring in like ghosts crying and wolves howling. This is also the name of the ghost crying grave.
The origin of this place is exactly where the unoccupied tombs stand in disorder. Strange rocks and coppice linger, and an indescribably strange atmosphere lingers in it. If you look closely in the distance, you can see a dilapidated hut standing in the middle of the turbulent graves. In the hut, there is only a few lights. Leaning on the side of the bed, half-lying an old man with a mustache, brows, skin and loose flesh.
It can be seen that this person is in a state of desperation, as if he is a grave keeper.
He lives here alone, but this old man is surrounded by a group of paper notes. Candlelight swaying dimly, the group of paper figurines are lifelike and hollow between their brows and eyes Blood-red paper mouths are painted with cinnabar and black moles are dotted Those paper figurines seem to have real hair hanging down their heads The old man counted the paper figurines in front of him, not too many, not too few, exactly 18 exquisite paper slips surrounded the bed, each of them had dull eyes, hair dancing, and pale faces, and all the paper figurines were facing the side of the bed, staring straight at the dull eyes.
Staring at himself as if he had something to say, every time the night wind blows through the wall, the involved paper man swayed for a while, as if he was alive and scary It looks like he is going to die soon. Just as he finished speaking, he saw that group of paper people nodding their heads. Such a strange moment. Although the light is dim, it’s hard to see clearly, but the group of paper people clearly seem to be nodding their heads against the treacherous wind. Fearing the old man sighed and continued, “I’m at the end of it all. I’ve got to dodge everything I have to dodge.
Now, this encounter is completely unavoidable. Everyone, let’s take care of the funeral in the next few days.
The flickering candlelight in the room is silent. As it gets darker, there are unidentified ticking sounds and Xiao Suo’s voice outside the house, which is inappropriate and strange, but the group of paper figurines still look at the old man, but he doesn’t express his opinion.
The old man sighed. He had already expected it. It seems that you will not let go of my last teacher so easily. If I don’t come back, I’m also unwilling.
Before I die, I’ll force a deduction to find a younger generation to take care of you.
After the old man struggles to his feet, he squeezes his hands together and quickly calculates. Choked up like a jujube, it was unpleasant to hear, but as the old man closed his eyes and thought about it, the candlelight in the house flickered and went out for a while, the thatched hut was pitch black, and he couldn’t see his fingers.
The candlelight lit up again, but it was burning with a strange green light.
It is suffocating to see the only living spirit left in the house. The shadow of the candlelight scorching on the faces of the paper figurines is even more evil While the old man was muttering, something appeared in his hands, a bone that was polished brightly, I don’t know what kind of remains it was, and the whole body shone brightly, forming a knife bone. A red stone was inlaid on the handle of the knife.
It was deep and dark, entwined with a bundle of gray hairs.
Although this bone knife looks exquisite and ingenious But there was a bloody murderous aura that swept out from the blade.
The old man scratched his palm with the knife.
A villain came out with withered palms and bleeding like a beating. The old man was sweating from the top of his head.
The small paper figurine was piled up, but it was oozing blood. The old man just took a rag to bind the wound and put the paper figurine solemnly after the witch-like ritual was over.
The little paper figurine was ignited under the candlelight sent to Luying, its hideous face was burned with blood, and it was lit up by the flames, crackling, twisting and struggling. After a while, the paper figurine turned into a gray old man and nodded, as if he had seen something, reached out his hand Carefully wipe the ashes of the paper into the palm of your hand, bow your head and read a few words silently, a sudden gust of wind rises again, the paper ashes in your palm drift down with the wind, the green candle is extinguished again, and it returns to orange light Thinking about it, whoever wants to close this case will be regarded as his apprenticeship.
A group of paper figures are still watching the old man, speechless. It wasn’t until the candlelight revived that he saw for real that the old man’s legs were actually made of paper, and that The eighteen paper-wrapped people in the house actually lost four of them when the candles were going out They were resting and playing in the distance.
There was a rustling sound in the distance, which was quite harsh in this silence. Four men in white clothes were carrying another person on their shoulders, and they were walking quickly and steadily.
From the gap between the legs and feet, it was obvious that they had worked hard. Seeing the four people approaching at a steady pace, the four paper figures are tall, big, burly and solid, but they seem very stiff, they are carrying another paper figure and running until they get close, and they can see the four paper figures clearly. The eight-foot body is made of paper, carrying a paper figurine towards the direction of Dongzhimen.
The hair of the paper figurine flutters in the wind. A paper figurine reached the top of the wall, only to hear a crackling white paper, and the four paper figurines untied a rope from their waists whoosh, swish, swish, and four ropes with flying hooks to hang on the wall, their skill was so skillful that they looked like living thieves Seeing the misery of the moonlight, people feel shuddering as they fly over the wall. The four paper figurines carried the one who was carried into the city without saying a word.
Dotted with white belly, Chen’s Mansion is a mansion.
The rich mansion is located at Dongzhimen.
It is hundreds of meters away.
It is not a place full of flowers and brocades, but it has a quiet and elegant scene.
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